Brexit Secretary David Davis PRAISED EU single market as Remoaners claim he’s U-TURNED

THE Brexit Secretary, David Davis, once praised the European Union single market as Remainers now accused him of being “taken hostage by the hard Right of the Tory Party”.

Mr Davis, who voted to Leave the EU, has been criticised for his plans to take the UK out of the EU single market and the customs union.Labour’s Chuka Umunna made reference to the Brexit Secretary’s remarks made in 2012 where he backed the trading arrangements.The remarks were made in November 2012, two months before former Prime Minster David Cameron announced he would hold an EU referendum if the Conservatives won the 2015 General Election.

Brexit Secretary David DavisGETTY    Brexit Secretary David Davis has pledged that UK should make its own trade deals

Chuka UmunnaGETTY              Chuka Umunna chairs the Vote Leave Watch group which has vowed to hold Brexiteers accountable’

But Mr Umunna, speaking last night, claimed they  “should shake the faith of this Tory Government in the hard-Brexit path they are pursuing”.Mr Umunna – who chairs Vote Leave Watch, a group which has pledged to hold Brexiteers “accountable” – told the Mail on Sunday: “The Brexit Secretary needs to explain why he has changed his mind, why we should be leaving the single market and customs union when he admits they have been ‘successes’, and what evidence his department has that doing so will not damage our economy.“David Davis’s U-turn suggests that… he, like the Prime Minister, has been taken hostage by the hard Right of the Tory Party.”

David Davis’s U-turn suggests that… he, like the Prime Minister, has been taken hostage by the hard Right of the Tory Party

Chuka Umunna

Allies of Mr Davis  have hit back, accusing Mr Umunna of “raking over” old speeches.A source close to the Brexit Secretary said: “[In 2012] Mr Davis set out a number of different ways that the UK might thrive if it chose to leave the EU.“He is now a member of a Government that is determined to respect the referendum result, build a new partnership with the EU and forge new trading links with the rest of the world rather than spend its time having the same old arguments.”During the 2012 speech, which is understood to have been mostly Eurospcetic, Mr Davis said the European Union “has enjoyed some successes, namely the single market”.He also praised the Brussel bloc for its “enlargement which has brought a number of countries with troubled histories into the modern, democratic world”.

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    Please explain something to me Mr. Ummuna; You see, I have always been under the impression that the purpose of trade is to make a profit.

    The EU makes much more profit from us than we do from them, so what I want to know is why anyone should want to pay a premium to the EU on top of the trade surplus that they have with us? All that arrangement does is further decrease our trade profit with the EU.

    Especially so as in all of our trade with the rest of the World, it is BRITAIN that has the surplus and since 2008, our trade with the rest of the World is much greater than that with the EU. That has come about despite the restrictions imposed upon us by EU rules that we are not allowed to make trade treaties on our own behalf but are only allowed to make individual deals piecemeal with individual consumers and that we have to impose EU tariffs on those transactions yet we STILL make a surplus.

    Liam Fox informs us that he is in negotiation with 15 countries outside of the EU that are ready to sign mutual Free Market trade deals as soon as we leave the EU and that has come about in less than one year since the referendum and, what is more, we do not have to pay a premium to any of them. The EU on the other hand has trade deals with a number of minor markets but NONE with any of the large, profitable markets simply because responsibility for trade negotiation for the WHOLE of the EU has to be done through a SINGLE Commissioner and, on top of that, take many years simply because each of its member states have their own National agenda.

    We do not need nor desire a so-called ‘Norway’ option that will keep Britain in thrall to the worst parts of the EU ‘Acquis’ as we voted to leave the EU. If you, Mr. Ummuna are worried about the sudden loss of trade, don’t be. We are the most important trade partners with the EU.

    Do not listen to that nonsense about the EU representing 40% of our trade and we represent only 13% of EU trade because that figure of 13% is calculated over the whole 28 EU Membership whereas the great majority of the trade is with just a few of the most influential States who will bear the brunt of loss of trade with Britain.

    Germany, who is the glue that is just about holding the EU together economically and whose economy is mostly export led cannot afford to lose 7.5% of its trade with Britain. Added to that, you also have France, Italy and the Netherlands that would also suffer greatly from loss of trade with us. There is no reason why we cannot continue to trade with those countries on an individual trade arrangement as we do with the rest of the World. If they insist upon a tariff arrangement, it will hurt them considerably more than it does Britain simply because any tariff imposed upon Britain, should they insist, has already been negated by the revalued Pound. Consequently, our goods will be no more expensive to them giving us a massive trade advantage.

    Now Mr Ummuna, if you can answer those few simple questions satisfactorily, perhaps then, I might be persuaded to listen to more of your obstructive criticism.

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