One Down, one to go.

After four attempts to get my petition to have Parliament acknowledge the wide spread feeling that membership by Britain of the EEC/EU is illegal under British Law, The Constitution and International Law, it was finally published yesterday.

The first three were rejected on the grounds ‘that it was not clear what the objective of the petition was’, despite the fact that the third one was an exact duplicate of one that I submitted in 2016 which was published without any apparent confusion.

The fourth attempt was completely ignored.

The Petitions website states that the Petitions Committee have the facility to:

  • ask for more information in writing—from petitioners, the Government, or other relevant people or organisations
  • ask for more information in person—from petitioners, the Government, or other relevant people or organisations. This might be in Parliament or somewhere else in the UK
  • write to the Government or another public body to press for action on a petition
  • ask another parliamentary committee to look into the topic raised by a petition
  • put forward petitions for debate in the House of Commons

In none of the various attempts to submit the petition did the Petitions Committee attempt to contact me.  Instead, I received a terse email from Steve Double MP (one of the Committee Members) restating that I was to follow their rules for submission (I could find no explanation of the rules on the Petitions website) and more or less told me to do my worst in publicising their actions.

I then contacted my MP to have her place the matter before the Parliamentary Ombudsman (you cannot apply directly to the Ombudsman).

Within a couple of days, I received an email from the Petitions Team who not only wrote a draft text for the petition but over several emails, agreed the text that would satisfy the Petitions protocol and the rest, as they say, is history as it is now online.

The URL for the Petition is

I have written several posts in the Daily Express and Daily Mail comments pages but have received reports that a search using just the number (207051) does not bring you to the right page.  However, a search using the title (Condemn the actions of the 1970-79 Governments in taking the UK into the EEC) should do the trick.

The petition calls upon the Government to condemn the actions of the 1970-1979 Governments which covers not only Heath’s Government but also the Wilson/Callaghan Government which also mislead the People with the continuing  lie that the EEC does not diminish sovereignty although they were perfectly aware that it did.

Whilst in contact with the Petitions Team, I coerced them into helping to write a suitable text for the other petition that had been refused concerning the ‘Recall’ of recalcitrant MPs who did not follow the wishes of the majority of their Constituents.

It had been refused because there was already legislation for MP Recall; the ‘Recall of MPs Act:2015’.  But this legislation only allowed for the recall of MPs who had been sentenced to a term of imprisonment or if they had been suspended from the House for a period of 21 working days.

My new petition requires that the Government extend the scope of the existing Act to include the recall of MPs who break their Election Manifestos or deliberately oppose their Constituent’s wishes in Local or National referenda.

It has already received the requisite number of supporters and I am now awaiting publication of what is a pre-agreed text.  Watch this space.


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Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Sharing both petitions Peter.


I’ve copied the URL for the petitions, to colleagues on other blogs, as well as signing them. I know a lot of folk have just given up on signing such things because they believe it will do absolutely no good at all…..but as I tell them, be thankful for the opportunity to make your voice heard.

Jane Davies
Jane Davies

Good for you Peter for not giving up……this is what ‘they’ bank on. Keep batting back at you in the hope you go away. I will sign and share and will certainly watch your space. By the way, do MP’s, as soon as they utter these words then ignore them?

The oath they all take on becoming MP’s of her Majesty’s Parliament.

I (name of Member) swear by Almighty God that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. So help me God.


Well done Peter.

I signed and shared both your petitions.

But I am disgusted with how our rights are being rapidly eroded now. The great majority of politicians and the occupants of the unelected house are only concerned with lining their own pockets, to hell with what the people want. They have pretty much all conveniently forgotten the fundamental principle that they are there to serve us, not the other way around.

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