Brexit day revealed: Britain will leave the EU on THIS date

THE Government has moved to reassure Brexit supporters that there will be no backsliding on leaving the European Union, by proposing to write Britain’s leaving date and time into the letter of the law.

Ministers will seek Parliament’s backing to amend the EU (Withdrawal) Bill so that it explicitly states that the UK will leave the bloc on March 29, 2019.It will also spell out that Britain will leave at 11pm UK time on that date –  which is midnight on the Continent.

Theresa May and her ministers have made clear that they see March 29, 2019, as the date that Britain will cease to be a member of the EU but writing it into an Act of Parliament makes it legally binding and much harder to challenge.

The Government says it is responding to MPs’ concerns that the Bill’s reference only to “exit day” meant the commitment would not be enshrined in law – which some fear would leave open the possibility of Britain lingering even longer in the EU.


Brexit day has been revealed

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