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Brexit Negotiations [What Think Tanks Are Thinking]

Posted By EPRS Strategy ⋅ April 21, 2017 ⋅   Written by Marcin Grajewski, Sashkin/Shutterstock The British Prime Minister, Theresa May [...]

Theresa May ‘to REJECT call for migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for life’

THERESA May is to reject a fresh demand from Brussels for EU migrants in Britain to be guaranteed EU rights for the rest of their lives, sen [...]

‘We CANNOT keep questioning the Brexit mandate!’ Tory minister shuts down election critics

A CONSERVATIVE MP fumed at Lib Dem peer Lord Ashdown after the Prime Minister’s reasoning for a snap election was questioned. By DARREN HU [...]

Brussels demands the UK foots the bill to relocate London-based EU agencies after Brexit

The EU wants Britain to pay for relocating its own agencies away from London                                   CREDIT:YVES [...]

Remainer Tories to be forced to sign hard Brexit pledge to FINALLY quit single market

THERESA May is expected to end the free movement of EU citizens into Britain, pull out of the single market and end the European Court of Ju [...]

BREXIT BILL BOMBSHELL: Now Brussels demands YEARLY HIKE in UK’s divorce payments

EUROCRATS today demanded to be allowed to continually revise UP the UK’s £52 billion Brexit bill. By NICK GUTTERIDGE, BRUSSELS CORRES [...]

Theresa May to quit in MONTHS? Shock claim PM will step down after Brexit concludes

PRIME Minister Theresa May is looking for her own political exit after leading Britain through a successful ‘divorce’ from the European [...]

EU rebellion as members create ALLIANCE OF FORCE to STOP Brussels punishing UK

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) leaders face internal turmoil even before Brexit talks start, as members states demand exit negotiations don’t blo [...]

Brexit Secretary David Davis PRAISED EU single market as Remoaners claim he’s U-TURNED

THE Brexit Secretary, David Davis, once praised the European Union single market as Remainers now accused him of being “taken hostage by t [...]

EU to push through emergency Brexit trade deal to benefit Brussels members but NOT Britain

BRITAIN could be given temporary admission to a trade group so it can continue to do business with the European Union (EU) after Brexit R [...]

EU IS A ZOMBIE! Brussels leaders compared to ‘walking dead’ as European project crumbles

EUROPEAN UNION leaders have been labelled as zombies who are unable to acknowledge the dream of a federal state of Europe has failed, Sweden [...]

Why Remainers must ACCEPT Brexit: Victory would have been ‘LANDSLIDE’ if run like election

THE co-chair of anti-Brussels pressure group Leave Means Leave claimed Brexit would have been a “landslide victory” had it been a genera [...]

‘It’s DISGUSTING’ EU hammered for ‘forcing bad deal’ on UK with Brexit punishment bill

THE Sweden Democrats have slammed the European Union (EU) for trying to stick the UK with a bad deal as they branded the bloc’s Brexit thr [...]

‘Complete NONSENSE’ UK is NOT weakened by Brexit ahead of trade deal talks, says Remain MP

A REMAIN MP has branded claims Britain has been weakened by Brexit as “complete nonsense” as Theresa May prepares for EU exit talks. [...]

EU TO SELF-DESTRUCT? Ireland could LEAVE Brussels if UK is punished with bad trade deal

THE European Union will be hitting the self-destruct button if it punishes the UK for leaving the bloc as it will result in Ireland followin [...]

PM urged to echo Britain’s post-war government with ‘genuinely radical’ Brexit shake-up

A FORMER Tory minister has urged Theresa May to be “genuinely radical” once law-making powers are returned from the EU in an echo of Bri [...]

MAPPED: The EU members who want Britain HAMMERED by staggering divorce bill

BITTER European Union (EU) members who want to see Britain hammered by a staggering divorce bill when it finally leave the bloc have been re [...]

‘That’s the COST of leaving’ German MEP says EU stance over Gibraltar is Brexit punishment

A LEADING German politician today revealed that the EU’s support for Spain over on Gibraltar is effectively a punishment in retaliation fo [...]

‘You’re listening now, aren’t you?’ Hilary Benn on Brexiteers’ referendum wake-up call

HILARY BENN has said the Brexit vote was a plea to be heard by the establishment in a speech which highlighted the period of “mourning” [...]

EU wants to have its cake and eat it! Brussels plot to dodge tariffs but STILL charge UK

BRUSSELS diplomats are pushing for a speedy trade deal with Britain so Europeans do not have to pay tariffs on goods and food – but still [...]

In full: The EU’s draft guidelines for Brexit negotiations

10 Comments The European Council president Donald Tusk will play hardball in the coming Brexit negotiations 31 MARCH 2017 • 9:46AM NOTE Fr [...]

‘We WON’T be bullied’ Fury as Spain looks to exploit Brexit to SEIZE Gibraltar from the UK

BRITISH politicians today insisted they would not be “bullied” over the future of Gibraltar as Spain launched a shameless attempt to exp [...]

The Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties gives the UK the right to leave the EU immediately

England calling Robert Henderson If the UK is trapped for two years within the EU ( or even longer if all parties agree to extend the negoti [...]

Ukip MEP rips into two-year Brexit negotiations raging ‘you could do in an afternoon!’

A UKIP MEP has insisted Brexit negotiations need not take two years, claiming “an afternoon” would be enough to break away from the Euro [...]

Theresa May issues warning to Tory rebels not to defy ‘will of the people’ on Brexit

THERESA May has issued a stark warning to Tory rebels not to interfere with Brexit or they could face her wrath. By BELINDA ROBINSON Getty [...]

‘SEVERE consequences’ Michel Barnier in new threat to Brexit Britain over EU exit

THE EU’s chief Brexit negotiator provoked fury today by warning of “severe consequences” if Britain quits the EU without a [...]

TAKING BACK CONTROL: Repeal Bill set to AXE EU laws within HOURS of triggering Article 50

BRITAIN will begin to take back control of its laws from Brussels this week, within hours of Theresa May triggering Article 50. By CAROLINE [...]

‘No deal!’ Brexiteers blast Juncker for demanding £50billion divorce bill

BREXIT campaigners yesterday condemned European Union boss Jean-Claude Juncker for insisting that Britain will owe Brussels about £50billio [...]

BREXIT BOOST 2: Netherlands backs Barnier’s call for ‘SPECIAL’ trade deal with Britain

DUTCH MPs today followed the lead set by the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier and urged the bloc to seal a unique and far-reach [...]

EU and Britain HAVE NOT scheduled Brexit talks despite Article 50 activation NEXT WEEK

BREXIT talks between Britain and European Union (EU) have yet to be organised despite Theresa May declaring she will trigger Article 50 on M [...]
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