Since Trevor Colman retired as an MEP, I have run this website with the intention of keeping you all informed of what is going on in the EU and how it is affecting the sovereignty of the United Kingdom.

This has involved hundreds of hours searching through news sources in order to bring you articles and further hundreds of hours researching EU documents, reading treaties and other relevant documents in an effort to explain the deeper workings of the EU that not very many people are aware of simply because the EU and, sadly, our own Government do not want you to be aware of.

It is sometimes a somewhat arduous task but as a retired person, one I have been happy to do as I have had the time, and more importantly, a burning desire for Britain to cast off the shackles of the European Union and make Britain a self governing Nation once again.

I am now 70 years old and not to put too fine a point on it, terminally ill.

My illness has been a long time developing and, up to recently, I have been able to cope with it.  Exacerbations of the symptoms of my illness have not been too frequent and have been controllable by medication.  However, over the past few weeks, I have found it more and more difficult to apply myself to running the website.

My illness leaves me very tired throughout the day because my nocturnal sleep is frequently interrupted.  Consequently,  I have to take several ‘naps’ a day.  It has come to the point that I am finding it a chore to search out and post articles and I now feel it the right time to call it a day.

Although one of many such sites, we have made a big impression on many people.  We have a readership of, normally, eight to fourteen thousands views per week although that has slipped over the past few weeks as I have not posted many articles.  Our best single day was in May last year when we had 8863 views in a single day.

We have regular daily visitors from all over the World.  Most, of course, from the UK, but the majority of the overseas visits are from the North American Continent.  Surprisingly, there are a number each day from all over Europe, perhaps to make themselves aware of the truth of Brexit.  This is, for me, one of the greater achievements of the website that it has helped to counteract much of the misinformation given to ‘foreign’ readers by the ‘Establishment’ owned wire-services.  You have only to go to the comments pages of some of the larger American newspapers to understand just how corrupted is the thinking of many ‘armchair’ experts over there due to the misinformation given them.

I want to thank ALL of you people who have regularly supported the site but, especially, the stalwarts who contribute frequently to the ‘Comments’.

I shall leave the site online until the ‘lease’ runs out for archival purposes and, who knows, may occasionally make a contribution if circumstances warrant it.

So as I toddle off into the sunset, toodely pip.


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Dear sir, I am very sorry to hear of your illness. I am a Danish sociologist, who is struggling to understand stuff. Only recently did I know of your book on Maastricht and this blog. – I intend to put the book and more on my page here. – Just as I intend to write articles on this and much more. If I can get help with funds for my research.

Yours sincerely

Lars Jorgensen

Elaine Rawlings

I am very sorry to hear you are not well i am praying for you God bless you


Thank you for all your time and effort, your site will be missed.
All the best and have a great Christmas.

Jane Davies
I will miss your daily news Peter, thank you for all of your hard work in keeping this site going for as long as you could, I know you wanted to give it up a while ago, but you soldiered on. Now it’s time to take care of yourself but like the rest of us the fire within will always burn on until we have justice from our politicians, we all need to stand up and demand they do right by us. I have been doing my small bit on educating Canadians about the real EU, not the biased reporting… Read more »
John Bailey

Thank you Pader for all your efforts. The work you have done has been appreciated. I am 81 and have very recently received chemo and radiotherapy for my condition, so I know just how tired this can make one.

C A Dark

You must put yourself first now and who knows, there might be someone willing and able to take the site on.

Mark Bates

Thank so for all your dedication

margaret Robinson

Thank you for all you have done. Your help and encouragement eased us through some of our darkest moments. Your research gave us tools to fight this battle and your spirit lives on in us. I pray that you will be as pain free as possible and salute your courage in having continued the fight despite your illness. Lots of love

Susan Kershaw

Dear Peter,
Thank you for all you have done. Please take good care of yourself


Best regards Peter . You have to look after yourself and let others continue the fight, because that is what it is and with May surrendering on every issue no one knows where this is going to end.

You should be very proud of what you have achieved though with this site and I know how much work a site takes to maintain let alone doing any research. Your research has of course been first rate.

Look after yourself Peter Your input will be missed by many I would imagine, mine included

Best Regards



Sorry to hear of your illness, I am an Englishman living in Germany and you have kept me posted about things I could not find elsewhere about Brexit. Thanks for all your efforts Cliff.

Nick Toeman
Dear Peter, Thank you for the work you have done, I have found it a valuable, time-saving way of keeping abreast of Brexit news. I have used this and other sources in my own efforts to stimulate informed discussion of the issues concerning the EU, in particular the contrast between the high ideals of its conception (a united Europe in permanent peace, harmony and prosperity) from its misguided, often malign, realisation. Its ideas are practically 100 years out of date, they simply haven’t kept up with the changes in Europe and the world; instead they have become an ideology. I’m… Read more »

I shall miss you and your site. It was the “first read” every morning. Thank you.

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