THE BREXIT FACTS by Roger Wright-Morris
We do not want Britain to sink into 12 divided UK-Regions within the EU Super-State. If you really
want to vote to remain in the EU, just consider some of these points.
Most people in the UK just want free trade with the EU; they do not want political union (or a
customs union). We can enjoy trade with the EU without being a member of the EU (just as some other
countries do).

The UK will negotiate its own unique arrangements after giving Article-50 (Lisbon Treaty) notice to
the EU at the end of June 2016. Brexit will eventually lead to complete freedom for UK.


More UK Security & UK Foreign Policy Control: we will continue to support NATO and will not be
dragged into the EU’s foreign policy or into an EU army

Increase In UK Jobs: as trade prospers without EU restrictions

Higher Wages: less excess labour = higher wages [1]

Higher Profits: more money from increased worldwide trade and less but sensible

Free Trade: with the world (which is currently 63% of our exports AND growing),
with continued free access to EU states (currently 7% of UK GDP and diminishing year on year)

UK Democracy Freed From The Unelected and Un-dismissible EU Commission! – hello independence UK
Supreme Court Freed From European Court Control: good-bye European Court of Justice [2] Individual
Liberty Restored: good-bye EU laws; hello Habeas Corpus
Free UK Fisheries: get UK fishing back for UK fishermen [3]

Control Our Own Borders: proper planning for housing, schools, NHS & benefits for UK citizens and
control over immigration

Free UK Farmers: institute UK’s own and better subsidies appropriate to UK special needs

Save The UK: £13.5 Billion, ie £1+b/month or build TWO hospitals per month! (£425per
second) [4]

Save The UK Indirect Costs of EU Membership: approx £172.5Billion! or 14.38bn per month!! (£5,549
per second!!!) [4] No wonder UK taxes have to keep rising

Recover UK’s Own Seats On All World Bodies: good-bye EU – Hello World Trade Organizations etc
Retain Existing right for UK Expatriates Resident in EU & for EU residents currently in UK: no
change Reduce UK Taxation and Increase Spending On Our Own Needs: no UK subsidies for EU
More & Better UK support & Investment for poorer Regions: such a Cornwall, Wales, and the North

The UK can Keep Up or Increase the Existing Levels of Grants and Subsidies: with a view to slowly
amending them to meet particular UK needs. These will include: Farming, Fishing, Key Industries
(such as Steel, Car Making, and Energy), Research and Development (better supported from these

A More Predictable Future: UK in control, not reliant on unaccountable unknown bureaucrats in
Brussels & the decisions of the European Court. The UK can react quickly to World issues rather
than for ever suffering EU procrastination and delays
D I S A D V A N T A G E S O F S T A Y I N G I N T H E E.U.

The UK will either be absorbed fully into the EU-State, or be made into a second- class member but
still pay vast amounts into its budget and accept its laws.
More Ever-Closer EU: the EU will become the United States of Europe soon [5]

Destruction of UK Democracy: with all substantial powers transferred to Brussels[5]

Destruction of UK as a Nation State: UK becoming 12 Regions within the EU Super-State [6]

Destruction of UK Legal System, UK Statutes & Common Law: replaced by Napoleonic Codified law[7]

Loss of the Pound Sterling: as the UK is dismantled into 12 municipal Regions (answerable directly
to Brussels), adoption of the Euro may be mandatory even for us

More Secret Costs to the UK Taxpayer: as permanent Guarantor of ALL Debts of all 19 Euro states
(including external debts to the IMF) the UK is always paying OUT

Dramatically More (Hidden) Costs in the Future to the UK Taxpayer: with harmonization of tax,
welfare benefits and pensions (probably by a secret levy on UK pension funds to make up EU pension
deficits of other EU states, for which most EU countries make little or no provision, including
Germany!) [5]

This will be similar to the cost of incorporating East Germany into the West which caused
substantially higher West German taxes, and which cost German Workers a pay freeze for 20 years. It
will be substantially worse for the UK. All Trade Unions must support Brexit – indeed everyone who
works for a living!!!

Loss of UK Seat on the UN Security Council: which the EU plans to take away [8]

Loss of Most UK Military & Ultimate Police Control: European armed police on UK streets [9]

No Effective UK Power in EU: UK has only 4% of the Commission, 9.7% of the Parliament, and 13% of
votes in the Council of Ministers. From 2005 the UK has lost more votes than any other nation.

More Immigration to UK: all ‘migrants’ to the EU will be able to come to the UK legally once they
obtain an ‘EU-passport’ (just consider the current levels of movements and this is before Turkey
gets visa-free travel for 77 million population)

More EU: Dithering, Delays, Chaos, Financial Profligacy, Unaudited Accounting, and Oppression of
Financially Failing States (such as Greece) with Inappropriate Policies and Making the UK Pick Up
the Tab! and

“I look forward to the day when the Westminster Parliament is just a Council Chamber in Europe”
Rt Hon Kenneth Clark MP (International Currency Review, 1996:23,4)

A fundamental law….: “replacing the existing treaties, it takes a major step towards a federal

Notes and References

[1] Governor of the Bank of England (2016) [2]
Mr Cameron himself has always said he wants this, but cannot achieve without Brexit or fundamental
treaty change (which is not going to happen) [3] see ‘Stolen Seas’ by Ray Finch (published by
the EFDD group)
[4] Prof Tim Congdon CBE ‘the cost of the EU 2015” [5] ‘The
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Article42 of the Maastricht established the mechanism for a European Army, Treaty of Velsen (Oct
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