Brussels CAN’T stop Theresa May and Trump talking trade, EU Brexit negotiator reveals

THE European Union cannot stop Theresa May from negotiating a trade deal with Donald Trump when the pair meet later this week, the EU’s Brexit negotiator-in-chief has said.

Michel Barnier admitted there was nothing anyone could do to stop the two leaders establishing a deal when the two leaders meet on Friday.Speaking in Oslo, Mr Barnier said Britain still remains a “part of the EU’s trade policy” but later made the rhetorical statement – “What could prevent countries from talking?”

EU officials cannot stop May and Trump having trade talks, says Barnier GETTY

EU officials cannot stop May and Trump having trade talks, says Barnier

Although he has been tasked with getting the best deal for the remaining 27 EU member states, a leaked recording revealed a sympathetic side towards Brexit.Speaking with MEP’s in a private meeting, the 66-year-old Brexit negotiator expressed his hopes to avoid a brutal clash with Brexit Britain.
Mr Barnier said the EU’s Brexit deal will go ahead with “no aggressiveness, no revenge, no punishment” as well as no naivety.In reference to a potential deal the EU would establish with Britain’s financial district, Mr Barnier added: “Some very specific work has to be done in this area. There will be a special, specific relationship.”

We’ve always had that special relationship with Britain

Sean Spicer, White House press secretary

Politicians have clashed over the last few weeks, debating if Britain should be permitted to engage in trade talks before completing its official exit from the EU.On Monday Margaritis Chinas, a chief European Commission spokesman, took a swipe at Britain and claiming the UK was “playing with fire” as it was revealed informal trade talks with Australia were underway.

President Trump has hailed Brexit and said a new trade deal will be established “quickly and properly”.Trump’s allies have said a trade deal between the two countries could be established “within a week”, according to the FT.

Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld helped to launch the EU taskforce to investigate Britain's GovernmentGETTY

Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld helped to launch the EU taskforce to investigate Britain’s Government

Sean Spicer, the press secretary for the White House, said: “We’ve always had that special relationship with Britain. He’s had a great conversation with her and he looks forward to having her here. But we can always be closer.”Further clashes between Britain and the EU are expected as the European Parliament have announced plans to launch a task force to strictly investigate the British Government’s treatment of EU nationals following the Brexit vote.Speaking to the Guardian, Dutch MEP Sophie in ‘t Veld said: “Why is the British Government trying to make it so hard for people who have been living in the UK for decades, who have set up a family there, work there? It is their home.”

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