THE GREAT LIE EXPOSED. May must NOT initiate Article 50

Theresa May, of late, is being seen as more and more plausible in her exclamation that ‘Brexit means Brexit’ by ever more Eurosc [...]


The British Government in General and Mrs. May in particular are being entirely disingenuous in their statement to the British People that t [...]

This is important. Please read regularly for updates.

Now 4 + 1 Petitions to be signed.   We at believe that we are doing an important job to try and inform the People of w [...]


26th July, 2016 Our website is not just another ‘protest’ website, we are reaching many thousands of readers who come on the sit [...]

Radio Free UK.

Theunituk's associate site 'Radio Free Uk' broadcasts a weekly (usually on a Friday) programme of topical stories and opinions from around B [...]

We at the ‘Unit’ website in our small way together with other similar websites, Social Media and bloggers are carrying out what [...]
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No wonder we voted Leave: Arrogant Brussels chief says Brits TRICKED by ‘shameless lies’

BRITAIN’S decision to quit the EU was a disaster, Brussels bigwig Martin Schulz claimed last night. He said voters were tricked into optin [...]

REVEALED: UK’s ‘super priority’ visa scheme hits Nigeria as illegal immigrants top 29,000

PRIME Minister Theresa May has been slammed over the roll out of a new ‘super priority’ visa which allows rapid access to the UK [...]

Hollande hints BRITAIN should host migrant SUPERCAMP as he announces plans to close Jungle

FRENCH President Francois Hollande has pledged to tear down the squalid Calais migrant camp “within weeks” but has signalled tha [...]

UP IN FLAMES: Turkey’s credit rating cut to JUNK amid fears country could WRECK Eurozone

TURKEY’S credit rating has been slashed amid warnings the country’s wrecked finances could cause devastating economic damage acr [...]

Liam Fox to get Britain back into the World Trade Organisation

LIAM FOX will this week set out his vision for Britain’s future as a leading free trade nation in a bid to reclaim the UK’s seat at the [...]

Four shocking maps reveal how immigration to Europe has changed over the last 5 years

THESE four maps showing where European immigrants come from and what their ratios are will shock Britons as they turn widely held beliefs on [...]

EU faces NEW migrant crisis: Brussels scrambles to stop huge inflow of refugees from Egypt

BRUSSELS bureaucrats are scrambling to avert a fresh migrant crisis amid fears that a massive influx of asylum seekers from Egypt is imminen [...]

Arch-federalist Schulz issues THREAT to VETO Brexit deal if he doesn’t get what HE wants

BRUSSELS parliament chief Martin Schulz this afternoon threatened to veto any future Brexit deal if he does not get what he wants out of the [...]

BYE BYE ANGELA: Most Germans feel Merkel will NOT win back confidence after migrant crisis

MOST Germans believe Angela Merkel will struggle to regain her country’s confidence after her disastrous asylum policies led to major loss [...]

Juncker tells Italy to be GRATEFUL for EU BILLIONS – because there will be NO MORE

MATTEO Renzi who has been wrangling for a better EU deal for Italy has been told by Jean-Claude Juncker that there will be no more money. By [...]

Anti-EU parties MAPPED: The Eurosceptics successfully attempting to break up the EU…

AFTER the historic Brexit vote, here is everything you need to know about the Eurosceptic parties trying to bring down Brussels. By REISS SM [...]

They STILL don’t get it! George Osborne leads establishment stitch-up to water down Brexit

GEORGE Osborne emerged as the leading figure in the establishment bid to water down Brexit as he branded Leave campaigners “naive” for e [...]

‘At your peril’ Peer tells Lords not to meddle with Brexit or face being ABOLISHED

A PROMINENT peer has warned the House of Lords against trying to obstruct Brexit or face being ABOLISHED. By GREG HEFFER, POLITICAL REPORTER [...]

Deluded David Miliband urges Labour to EMBRACE failed EU as ‘euroscepticism is an ERROR’

DAVID MILIBAND has warned that the Labour Party must not retreat into Euroscepticism if they want to win back power from the Conservatives. [...]

Now THAT’S war on terror: France plans 40,000 more combat troops and 8,000 isolation cells

A MASSIVE crackdown on homegrown jihad will see 40,000 combat ready troops and 10,000 new prison places aimed squarely at would-be jihadists [...]

Britain borders need strengthening to stop the terrorists sneaking in

BRITAIN urgently needs more border guards to keep out terrorists and migrants, the Home Office was warned last night. By MICHAEL KNOWLES  [...]

WATCH: Violent migrants storm UK lorries to get to Britain before Wall of Calais goes up

THIS is the terrifying moment more than 300 Jungle migrants turned violent on French roads a day after construction began on the Wall of Cal [...]

‘Put them on an ISLAND’ Furious Orban demands EU rounds up and ships out illegal migrants

VIKTOR Orban has declared the EU should round up and deport illegal immigrants and put them in camps beyond the bloc’s borders. By KATIE M [...]

Belgian policeman arrested after helping 13 UK-bound migrants cross the French border

FRENCH border force arrested two Belgian police officers after 13 illegal immigrants – including three minors – were found hiding in the [...]

‘Not worth it anymore!’ HAMMER BLOW for Juncker as nations dump EU trade deals post-Brexit

DEVELOPING countries are set to dump controversial trade agreements with the European Union en masse following the Brexit vote, leading econ [...]

‘You CAN’T be better off than us’ UK warned of ‘inferior’ EU deal to stop Brexit contagion

BRITAIN should expect an “inferior” deal with the EU because countries suffering under the yolk of Brussels cannot allow the UK to end u [...]

SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of ‘no-go zones’ INCREASED as police lose control over violence

SWEDISH police are losing the battle against increasing levels crime and violence in the country as now 55 areas have been labelled as ̶ [...]

You were WRONG! Think-tank OECD makes HUGE U-TURN in Brexit economy forecasts

ONE of the establishment’s biggest scaremongers in the lead-up to the EU referendum has pulled a spectacular U-turn over the affect a [...]

ITALEXIT: Now former Italian PM warns Brussels ‘other countries could abandon EU’

Italy’s former Prime Minister has warned Brussels that the aftershock from Brexit is not over and that other nations, including his ow [...]

Give EU until Easter for exit deal then ‘simply walk away’ urges top Brexit economist

MARGARET THATCHER’S former economic adviser has urged Theresa May to give the EU until Easter to negotiate a Brexit deal – with the [...]

A simple quiz.

Shewn below are a number of recent photographs.  All you have to do is select where each photograph was taken.   Answers are given below. [...]

Marine Le Pen blasts: EU to blame for mass migration and Brexit has inspired Frexit fight

MARINE Le Pen has blamed the EU for sparking mass migration and said seeing the impact Brexit has had is inspiring her fight for a French EU [...]

CATASTROPHIC Portuguese economy hits new low as toxic combination to BRING DOWN eurozone

PORTUGAL’S economy is coming closer to a catastrophic derailment which could trigger a eurozone meltdown, amid a toxic combination of [...]

Copenhagen IN FLAMES: Denmark hit by arson attacks as rampaging thugs remain on the lose

EXCLUSIVE: ARSONISTS thugs are still on the lose as Copenhagen police are struggling to end a month long car-fire rampage. By LIZZIE STROMME [...]

Sturgeon HUMILIATED as SNP members say Brexit will BENEFIT Scots & rubbish party’s policy

MEMBERS of the SNP have slammed Nicola Sturgeon and the party’s official stance on Brexit, claiming there will be “significant opportuni [...]
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