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NOT ENOUGH! Macron bashes May’s Brexit pledges and demands MORE promises

FRENCH President Emmanuel Macron has warned Theresa May that she needs to be more clear over Britain’s negotiating position over Brexit to [...]


PetitionLeave the EU immediately The Government should walk away from the Article 50 negotiations and leave the EU immediately with no deal. [...]

‘Fought tooth and nail against EU’ IDS praises Theresa May as he declares UK finally free

IAIN Duncan Smith has praised Theresa May’s Brexit speech in Florence as he declared that Britain’s era in the European Union &# [...]

‘Barnier doesn’t want a deal!’ Farage demands May quits NOW to stop wasting YEARS

THERESA MAY must walk away from the Brexit negotiating table to “stop wasting years of our lives”, Brexit champion Nigel Farage [...]

Theresa May Florence speech in full – PM unveils plan for two year Brexit transition deal

THERESA May has revealed her plans for a two year transition deal with the EU after Brexit in a landmark speech in Florence. Theresa May pr [...]

‘We’ll have VERY big losses’ Flemish leader warns EU DON’T push Britain into a HARD Brexit

THE PREMIER of Flanders is hoping he can help influence Brussels to come up with a favourable deal for Britain with the region standing to l [...]

Ex-Bank of England Governor urges UK to WALK AWAY from Brexit talks & trade on WTO rules

FORMER Bank of England chief Mervyn King urged Theresa May to walk away from Brexit talks and revert the UK back to WTO rules saying the neg [...]

‘He has no mandate’ Barnier has NO POWER until he gets UK to pay Brexit bill

MICHEL BARNIER has “no mandate” to progress with Brexit talks until a UK divorce bill is agreed, according to a city finance chief. By  [...]

Brexit ‘No deal’ would NOT be a bad thing: Nigel Lawson says ‘UK has NOTHING to fear’

BRITAIN has nothing to fear from no deal with Europe over Brexit – and it won’t hurt trade, former chancellor Nigel Lawson has said. By [...]

May to PAY: Prime Minister ‘to offer EU leaders post-Brexit budget hole of £18 BILLION’

THERESA MAY is expected to offer £18billion to Angela Merkel to fill the hole left by Brexit in the European Union’s budget, accordin [...]

REVEALED: Britain’s Brexit Bill has one fact missing which is a MAJOR worry for leavers

PETITION – Please sign: BREX [...]

‘Get on with Brexit’ IDS loses it at Sky News host over Boris Johnson intervention

CONSERVATIVE MP Iain Duncan-Smith raged at a Sky News host as the pair clashed over Boris Johnson’s Brexit intervention. By DARREN HUNT T [...]

Jacob Rees-Mogg BACKS Boris Johnson Brexit pledges and SLAMS his ‘noisy’ Remoaner critics

JACOB Rees–Mogg has defended Boris Johnson’s vision for Brexit and claimed the NHS will have extra money, as long as “we do not agree [...]

How May plans to crack Europe: Government reveals key new Brexit strategy in job advert

MINISTERS today revealed a key new strategy to help them gain the upper hand in the Brexit negotiations – in a job advert for two new [...]

EU governments accused of letting down businesses by REFUSING to talk post-Brexit trade

THE EU 27 have been accused of adopting a “see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil” attitude because they are refusing to discuss post-B [...]

REVEALED: Theresa May’s ally Damian Green will be her secret Brexit weapon

DAMIAN Green has become Theresa May’s right hand man in Downing Street and, as first secretary of state his negotiator role is key as Brex [...]

DIVIDE AND CONQUER: Theresa May urged to leave with NO Brexit deal to tear EU unity apart

THERESA May is being urged to call Europe’s bluff by refusing to pay the Brexit divorce bill and plan for no deal with Brussels. By MARK [...]

Brexit offer? Talks postponed for a week as May set to make ‘very important’ intervention

BRITAIN and the European Union have agreed to push the next round of Brexit talks back a week as Theresa May prepares to make a new interven [...]

REVEALED: The Labour MPs who defied Corbyn to back May’s EU withdrawal bill and Brexit

THE Labour MPs who defied their party leader Jeremy Corbyn to support Theresa May on the second reading of the EU withdrawal bill have been [...]

Brexit bombshell – Corbyn says single market ‘open for discussion’ in ANOTHER flip flop

JEREMY Corbyn has said single market membership is “open for discussion” despite shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer signalling the [...]

Great Repeal Bill: Latest Labour MP vows to defy Corbyn and vote for EU withdrawal bill

LABOUR MP Frank Field has told the House of Commons he plans to back the EU withdrawal bill in a bitter blow to party leader Jeremy Corbyn. [...]

‘Bad day for EU supporters’ Ken Clarke urges Remainers to GIVE UP hope of staying in EU

KEN Clarke dismissed Tony Blair’s renewed call for overturning Brexit and branded any political attempt to do so was “hopeless&# [...]

‘We’ve got them on the ropes!’ Why EU will NEVER get its £90bn Brexit divorce bill

BRITAIN is winning the Brexit negotiations and personal attacks by Brussels simply prove the EU “doesn’t like it up them”, say Governm [...]

‘Stop criticising ourselves!’ Britons urged to stand up to Juncker’s Brexit insults

A PULITZER Prize-winning journalist has ripped into the British commentariat, Jean-Claude Juncker and Michel Barnier in a furious take-down [...]

Theresa May comes out fighting with hard Brexit plan after Lord Harris brands her HOPELESS

THERESA May will come out fighting with a tough Brexit plan after being branded “hopeless” by a major Tory donor. By MARK CHANDLER The [...]

‘Walk out or bypass Barnier’ Theresa May urged to ignore EU negotiator to secure Brexit

THE PRIME MINISTER should bypass EU negotiator Michel Barnier and take control of the Brexit negotiations to guarantee a bright future for B [...]

Is EU stalling Brexit for MERKEL? ‘Germany gets what Germany wants’, blasts furious IDS

ANGELA Merkel is the real power behind the Brussels throne and will ultimately force EU negotiator Michel Barnier to give Germany what it wa [...]

Brexit DELAY: EU pushes trade talks back by THREE MONTHS as Tajani blames Britain

A MEDDLING Brussels boss has ordered for Brexit trade talks to be pushed back to as far as December, in a move which threatens to land Brita [...]

If Brussels forces a no-deal Brexit, EU exporters could give Britain’s economy a boost

 That’s a rather intimidating jargon term for quite a simple and familiar idea. If there is no post-Brexit trade deal between the UK and [...]

May’s Brexit SNUB to EU: Prime Minister REFUSES to address Brussels parliament in public

THERESA May has delivered a major snub to European Union (EU) chiefs by refusing an invitation to address the Parliament on Brexit. By JOEY [...]
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