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How do EU like that? Theresa May ready to hand Brussels its OWN Brexit divorce bill

THERESA May is preparing to slap Brussels with a hefty Brexit bill of its own in response to European Union (EU) demands for an eyewatering [...]

‘It’s in all our interests to make UK pay’ EU fuels Brexit row as Davis could QUIT talks

EUROPEAN Union hardliners have upped their tough stance on Brexit saying they are united in making Britain pay as much money as possible. By [...]

Brussels V Germany: EU Brexit negotiator warns Merkel’s £85bn demand could COLLAPSE talks

THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator fears Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron could cause divorce talks to collapse. By TOM PARFITT The Fre [...]

Editorial: What more will it take before the remaining ‘Remainers’ come to their senses and see that Britain MUST...

The Brexit vote split the United Kingdom on whether to leave the EU or remain in it.   The vote to leave was decided to a large extent by t [...]

Lib Dem campaign chief makes astonishing claim UK ‘never had a referendum on Brexit’

THE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT’S election campaign spokesman has bizarrely claimed British voters “have never had a referendum on Brexit”. By JO [...]

UNDERCUT? Brexit minister has secret meeting with Luxembourg… and it will infuriate EU

BRITAIN has held secret Brexit meetings with a European Union (EU) member state behind Brussels back, in a move set to outrage eurocrats. By [...]

‘We’ll argue about that’ David Davis REJECTS EU timetable for Brexit as he braces for rows

BREXIT Secretary David Davis yesterday set the scene for a summer of “rows” with Brussels over the timetabling of exit talks and [...]

Millionaire Brexit donor plans to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds targeting 140 pro-Remain Labour MPs to ensure ‘no...

Jeremy Hosking hoping to replace pro-remain MPs with Brexit supporting Tories He is offering up to £5,000 to Tory candidates in 138 mainly [...]

‘Hypocrite!’ Arch-Remainer Sir Richard Branson uses Brexit to promote his own business

SIR Richard Branson has been brutally lambasted for disparaging Brexit while using it to promote his business. By ALETHA ADU The billionaire [...]

EU may have to pay ‘Brexit Bill’ to UK, instead of other way around – Boris Johnson

Britain’s Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson © Neil Hall / Reuters The EU could eventually be forced to pay a “Brexit bill” to the U [...]

David Davis signals clash with European Union over Brexit talks timetable

Britain and the European Union are on a collision course over the timetable for Brexit negotiations and details over a deal on citizens̵ [...]

Now he’s sorry? Contrite Juncker finally admits dinner leaks were a ‘serious mistake’

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker admitted leaks about his discussions with Theresa May over a Downing Street dinner were a “serious mistake”. By VICK [...]

EU negotiator warns of ‘EXPLOSIVE CRISIS’ if Britain refuses to pay Brexit bill

MICHEL Barnier has warned of the prospect of an “explosive” political crisis if Britain leaves the EU without paying a multi-billion pou [...]

‘You own NOTHING’ Brussels insists net payer Britain has ‘no right’ to share of EU assets

BRUSSELS has insisted that Britain has no right to a share of the EU’s assets as the furious row over the spiralling amount of a final Bre [...]

Brussels targets UK EXPATS: EU ‘planned for weeks’ to CRUSH May’s expat rights’ deal

THE European Union secretly plotted to destroy Theresa May’s plans to secure a deal to secure rights for expats post-Brexit. By FRASER MOO [...]

ECB chief Draghi issues Brexit threat as UK factory growth smashes forecasts

ECB chief Mario Draghi followed in the footsteps of Brussels by issuing a direct threat to the UK over Brexit as Greece agreed a new austeri [...]

‘You’re making it worse!’ Angela Merkel ally RAILS against Juncker on Brexit dinner leaks

A KEY ally to Angela Merkel has hammered Jean-Claude Juncker over his decision to reveal details of a private Brexit dinner discussion with [...]

EU governments won’t let Juncker torpedo their business interests’ trade advisor warns

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER’S decision to leak details of a private Brexit dinner with Theresa May is going to “reverberate around Europ [...]

Theresa May slaps down Juncker as she REJECTS Brussels’ hardline Brexit demands

THERESA May reportedly told off European Commission president Jean Claude Juncker over dinner in Downing Street. By SIOBHAN MCFADYEN The Pri [...]

Tories to team up with Ukip AGAINST May’s orders to WIN Brexit votes

CONSERVATIVES are planning to team up with Ukip to get more Brexit votes and defy Theresa May’s orders. By LAURA MOWAT Paul Nuttall announ [...]

Brussels warns Theresa May ANY EU member can BLOCK the start of Brexit trade talks if she fails to make a ‘serious’...

Council President Tusk stood by a demand the past relationship is resolved first This means the Brexit bill, dealing with EU citizens and re [...]

May urged to ‘avoid negotiating with Brussels AT ALL COSTS’ by ex-Greek finance minister

YANIS Varoufakis has urged Britain not to get caught up with EU negotiations in a stark warning to the Prime Minister. By WILL KIRBY Speakin [...]

‘Ignore their NONSENSE’ Iain Duncan Smith mocks Merkel and EU over threats towards Britain

BRITAIN should ignore threats from the EU and Angela Merkel and just wait for Brexit negotiations to begin, says a top Tory MP. By DARREN HU [...]

REVEALED: Brussels moves to INCREASE Britain’s exit bill to plug EU’s budget black hole

BRUSSELS has catapulted the bill Britain will have to pay for leaving the European Union to the top of its Brexit agenda and will now seek t [...]

Donald Tusk’s Brexit ULTIMATUM: No negotiations until UK ‘sorts out Ireland’

DONALD TUSK has warned the European Union (EU) will refuse to begin Brexit negotiations with the United Kingdom until the issue of Ireland i [...]

‘There may be a bloodbath’ Brussels commissioner warns of UK trade deal with US

BRITAIN is facing a “bloodbath” over a proposed trade deal with the US, an EU commissioner has warned. By SIMON OSBORNE Phil Hog [...]

‘We don’t want to be part of Europe the country’, says hedge fund Leave campaigner

BRITAN does not want to be part of “Europe the country”, a hedge fund managing Leave campaigner has declared. By JOEY MILLAR GETTY Sir P [...]

European Union Closes Ranks on Brexit

British government hopes of dividing the remaining 27 European Union states are thwarted, as new guidelines show the EU toughening its negot [...]

Brexit Negotiations [What Think Tanks Are Thinking]

Posted By EPRS Strategy ⋅ April 21, 2017 ⋅   Written by Marcin Grajewski, Sashkin/Shutterstock The British Prime Minister, Theresa May [...]

Theresa May ‘to REJECT call for migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for life’

THERESA May is to reject a fresh demand from Brussels for EU migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for the rest of their lives, sen [...]
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