Lib Dem campaign chief makes astonishing claim UK ‘never had a referendum on Brexit’

THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT’S election campaign spokesman has bizarrely claimed British voters “have never had a referendum on Brexit”.

Sir Ed Davey insisted nobody has an understanding of what the historic European Union referendum, held last June, actually means.On Wednesday, Tim Farron and the Lib Dems will launch its election manifesto promise for a final vote on .

Positioning themselves as the party of Remainers, they will offer Britons a chance to reverse Brexit and challenge the “extreme Brexit” offered by , which the Lib Dems claim will “wreck the future for you”.

Discussing the manifesto pledge on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Sir Ed made the astonishing claim voters had yet to be offered a genuine vote on Britain’s European future.

Tim Farron and Sir Ed DaveyBBC              Sir Ed Davey bizarrely claimed the UK was yet to have a referendum on Brexit

We’ve never actually had a referendum on Brexit, because there’s been no Brexit deal

Sir Ed Davey

He said: “This is not about the Liberal Democrats being happy, this is about the British people.“The referendum we had, no one could tell you what Brexit meant. Today, no one can tell you what Brexit meant.

“We’ve never actually had a referendum on Brexit, because there’s been no Brexit deal.”

According to a YouGove poll, most of last year’s 48 per cent have accepted the outcome of the referendum and think the Government should get on with delivering Brexit.

The emergence of a group of voters dubbed the “Re-Leavers” – those who supported Remain last summer but think the Government now has a duty to leave – represent up to 23 per cent of electors, according to the polling firm.The latest development has now means the pro-Brexit electorate stands at 68 per cent.

Despite the latest polling, the Lib Dems believe they are the only party offering Remain supporters an option to block or change Britain’s destination outside the European Union.

Sir Ed added: “We think that pulling out of the single market… that extreme Brexit would be a disaster and that looks the most likely.

“The British people won’t have a chance to vote on that deal. It’s bizarre that Labour and Corbyn are backing that.

“The Liberal Democrats say there’s a positive alternative here… When we know the result of those negotiations it has to be the democratic thing to let the people decide.”Commenting on the diminishing force of Remainers, he continued: “No party’s given them hope or an alternative until now – you don’t have to accept this.

“The more Liberal Democrat MPs we get, the more Liberal Democrat votes we get, the more likely you’re going to get the sort of policies we’re arguing for.”

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