‘Brexit SABOTAGE’ fears as Hammond says Britain could keep ties with EU for FOUR YEARS

PHILIP Hammond triggered alarm over the Government’s Brexit plans today by suggesting Britain could keep many ties to Brussels for at [...]

Unelected Lords warned not to ‘overstep the mark’ and interfere in Brexit by raging MP

A LABOUR MP warned the House of Lords not to “overstep” the mark and attempt to block Brexit legislation. By DARREN HUNTMP John Mann war [...]

Migrant numbers rocket as Britain’s population rose by 538,000 last year

BRITAIN’S population has seen its sharpest increase in nearly 70 years, largely as a result of mass immigration. By MACER HALL It rose by [...]

700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum – and 1,200 expected before Brexit

SEVEN-HUNDRED laws from the European Union have been introduced in Britain since the Brexit vote – adding to the estimated 19,000 EU r [...]

European Union introduces European Public Prosecutor’s Office to fight crimes against the EU

On June 8, 2017, twenty EU Member States reached an agreement on the implementation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO), a n [...]

DAMNING VERDICT ON BRUSSELS: Two-thirds of Europeans say they have NOT benefitted from EU

EUROPEAN voters today delivered their damning verdict on the EU project with two-thirds saying they haven’t benefitted from being part of [...]

Hammond’s BID for No10: Chancellor in plot to lead Tory REMAINERS and KILL hard Brexit

IMMIGRATION must not be “shut down” after Britain leaves the EU, Chancellor Philip Hammond said. By MACER HALL In his annual spe [...]

‘Unacceptable’ John McDonnell savaged by top Tory for trying to OVERTHROW election result

CABINET minister Chris Grayling has attacked Labour’s John McDonnell for urging hard-left activists to overthrow the Government. By TO [...]

EU CRUMBLING: ‘Visible divide’ between the ‘elite’ and general population, new study finds

A “VISIBLE divide” has opened up within the European Union between the “elite” and the general population, according [...]

Desperate Tories could strike deal with the Lib Dems if ‘stupid’ DUP walks away

DESPERATE Tories could once again turn to the Liberal Democrats for backing as a deal with the DUP looks increasingly unlikely. By REBECCA F [...]

BREXIT BOOST: Britain would be ‘£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU’

NEW analysis has revealed that Britain would be better off by £156 billion a year by simply walking away from the EU without a deal. By DAV [...]

Tory MPs will ‘pull the pin’ on hand grenade if they feel Theresa May betrays Brexit

UP TO 80 Conservative MPs are willing to “pull the pin” on a “hand grenade” if Theresa May wavers on a ‘hard’ Brexit, a professo [...]

How long will Theresa May survive as Prime Minister?

    The Tories will remove May once they believe they are strong enough. The Conservatives worked hard to win their first majority [...]

The EU’s Desire To Control Euroclearing Is Politics about Brexit, Nothing More

Tim Worstall ,   The European Union is making clear, once again, its insistence that euroclearing, the system of settling contracts and der [...]

If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit ……

England calling Posted on June 10, 2017by Robert Henderson  Robert Henderson If a Eurofanatic wanted to design a plot to thwart Brexit they [...]

Editorial: The referendum vote for the UK to leave the European Union is being betrayed by both lying and inept politicians.

Once again, the People of the United Kingdom have been betrayed by politicians. The referendum vote to leave the EU has been put in great je [...]

EU warns of CRISIS after Brexit as Brussels admits UK could be out of bloc by summer

BRITAIN could unshackle itself from the embattled European Union (EU) by as early as this summer as Brussels bosses desperately attempt to a [...]

Brussels ‘faces revolt’ as one in four people in the EU lives ‘on the verge of poverty’

BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project fac [...]

Five days to save Brexit: Vote Conservative or there WILL be second referendum, says Davis

VOTERS have just five days left to make sure Britain leaves the EU, senior Tory Cabinet minister David Davis warned last night. By CAROLINE [...]

TRADE WARS: Merkel will ‘use POINTLESS Brexit’ to take India and China deals AWAY from UK

A LEADING political editor has issued a stark warning that the EU will soon move in to take global trade from the UK to Brussels. By OLI SMI [...]

‘There is no nervousness’: Spain admits how little Brexit will impact the British economy

SPANISH companies are not concerned about the impact of Brexit to the British economy and only two per cent are thinking of leaving the UK, [...]

EU medicine agency in new threat to punish Britain by slapping levies on UK drugs

THE European Medicines Agency (EMA) has threatening to slap import levies on British-made medicines being sold within the EU and add bureauc [...]

Macron vows to defend French fishermens’ right to use British waters after Brexit

EMMANUEL MACRON has railed against Brexit and insisted he will not let Britain’s European Union divorce damage France’s fishing industry [...]

‘You’ll bankrupt the country!’ Eamonn Holmes takes SWIPE at John McDonnell over UK economy

EAMONN HOLMES took aim at John McDonnell during a tense pre-General Election debate about the economy on Good Morning Britain today. By HELE [...]

‘What side are you on!?’ Dominic Raab accuses Labour’s Brexit spokesman of SIDING with EU

THE Labour Party Brexit spokesman was accused of siding with the European Union over Britain’s divorce during a heated television exchange [...]

Great EU gravy train exposed as hundreds pocket taxpayer cash on offices which don’t exist

THOUSANDS of pounds of European Union (EU) taxpayers’ money are going straight into politicians’ coffers as MEPs are not using office al [...]

UK got out just in time! EU plots to SCRAP budget rebates to Brussels’ contributors

THE European Union’s (EU) head of budget has called for the bloc to scrap all member state rebates in a move which would see countries pay [...]

European Union details its deeper integration, wants common finance minister and bundled euro zone debt

Silvia Amaro | @Silvia_Amaro Carl Court | Getty Images The European Commission put forward proposals on further euro zone integration on Wed [...]

EU’s ‘dangerous’ demands over Brexit are slammed by former Euro judge as he mocks the...

EU’s £85billion Brexit settlement demands described by expert as ‘exaggerated’ Franklin Dehousse says Article 50 was inve [...]

‘Ample room’ European Union can trade FREELY with UK after Brexit, OECD says

EUROPEAN Union officials can still trade freely with the City of London after Brexit, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operatio [...]
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