‘If you walk away they’ll come to us!’ James Dyson’s brilliant argument FOR no deal Brexit

BREXIT supporting inventor Sir James Dyson has claimed it is time for the UK to walk away from the European Union without an agreement.

Sir James Dyson has said that “the time has come” for the United Kingdom to walk away from the European Union without a Brexit deal.The sixth round of Brexit talks concluded on Friday with David Davis and Michel Barnier announcing that negotiations were still in the first phase of talks.

Speaking on The Andrew Marr Show, the founder of the Dyson company, claimed the EU was asking for too much in negotiations.

He said: “I don’t think it is the Government’s fault, I think the problem is the people we are negotiating with.

Sir James Dyson and Michel BarnierBBC

Brexit news: Sir James Dyson said it was time for the UK to walk away from the EU without a deal

“I would walk away, I think that is the only way to deal with them.

“I have been dealing with the EU and the EU countries for the last 25 years, on IEC standards and energy labels and all that kind of thing, there’s no way to deal with them, you have to walk away.

“If you walk away they’ll come to us because they want to export all their products to us. They will come back to us.

“We are in a very very strong position, incredibly strong position. We shouldn’t give them any money, we should just walk away and they will come to us.”

If you walk away they’ll come to us, because they want to export all their products to us

Sir James Dyson

Sir James instead the UK had been very “reasonable” in talks so far, but the European Union were simply not budging.“We have tried very hard, we have been very reasonable. They have been incredibly unreasonable,” he said.

“I think it is now the time, the time has come to walk away.”

During his BBC interview, Sir James, also highlighted that the EU market was “slowest-growing”.

He said: “There is fantastic opportunity outside Europe, there is an opportunity within in Europe, but Europe is the slowest growing area in the world, all the other areas are much fast growing.”

The Frenchman gave the UK a two-week deadline to offer clarification on the financial settlement to get talks moving by December.

He said: “Only sufficient progress – that is to say sincere and real progress – on the three main key issues of these negotiations will enable the triggering of the second phase of our negotiation.”

David Davis said it was time for the European Union and the United Kingdom to both show some “flexibility, imagination and willingness” to deal with the deadlock in talks.

The European Union have reiterated that it will not begin trade talks with Britain unless “sufficient progress” has been made in its key three issues of the Irish border, citizens rights and the divorce settlement.

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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

He is right but this is nothing new the voters have been saying this for a while now. I just hope more people like him, and the movers and shakers who have some clout say this loud and clear because as sure as hell will never freeze the politicians never listen to the ordinary people. Our opinions are dismissed as irrelevant until the next election comes along.

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