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You’re KILLING EUROPE: Macron and Brussels savaged by rival over EU enlargement plot

A EUROSCEPTIC and leading conservative in France’s fractured The Republicans party, has raged at Brussels’ enlargement process saying it had “killed” the European Union.

Laurent Wauquiez, whose tough stance on immigration has earned him the support of members of the French hard-right but enemies among more moderate right-wingers, is the undisputed favourite to win the party leadership next month.In an interview yesterday he also blasted president Emmanuel Macron’s bid to united France behind his EU reforms, which support the bloc’s expansion.

He told French television channel France 3: “Us Republicans do not share the same European ambitions as president Emmanuel Macron, especially when it comes to the sensitive issue of European enlargement.

“Because we believe that accelerated enlargement is what killed the EU.”


Laurent Wauquiez has blasted Emmanuel Macron

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