Is the Government Petitions website denying the publication of some petitions to avoid embarrassing the Government?

Recently, to the surprise of many, the Daily Express published two articles by Lara Deauville exposing the existence of FCO 30/1048 and an explanation of how the document shows the deceit of the Government of the time and, in fact, ALL Governments since Heath are continuing the deception.

Many of you will know that in the past, I have initiated several petitions for which I consider important issues concerning the withdrawal of Britain from the EU.

One in particular, Petition 164268, which is still available for perusal, called upon the Government to publicly discuss the issue of the legality of Britain’s membership of the EU.

There are a considerable number across the Country that believe that Britain’s Membership of the EU is illegal under International Law as the Government lied to the People and signed the various treaties knowing that they were in contravention of British Law and the Constitution.

That petition received just 777 signatures which is not bad considering the lack of publicity available.  It was mainly disseminated as a result of this website and by a limited amount of Social Media as a result of the the article.

Things may be beginning to look up with regard to publicity as it is possible that the Daily Express at least is beginning to be more forthright in its support of Brexit as the publication of the two articles by Lara Deauville seem to suggest.

Unfortunately, it is looking increasingly likely that the Government is hell-bent on watering down Brexit.  Consequently, I thought that the time was right to resubmit the petition in order to force the Government to discuss the matter of legality in public.

It has turned out to not be as straight forward as I would wish.  I have submitted three attempts at having the petition published and each have been rejected on the grounds that the Petitions Committee considered that each of them were ambiguous as to what the petition required of the Government although, to my mind, the object was perfectly clear and succinct.

This is despite the fact that the third version was an exact duplicate of petition 164268 that had previously been found suitable in 2016 and subsequently published.  I wrote to the Petitions Committee pointing this out but they continued to deny publication.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the Government just do not want to publish the petition because it will cause them considerable embarrassment due to the fact that ALL subsequent Governments have been complicit in covering up Heath’s deception.  The following paragraph from FCO 30/1048:1971 perfectly exemplifies all Governments  as being complicit in the subterfuge:

“After entry there would be a major responsibility on HMG and on all political parties not to exacerbate public concern by attributing unpopular measures or unfavourable economic developments to the remote and unmanageable workings of the Community. This counsel of perfection may be the more difficult to achieve because these same unpopular measures may sometimes be made more acceptable if they are put in a Community context, and this technique may offer a way to avoid the more sterile forms of inter-governmental bargaining. But the difference between on the one hand explaining policy in terms of general and Community-wide interest and, on the other, blaming membership for national problems is real and important.”

I have submitted a fourth version, but this time in collaboration with Rodney Atkinson.

Rodney is well-known for his almost successful attempt, in collaboration with Norris McWhirter (Guinness World Records), to indict Douglas Hurde and Francis Maude for Treason in signing Britain up to the Maastricht Treaty in 2004.  In addition, Rodney also runs the ‘FreeNations’ website, has written several books on the subject of secession from the EU and also features in one of our ‘Table talk’ videos (available in the ‘Video’ section) entitled ‘Treason at Maastricht’.

He has also researched in depth the intricacies of British Membership of the EU with regard to the Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties:1969 and the disparity between British Law and the Constitution.

However, the fourth attempt was submitted and has received considerably more supporters than is required from some fairly prominent people in just 3 days.  The minimum number of supporters required, five, was achieved on the 14th May, 2018 and despite the Petitions website claiming that a response would be forthcoming, usually within a week or less, today some 11 days later, I have as yet not heard a word from the Petitions Committee.   I shall continue to submit them until the Petitions People realise that the problem will not go away.

I shall endeavour to keep you all informed by way of this website of the progress of this petition.  I hope that you will on occasion return and check the latest status.  When it is finally published, I hope that you will all sign it and disseminate it through Social Media, newspaper comments and any other means.

I truly hope that by forcing the Government to acknowledge this issue, it will focus their minds on the issue of Brexit and Britain’s secession.

Ref:;  (includes Petition 164268 which was previously accepted by the Petitions Committee in 2016) (Table talk video featuring Rodney Atkinson.)

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Nice to hear from you again Peter. Hope you are doing OK. I watched with interest as your last attempts at a petition were rejected and I do not think there was any lack of clarity in what you were asking the Government and or parliament to do. They just didn’t want to open that particular can of worms. I think it just showed how corrupt and self serving our politicians and political system has become, This is of course using the eu benchmark system, If it is against us or trying to act on democracy then political systems will… Read more »

Margaret Robinson
Margaret Robinson

Nice to hear from you Peter. Yes will do as requested but it’s much more difficult now as you have discovered. They are closing us down in every way they can and lit the fuse today for imprisoning Tommy Robinson for a non breach of the peace witnessed by 10000 via on line streaming

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