‘Where are the Brexiteers now?’ LBC caller condemns ‘Brexit betrayal’ amid Remain revolt

A FURIOUS Leave voter condemned prominent Brexiteers like Gove, Johnson and Farage for being nowhere to be seen while a growing number of MPs make moves to defeat the referendum result.

An enraged Brexit voter told Katie Hopkins’ LBC show that he felt betrayed by the prominent Brexit campaigners.The caller said that the “loudest” voices campaigning to leave the European Union had all of a sudden “gone quiet”.

He said prominent Brexit campaigners had ditched their pledges after gaining national fame.

The caller went on to hit out at what he alleged to be a “Brexit stitch-up” amid a growing rebellion in Parliament.

Katie HopkinsLBC; GETTY

Hopkins noted that the caller’s rant had “struck a nerve”

During her Sunday LBC radio show, Katie Hopkins told listeners that MPs voting against Article 50 were rejecting the will of the country.One Brexit voter called in to echo these remarks, while also bemoaning the lack of Leave campaign figureheads leading the charge.

He said: “Where are the Brexiteers now? People like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were shouting the loudest.

“Where are they now? I feel betrayed. It’s a stitch-up.”

Mrs Hopkins noted that the caller’s rant had “struck a nerve” amid a growing rebellion among both Tory and Labour MPs.


The caller questioned where the ‘loud voices’ advocating for Brexit had gone

Michael GoveGETTY

Gove has rarely been seen since the Brexit campaign

People like Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage were shouting the loudest. Where are they now?

LBC caller

Both Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have struggled to solidify support to push through Article 50.The Labour leader said even if his amendments are rejected by Parliament this week, he will still vote to trigger Article 50.

In the face of this, Mr Corbyn has seen a number of frontbench MPs of his Shadow Cabinet quit or threaten to leave his Labour reign.

Despite a three-line whip, instructing all Labour MPs to vote for the Brexit Bill, around 60 MPs are still expected to rebel.

On the other side, Tory MPs are also considering a mass rebellion over Mrs May’s refusal to publish a clear Brexit plan.

Growing MP rebellionGETTY

LBC caller calls out ‘Brexit betrayal’ amid growing MP rebellion

Dominic Grieve, the former attorney general, says it is of the “utmost importance” that MPs see the proposals before a vote.Several MPs have told the Government they will need to publish a White Paper as soon as possible to clarify their intentions for the negotiations.

However, opponents have argued publishing such information would give EU countries the upper hand during any Brexit talks.

The legislation to invoke Article 50 is set to be debated in Parliament this week and a shock rebellion could potentially derail the Government’s Brexit timetable.

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