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Too little too late? EU bosses ‘finally realise their arrogance is ripping Europe apart’

EUROPEAN Union leaders are finally realising that their own arrogance is ripping Europe apart and changes must be implemented.

That’s according to the Deputy Foreign Minister of Estonia, who said he wants to see EU leaders fix the problem quickly and reshape itself to deal with new challenges ahead.If not, Matti Maasikas fears that the EU could falter under the weight of the fallout from the eurozone crisis, Brexit and the migration issue.

Mr Maasikas said that there are growing concerns among EU leaders that it cannot survive in its present state.

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Fears are growing that the EU could falter under the weight of the fallout from its problems

The United Kingdom’s decision to vote to leave the EU hit home particularly hard as no member state had ever chosen to leave before.In an opinion piece for The EU Observer, he said: “When the citizens of a member state decide to leave the Union, we really cannot continue pretending that everything is all well and good.

“To solve the situation, the leaders of the 27 member states chose a method that has been used in the EU before – they declared a so-called reflection period at the informal summit held in Bratislava on 16 September.

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The EU has been hit by a wave of mass illegal immigration

“They reaffirmed the desire to move forward together. Indeed, support for the EU did increase in most, if not all, of the 27 member states in July.”However Mr Maasikas argues that the EU needs to put more measures in place to ensure economic stability following the eurozone crisis, and fix the endless flow of mass migration.

Furthermore, he wants the “concerns and needs of citizens to be at the centre of the plan”.

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The EU will face a difficult time ahead when president elect Donald Trump takes office

He added: “People are scared of the threats of migration and terrorism, they miss the feeling of safety, which the EU and its member states can provide, especially if they manage to maintain control of its external borders and succeeds in improving cooperation in the fight against terrorism.”Mr Maasikas said that the ongoing threat from economic uncertainty and migration has led leaders to tighten their borders.

He said: “We must prepare ourselves for the so-called Trumpworld, a situation where the commitment of the US to the European continent may weaken.

“Nobody is realistically working towards the establishment of a European army, but strengthening of EU defence cooperation is on the table and it merits support. The EU will certainly have to take a fresh look at its enlargement and neighbourhood policies.”Mr Maasikas argues that if all of these proposals are not put in place it could lead to the downfall of the EU.

He said: “Responsible action for the common good, for our common Union strengthened by solidarity is a must for all of us, big or small.”

Estonia will take over the presidency of the European council in July.

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