If May and the Government were honest about leaving the EU, this is the plan that they should follow in its entirety.

Although this website is generally non-Partisan, it recognises that the UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten is one of the most informed members of the E [...]

It seems that the EU’s cavalier approach to its own Law has infected the UK Government.

On the 29th April, 2017 I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXEU) asking them  [...]



Editorial – Is all the nonsense coming out of the EU actually designed to make Britain walk away?

Juncker,Tusk, Barnier and Verhofstadt. are getting more and more ridiculous in their demands as part of the Brexit negotiations. It seems th [...]

EU wants UK in till 2029! Davis reveals Brussels demands talks drag out for a DECADE

THE European Union wanted the UK to bring in a 10-year “transition period” to thrash out a trade deal, according to David Davis – [...]

EU could block UK trade deals for three years after Brexit: Government’s plans for smooth transition may let Eurocrats...

Ministers are proposing the UK will start making trade deals the day after Brexit But the deals will be implemented three years after the UK [...]

BREXIT BACKLASH: May faces revolt after asking EU if Britain can REMAIN in customs union

THE Government has risked a Brexit backlash after appearing to concede Britain will wait longer than many hoped to enjoy the global trade be [...]

Brussels plans Brexit REVERSAL as bloc ‘spends THOUSANDS on pro-EU propaganda in the UK’

THE EU is “insulting” British taxpayers and Brexiteers as they flood the UK with almost £500,000 to fund projects that “challenge Eur [...]

REVEALED: Brexit documents on life outside EU to be released on THESE key issues

BRITAIN’S post-Brexit relationship with the EU will be set out buy the government this week. By SIMON OSBORNE GETTY Detailed plans of Bri [...]

MAY-DAY! PM warned to BOOT OUT Euro wets and get project Brexit back on course

THERESA MAY needs to reshuffle her cabinet in order to clear out the pro-EU Tories threatening to derail her Brexit plans, according to alli [...]

‘True’ £660m weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership

THE true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week since 2010, a think tank says. By MARCO GIANNANGELI This includes [...]

UK must QUIT Brexit talks because ‘only way to win game is not to play’ says think tank

THE ONLY way the United Kingdom will “win” in the Brexit talks with the European Union (EU) is if it walks away from the negotiating tab [...]

Swiss plan MAJOR financial alliance including UK but NOT EU after Brexit

SWITZERLAND is making plans to create a major post-Brexit financial union with London, Hong Kong and Singapore, the city of London’s E [...]

BOMBSHELL POLL: Seven in 10 Britons now support hard Brexit according to major survey

SEVEN in 10 Britons now support Theresa May’s plans for a hard Brexit which includes leaving the Single Market and taking back control [...]

Germany bid to RULE Europe? Now Berlin MPs plot to PHASE OUT English and use German in EU

EUROPEAN officials should start reducing the importance of the English language in favour of German once Britain has left the bloc, a trio o [...]

REVEALED: Shock graph showing just how ECB has propped up DEBT ADDICTED Eurozone

THE eurozone has built up a dangerous addiction to debt, which is laid bare in a stark graph of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) bala [...]

SNUBBED: Europe handed lucrative shipbuilding contracts for British warships

THE UK Government has come under fire for handing out multi-million pound contracts to EU countries instead of British ones for the Type-26 [...]

Project Fear proved WRONG: New study shows 105 countries that WANT better trade with UK

A NEW study has revealed that Britain’s Brexit boom has astounded the doom and gloom expectations of Remainers who claimed nobody would wa [...]

Spain WON’T use Brexit to take Gibraltar: U-turn on ‘punishment’ agenda against UK

SPAIN has given up on using Brexit as a means to take control of Gibraltar. By DAVID MADDOX In a major boost for Theresa May, the Spanish f [...]

‘We disagree STRONGLY’ May fires back at Brexit disaster claims and REJECTS £36BN bill

THERESA May has hit back at claims by the former head of the diplomatic service that Brexit talks have not begun promisingly for the UK. By [...]

Merkel horror: EU chief says Germany will have to pay up to £9BN to fill UK’s Brexit hole

GERMANY could have to pay up to an extra £9 billion a year into the EU budget to cover the black hole left by Brexit, the bloc’s finance [...]

Germany tries to seize BILLIONS in EU cash from Romania and Bulgaria to use ITSELF

GERMANY is trying to seize billions of pounds from Romania and Bulgaria meant for the Roma community after claiming they do not use it. By  [...]

REVOLT: Tory MPs vow to REJECT plans to use taxpayers’ money to pay £36bn divorce bill

TORY MPs have warned Theresa May they will not agree to using taxpayers’ money to pay a “divorce bill” for leaving the EU. By DAVID M [...]

Bavaria out! German state wants Brexit-like ESCAPE from Merkel and Brussels’ rule

A NEW poll shows that one-third of Bavaria wants to break free from Germany and the European Union with a Brexit-like vote to get control ba [...]

Britain needs a Chancellor who believes in Brexit – says CHRIS ROYCROFT-DAVIS

NO discussion on the grubby state of politics today would be complete without a quote from Marx. By CHRIS ROYCROFT-DAVIS, POLITICAL COMMENT [...]

Eurozone’s party is over: EU stock market could CRASH AND BURN, Deutsche Bank warns

THE eurozone could be in for a brutal stock market crash, as the outlook for the economy darkens, Deutsche Bank has warned. By LANA CLEMENT [...]

EU’s looming financial crisis: Desperate ECB demands harsh penalties on eurozone countries

THE European Central Bank (ECB) has called for greater punishments on those eurozone countries that fail to implement much need monetary ref [...]

Number 10 reveals CRUCIAL Brexit trade policy in JOB ADVERT – and Remainers WON’T be happy

MINISTERS have inadvertently revealed vast swathes of Britain’s post-Brexit trade policy, including its plans to leave the Customs Union, [...]

Brexit means leaving the single market and the customs union. Here’s why – Barry Gardiner

The 52% who voted to leave the EU would consider it a con if Britain was out of Europe but still subservient to its laws and institutions [...]

EU will run out of money & need HUGE programme of cuts without UK cash – Euro Commissioner

BRUSSELS bureaucrats will be forced to make massive cuts to the European Union (EU) budget to fill the gap left by Britain’s departure, a [...]

No wonder they want BILLIONS from Britain! The EU’s poverty problem EXPOSED

POVERTY across the European Union has reached new levels while the Brussels elite continues to preach about unity and success. By ZOIE O [...]

Germany’s stock market CRASHES to lowest level in months as car makers face double crisis

GERMANY’S top stock index was flashing red after shares in the country’s biggest carmakers plunged over a fresh investigation in [...]

Britain is ‘ready to give EU citizens free movement for years to come’

BRITAIN is ready to maintain free movement for EU citizens during a transition period lasting a number of years after the official moment of [...]
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