It is so difficult to find  out how to find groups that are able to translate our desires into action.

We all know they are out there but there is no coordination and at this critical time, we all need to get together.

If anyone has contacts with groups of any kind that support BREXIT, no matter what size, even if it is half a dozen of your friends wanting to actually do something about it.  please contact me at this email address:  I will try to create a database and contact them with an intention of showing them that we mean business.

We must get together and coordinate some conclusive action.  We simply cannot let May and what is laughingly called a Government  getting away with selling our country.


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margaret Robinson

Jane I think that they have even given up in talking the talk. There should have been a much greater response to stop the c16 law. In Canada. But at least it was publicly debated. Also you have Jordan Peterson on your side. We need a strong leader. So sick of the sensitivities of every minority group in the country given precedence over native British people. Obviously we don’t count and they are not even aware of the sullen desperation anger and resentment in the country

margaret Robinson
Been saying this for some time now Peter. It seems that a lot of people supporting brexit prefer to sit at home posting than actually getting involved. Look at momentum and to a lesser degree the remainers. Basically they don’t feel the need for action because we won the referendum. At the least they should join Generation Identity or the football alliance. It’s really difficult because of the continuous put downs by the liberal loonies. It’s not just brexit it’s a government that without consultation can introduce hate laws and criminalise perceived hate crimes. Also the GE split the brexiteers… Read more »
Jane Davies

Good idea Peter…..something needs to be done asap that’s for sure. I wish I wasn’t so far away but will be returning to live in Somerset next spring meanwhile I do what I can electronically from Canada. I also belong to an action group and we are very busy lobbying politicians and recruiting supporters to end the frozen state pension scandal here and in other Commonwealth countries. I’m just so sick of hypocrite politicians who talk the talk but never walk the walk.

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