Lawyers for Britain have been given permission to intervene in the Supreme Court Appeal on behalf of ‘Public are a group of Lawyers whose belief is the right for the British People to decide upon their own National destiny des [...]

Volunteers Wanted

Thanks to all that sent me their good wishes concerning my health on my announcement that I would have to close the site. Many of you were d [...]


The British Government in General and Mrs. May in particular are being entirely disingenuous in their statement to the British People that t [...]

Italian referendum: What the defeat of Renzi means for the EU and eurozone

The resignation of Matteo Renzi is a devastating blow for the EU and the eurozone. Here is a look at what the ‘no’ vote means fo [...]

Save us Angela! Desperate EU to call on Merkel to help save Italy’s ‘political centre’

GERMAN leader Angela Merkel will be called upon to save the European Union by helping Italy restore its political centre in the wake of the [...]

David Davis ‘going weak at knees’: Brexit Secretary hints UK to PAY EU for free trade

BREXIT SECRETARY David Davis today admitted the Government will “of course” consider still paying into Brussels’ coffers even after Br [...]

‘Stop INSULTING voters!’ Leavers AND Remainers DID say Brexit meant no more single market

A TOP Brexit campaigner has urged Remoaner MPs to stop insulting voters by claiming they did not know what they were doing when they backed [...]

DEXIT IS ON! Eurosceptic party signals it WILL back EU referendum after Nigel Farage visit

EUROSCEPTIC leaders of the Danish People’s Party (DDP) have signalled the party is formally considering backing an EU referendum after mee [...]

WE ARE BEING BETRAYED – Davis backs soft Brexit in blow to hardliners

Minister wants migrants for low-skilled jobs Sam Coates, Deputy Political Editor | Henry Zeffman | Richard Ford The government does not want [...]

EU to make anti-Brussels protest a CRIME: Fears over euro elite crackdown on ‘dissent’

SINISTER plans to criminalise “political dissent” against the EU project took a step closer to becoming reality today, prompting a disma [...]

Merkel SAVAGED: ‘She snubs British expat rights but will take in MILLION migrants’

ANGELA Merkel has been savaged by a British politician for snubbing an expat deal to ensure rights for Britons abroad – despite her op [...]

Merkel QUASHES Theresa’s expat plan: German leader rejects calls to protect EU migrants

ANGELA Merkel has rejected Theresa May’s calls to informally assure the rights of EU migrants both sides of the Channel ahead of Brexit in [...]

Italy’s referendum will COLLAPSE EURO – chilling warning from investor who forecast Brexit

AN INVESTOR who correctly predicted Britain would leave the European Union (EU) before the referendum has now forecasted the euro will colla [...]

Embarrassment for Brussels as EU law enforcement agency Europol hit by massive data leak

BOSSES at the European Union’s law enforcement agency were scrambling to contain an escalating security incident after a massive data [...]

Say goodbye to the old guard! EU is ‘paying the price for domination of old war horses’

THE EUROPEAN Union is paying the price for the actions of an ageing group of eurocrats clinging onto power, a think tank has claimed. By JOE [...]

Martin Schulz offers ‘unconditional support’ to Georgia amid rising tensions with Russia

THE PRESIDENT of the European Parliament has warned Russia that Georgia has his “unconditional support” in its fight to reclaim annexed [...]

‘We say NO’ Now Berlusconi condemns Matteo Renzi and warns a ‘Yes’ vote will END DEMOCRACY

ITALY’s former prime minister has warned a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming referendum will signal the end of democracy in the country. [...]

Dutch anti-terror laws may violate the human rights of JIHADIS, rules Council of Europe

EUROPEAN officials have blasted Dutch anti-terror measures for “discriminating” against Moroccan and Turkish jihadis. GETTY Nils [...]

The Government’s submission to the Supreme Court with regard to initiating ‘Article 50’

The Governments appeal submission to the Supreme Court has finally been published and appended below. From the outset, let me first emphasis [...]

European Union Orders British Press Not To Report when Terrorists Are Muslims

Friday, 18 November 2016 This is the moment where hate speech laws become a greater threat to democracy and freedom of speech than hate spee [...]

If British Politicians force the UK to stay in the European Union, in some ways, it might be beneficial.

Though this website has for many years fought for Britain to leave the EU, the nefarious actions of the politicians and judiciary may actual [...]

Italexit? Italy referendum result could send shockwaves through markets and further shake European Union

THE EU’s days might be numbered with Italy about to vote on a referendum which could send shockwaves across the continent. Analysts be [...]

European Union Accepts the End of the TTIP Deal with President-Elect Trump

Justin Holcomb President-elect Donald Trump’s move to the White House has completely ended any EU/U.S. trade talks regarding the Tran [...]

Italian PM Renzi REMOVES EU flag from press conference as he turns his back on Brussels

AS ITALY prepares for a momentous referendum that could see it exit the EU and its prime minister toppled, political leaders have been using [...]

I’LL HELP YOU DITCH THE EU – New President’s trade vow in call to Theresa May

DONALD Trump yesterday paved the way for beefed-up trade ties with post-Brexit Britain as he held his first talks with Theresa May. By ALISO [...]

Theresa May win’s Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s backing on Brexit plans

THERESA May has greeted the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban at Downing Street today after both their countries left the EU reeling wit [...]

‘Good for us – BAD for Europe’ President Trump will be great for post-Brexit Britain

DONALD TRUMP’S understanding and expertise over trade will be good for post-Brexit Britain and bad for the EU, a senior republican comment [...]

‘Keep your noses OUT!’ Juncker risks Merkel’s wrath by ordering German industry to shun UK

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker pitched himself headlong into a to-the-death political power struggle with Angela Merkel today as he ordered influential [...]

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: America’s lesson for all complacent elites

Voters in the world’s most powerful democracy chose a man who by any yardstick should be patently unfit to hold any office – let alone t [...]

Why Trump’s victory is a timely reminder to those in Britain who defy the will of the people by RICHARD LITTLEJOHN

The rule of thumb used to be that all politics is local. No it’s not, it’s global Trump promised the outcome of the election would be [...]

EU membership broke our constitution by giving British judges too much power, at the expense of Parliament

Our membership of the EU gave judges too much power What connects an obscure legal action involving a Spanish fishing company 26 years ago w [...]

Are we at the FRONT of the queue for a trade deal now? Donald Trump’s stunning victory is hailed as a boost for post-Brexit...

Tory MPs say Donald Trump’s victory could put us at the ‘front of the queue’ for trade deal with US Republican candidate&# [...]
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