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Want to save the Conservative Party? Send in (100) Rees-Moggs!

THE Tories need “100 Jacob ReesMoggs” to combat the rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots movement and appeal to younger voters, MPs believe.

The backbencher, once dubbed the MP for the 18th century, is the unlikely focus of a social media drive, Moggmentum, following his straight-talking defence of his views, including over Brexit.The call for Mr Mogg comes amid plans to target  marginals, in a clear message to ’s party to take its tanks off -held lawns.

After the Labour leader spent the summer visiting seats won by the Tories, sometimes by just a few hundred votes, Tory strategists plan a similar campaign, targeting seats taken by Labour.

One minister, who saw his majority slashed in the election, said: “We will be taking the fight to them, in their seats.”

Tory MPs say party needs ‘100 Jacob Rees-Moggs’ to combat the rise of Cobyn’s grassroots movement

What we need is 100 Jacob ReesMoggs

Tory MP

Last week former party chairman Eric Pickles unveiled his official report into how the Tories should attract more voters and also warned his party to be prepared for “sudden elections”.His report called for a manifesto committee to consider policies, following harsh criticism of the “ dementia tax” plan earlier this year.

To appeal to younger voters the Tories should also establish a youth wing and ensure the under-30s are represented on candidate selection panels.

There should also be more female and ethnic minority candidates, the internal review concluded.

It also stressed the need to recruit more members and volunteers to spread the Tory message on the ground, in the face of Momentum, the hugely successful grassroots movement backing Mr Corbyn.But Tory MPs complained that the proposals lacked ambition. One Cabinet minister said that the party had 15,000 student members back in the Seventies, when far fewer people went to university.

“That should be 150,000 now but it’s down by a significant margin.

“Why is that important? If you are going to take part in the social war, you can’t do it with a few people sitting at a desk at Tory HQ.

Jacob Rees-Mogg at the Tory Party ConferenceBen Cawthra/REX/Shutterstock

Jacob Rees-Mogg at the Conservative Party Conference

“You’ve got 300,000 Labour Momentum members out there, all of them on Twitter and Facebook.”If one comes up with a brilliant idea a day, you can’t cope with that with a few activists.”

Another complained: “Young people now are so busy, if you want to squeeze politics into their lives it needs to be to the point. Complicated arguments won’t work.

“What we need is 100 .

“What has Jacob got? He has got crystalline simplicity of argument. Rees-Mogg is admired for his conviction. There is too much shyness about making the argument for Toryism.”

He added that these days “if you haven’t got spontaneity you’re not going to get any attention”

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