‘EU wants Britain TRAPPED!’ May told to review Brexit deal as bloc wants MORE RULE over UK

THERESA May is under pressure to reconsider pushing for a transition period after Brussels strategy papers revealed the Commission wants to use it to extend its rule over Britain.

With talks set to resume today, the EU plans would see Britain officially leave the bloc in March 2019 but then be governed by EU laws and institutions for another two years without being allowed to sit at the table making decisions.The revelations have led influential pro-Brexit group Leave Means Leave, which is backed by more than 50 Tory MPs and MEPs, to call on Mrs May to reconsider her plans.

The Commission’s document notes that it believes Mrs May’s request for a transition period of about two years “would require a temporary application of Union law to and within the United Kingdom together with regulatory, budgetary, supervisory, judiciary and enforcement instruments and structures”.

It also notes “a non-member of the Union, that does not live up to the same obligations as a member, cannot have the same rights and enjoy the same benefits as a member”.


EU plans suggest Britain could leave the bloc in March 2019 but then be governed by EU laws

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

No way should there be a so called transitional period, this was not mentioned at the start of leaving process and the voters do not want it if for nothing else but especially for the reasons listed above. The EU must not control ANYTHING in the UK once the leave date in 2019 is passed.

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