Staying in the EU Customs Union after exit is a betrayal of Brexit and will keep us being ruled by the EU and the ECJ

Staying in the ‘single market’ will not only keep us under the control of the EU and the ECJ but will also prevent us making tra [...]

Volunteers Wanted

Thanks to all that sent me their good wishes concerning my health on my announcement that I would have to close the site. Many of you were d [...]


It is with much regret that I have to announce that this site is closing down. I have been ill for some time and now find that the effort re [...]


The British Government in General and Mrs. May in particular are being entirely disingenuous in their statement to the British People that t [...]

Radio Free UK.

Theunituk's associate site 'Radio Free Uk' broadcasts a weekly (usually on a Friday) programme of topical stories and opinions from around B [...]

We at the ‘Unit’ website in our small way together with other similar websites, Social Media and bloggers are carrying out what [...]
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‘Age tests are ETHICAL’ Sweden demands dental checks on migrants as Britain refuses policy

MIGRANTS seeking asylum in Sweden as minors will have to prove their age with dental checks after a state watchdog ruled it ethical, the Gov [...]

‘Child’ migrants only challenged on age if they look OVER 25 – official policy

Home Office staff are being told to adopt a “Challenge 25” style policy over young refugees coming to Britain, amid claims hundreds of a [...]

Forget hard Brexit, it’s DIRTY Brexit as EU vows to make UK divorce as nasty as possible

It is time to just walk away. Britain has weathered worse situations since following two World Wars that we did not initiate but were the f [...]

Canada walks out as European Union trade talks stall

German Chancellor Angela Merkel answers a question from the media during the final press briefing at the EU Summit in Brussels on Friday. (A [...]

Remainers, Scots and Lib Dems want Theresa May to have ALL the power to invoke Article 50

A SHOCK new poll shows the vast majority of Scots and Liberal Democrats now want the final decision on invoking Article 50 to belong to Ther [...]

ON THE BRINK: Now hapless eurocrat Juncker faces no confidence vote in EU parliament

BELEAGUERED Brussels chief Jean-Claude Juncker is facing a no confidence vote in the European Parliament after a crusading MEP vowed to brin [...]

Deutsche Bank COLLAPSE fear: Britain needs to leave EU quickly, report shows

A NEW report has added to the pressure on the Government to get Britain out of the EU quickly highlighting how the UK taxpayer could be in h [...]

Iceland and Norway could LEAVE European Economic trade area for new deal with Britain

ICELAND could abandon its membership of the European Economic Area following Brexit as it seeks to retain trade ties with Britain. By VICKII [...]

Editorial ……. What is happening to our World?

The conduct of Nations on the International stage is almost never driven by moral considerations, but by money and geo politics. For some ti [...]

Germany and the EU Cannot Afford to Drive a Hard Bargain Over Brexit

Michael Roth, Germany’s Minister of European Affairs. This is a copy of an email that I received this morning which I thought would g [...]

AND NOW FOR THE LAUGH OF THE CENTURY: Desperate European official claims Britain will BEG to rejoin the EU ‘in 10 or 20...

A DESPERATE European minister has claimed Britain will beg to rejoin the failing Brussels bloc “in 10 or 20 years”. By CHARLIE BAYLISS G [...]

BREAKING: Hammer blow to Brussels as 92 PER CENT of Hungarians reject EU migrant quotas

AN OVERWHELMING 92 per cent of Hungarian voters have rejected the imposition of Brussels migrant quotas in the country’s referendum to [...]

‘SEND THEM BACK!’ Fuming Czech leader orders Brussels to DEPORT economic migrants

ECONOMIC migrants arriving in Europe should be immediately deported from the continent in a tough new crackdown on the refugee crisis, a fum [...]

REVEALED: Which countries could be next to leave the EU?

EUROPE is in trouble as across the continent countries are gearing up to hold their own referendums on membership of the superstate. By REBE [...]

‘Tear down the wall!’ Police fire WATER CANNON as rioting Calais migrants try to reach UK

POLICE in Calais had to use water cannon and stun grenades this afternoon as hundreds of migrants rioted in the streets and demanded to be l [...]

Hungary set for landslide win over EU as voters see referendum as huge ‘NO to Brussels’

VOTERS in Hungary are getting set to deliver a resounding message to the European Union this weekend – they may be EU citizens, but th [...]

Outrage as Brexit MP CENSURED by Labour colleagues for ‘sharing a stage with Nigel Farage’

LABOUR PARTY members in London have condemned a Brexit colleague for her actions during the political campaign – including sharing a s [...]

‘Theresa May WILL live or die by Brexit – whether she wants to or not’

THERESA May’s premiership will be defined by Brexit – even if she does try to “set the agenda”, a leading author and journalist has [...]

Fallon declares Britan is heading for a ‘full Brexit’ that will FINALLY cut all EU ties

BRITAIN is heading for a “full Brexit” that will decisively cut the country’s ties to Brussels, a senior Cabinet minister [...]

EUROPE’S CASH MACHINE: Germany will foot the bill for southern states when EU implodes

GERMAN taxpayers will be bled dry when beleaguered Angela Merkel turns to them to shore up Europe’s disintegrating economy, Liam Fox has w [...]

EU-Turkey migrant deal is ‘close to COLLAPSE’ – despite Brussels saying it’s a success

CHAOS in the Aegean Sea has been played down by the European Commission which has controversially claimed the EU-Turkey deal is showing “p [...]

Leave Means Leave to call for ‘super Canada’ free trade with EU in push for hard Brexit

THERESA May is facing a major challenge ahead of the Tory party conference in Birmingham as the group leading the charge for a hard Brexit p [...]

MERKEL’S WORST NIGHTMARE: Angela told by EU – Deutsche Bank CANNOT have Germany bailout

DEUTSCHE Bank has been dealt a huge blow after the EU told Angela Merkel the crucial Germany bank should NOT have state aid and must survive [...]

Migrants COMPLAIN about living in tents – as over worked border police are paid £6 an HOUR

MIGRANTS in Italy have complained about living in tents – while border police say they are living like migrants on just over £6 an ho [...]

‘They haven’t a clue’ Brexit campaigner and business tycoon clash in heated interview

BREXIT campaigner Richard Tice has gone head-to-head with business mogul Lord Karan Bilimoria in a heated live debate as the pair tackled ho [...]

Bulgaria bans the burka – and offenders will LOSE their benefits

BULGARIA has banned the burka – and warned those who flout the law will be fined £662 and lose their benefits. By LEDA REYNOLDS Bulga [...]

WORLD ECONOMY ON THE BRINK: Deutsche Bank slump triggers global bank crisis as shares DIVE

TROUBLED Deutsche Bank’s shares have plunged to new lows, sparking fresh fears for the future of Germany’s largest bank, as panic ri [...]
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