‘Complete NONSENSE’ UK is NOT weakened by Brexit ahead of trade deal talks, says Remain MP

A REMAIN MP has branded claims Britain has been weakened by Brexit as “complete nonsense” as Theresa May prepares for EU exit talks.

Tory MP James Berry hit out against the suggestion the British people had put their future and economy at risk by abandoning Brussels, as repeatedly claimed by bitter Remainers such as Alex Salmond.Mr Berry, who himself voted to Remain in the June referendum, added without Mrs May would not be in a position to negotiate a trade deal for the UK in the first place.

Speaking exclusively to, he said: “It’s complete nonsense. Firstly, we wouldn’t have been allowed to peruse a trade deal with the US or indeed any other country as a member of the EU, so she’s not doing this because we left the EU.

“She’s not in a weakened position because we left the EU, she wouldn’t have been in any position if we were a member of the EU because we wouldn’t have been allowed to negotiate a trade deal.”

Theresa May and James BerryGETTY • EXPRESS            James Berry said it was ‘complete nonsense’ that the UK was weakened after Brexit

“The US has been our closest ally for a very long time,” the Kingston and Surbiton MP, who was elected in 2015, said.

“We do a huge amount of trade with them, it’s our biggest single nation trading partner.

“Nato would not be able to repel an attack on eastern Europe by without the assistance of the US. Lots of international human rights treaties, measures and sanctions could have no clout if America wasn’t a signatory to them.

[Mrs May’s] not in a weakened position because we left the EU

James Berry

“So to suggest because we don’t like, and I don’t like, the person who happens to be President of the United States and their views, we should turn our backs to America, I think is ridiculous.”The MP also said the UK should peruse trade deals globally which would benefit Britain’s economy post-Brexit.

Mr Berry said: “That would be completely self-defeating for this kind country and for many other parts of Europe and the globe.

“I think there are many Americans who did not vote for Donald Trump who wants America to continue with its place in the world and to continue to have a positive relationship with the UK.

“We are quite right to try and make sure that relationship is productive for us and America and the rest of the world.”

In February, Mr Salmond hammered the PM for refusing to cancel President Trump’s visit to Britain as he insisted the.The former SNP leader appeared exasperated with the PM for dismissing his repeated warnings, as he once again claimed Brexit had made Britain weak.

He said: “As soon as you say no to Donald Trump, then you go from being the greatest politician to mad Alex destroying Scotland, with no intervening period whatsoever.

“I’m really cautioning on the benefit of this experience, this is exactly what is going to happen to Theresa May.

“When it comes to a trade deal, Donald Trump will take Theresa May to the cleaners.”

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