It is with deep regret ……………..

It is with deep regret that I finally have to admit to being officially an Old Codger.

Today, against all odds and expectations I have today, become a Septuagenarian.

I hasten to add that it is not a communicable disease,  but that I have, today, achieved the advanced age of my ‘three score years and ten’.

The one light on the horizon is that I shall give you all some respite from my haranguing for a few days.  Today, I am travelling up to Yorkshire to visit my twin Sister and her family (Yep, unfortunately, there are two of us) and it will be unlikely that I shall have access to a computer for most of the time.

I expect to be back to annoy you all again after the coming weekend.

I hope to see you all again soon and in the mean time, keep up the good fight and remember:  Nil illegitimi Carborundum.

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Peter. Good to see your face as opposed to the relative anonymity of a typed message. Hope you had a good time in Yorkshire – one of the best counties but then I am biased as I live in York Glad to hear you have reached such a venerable age too. On another matter. Are you aware of an important article by Martin Howe QC, a startling analysis of the trap represented by the so called transitional period being discussed by our wonderful political class?. It is hugely important IMO and reveals the “quicksand” nature of such a period by… Read more »

Congratulations on reaching another milestone and a happy one 🙂 Enjoy the celebrations knowing that at this stage in the proceedings wisdom counts more than age 🙂


Happy Birthday, Peter. Someone told me that seventy is the new fifty so chin up.

Barry Capsey

Happy Birthday, Peter! Another month or so and I’ll be 75! so you’re still a kid in comparison!! You get ‘codger’ status at 75, so I’m way ahead!


Happy Birthday Peter. I have a few years before I catch you up God willing. Best regards, Steve

john bailey

All the best and keep up on the hard work. I read everything with great interest !!!!

Jeremy Wraith

Happy Birthday with many more to come.

That’s the trouble with the youth of today, they all think they’re the first to achieve same thing that the rest of us have been doing for years, well, in my case, at least one whole year, (nearly) Welcome to the “Boring old farts club” Being a BOF does have one glorious benefit though. From here on in in you can be outrageously rude about anyone or anything you like and those who suspect that they are within your field of vision will smile indulgently, while those behind you will raise their eyebrows and silently mouth to each other “Well.… Read more »
C A Dark

“Unfortunately there are two of us”…..haha. and we need many more in this darkened age. Have a good trip.


Happy birthday and many happy returns.

angela gardner

Happy Birthday….hope you have a lovely well earned break.

Jane Davies

Very many happy and healthy returns Peter (and to your sibling)! I’m a couple of months behind you (December 28th) and I’m in complete denial…….. I’m still that 60’s dolly bird inside! Enjoy your visit with your sister as for your last comment… we won’t!

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