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‘It’s not a huge deal’ Liam Fox reveals transitional Brexit deal could last UNTIL 2022

LIAM FOX shrugged off growing anger from Michel Barnier and European Union negotiators over Brexit talks, saying it was more important that [...]

‘They’re irrational!’ Professor blasts ‘bizarre’ EU negotiators over Brexit talks

A PROFESSOR has blasted European Union negotiators for their treatment of the UK in Brexit talks, saying the bloc is “bizarre” and “ir [...]

EU has upper hand? Deprived of UK cash bloc will be on brink of COLLAPSE, says ROSS CLARK

THERE is a received wisdom among diehard Remainers that the EU has the upper hand in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU [...]

EU latest Brexit threat: Now Brussels wants to BILL YOU for using healthcare in Europe

BRITISH travellers will lose their free healthcare in Europe under tough new proposals put forward by the European Union during Brexit talks [...]

Britain ‘warns Brussels it could send RADIOACTIVE waste back to EU countries if Brexit talks turn sour’

UK told Brussels nuclear material could be shipped back to Germany and Italy We sit on the world’s largest stockpile of civilian plut [...]

Barnier talks imports! Brussels adds TRADE to agenda before Brexit divorce bill is decided

EUROPEAN Union Brexit negotiators look set to break their own rules by adding trade to the agenda as talks resume in Brussels. By SIMON OSB [...]

EU finally devises ‘formula’ for Brexit bill – and it could hit 12 FIGURES

THE European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has devised a formula for working out just how much Britain will be billed for leavin [...]

‘Listen – you might learn something!’ Duncan Smith snaps at German host in huge Brexit row

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH raged at a German TV host after a quizzing about how the UK should enter Brexit talks. By DARREN HUNT The veteran Conserv [...]

Remainers demanding ‘soft Brexit’ are ‘PUNISHING’ voters, blasts Rees-Mogg

JACOB REES-MOGG has warned voters about Remainers hoping to keep Britain attached to the European Union by pushing for a soft Brexit. By JO [...]

‘The line has been drawn!’ Brexit negotiations STANDOFF as Brussels make HUGE legal demand

BREXIT talks are veering towards a stand-off with Brussels refusing to back down on a huge judicial demand. By JOEY MILLAR With negotiation [...]

Brexit: Minister appointed to negotiate Britain’s withdrawal wants European Union ‘wholly torn down’

Exclusive: Steve Baker MP makes comments at right-wing Libertarian Alliance conference in 2010 The newest member of Theresa May’s Brexi [...]

Severing ties with the EU starts in DAYS as transferring of laws to begin NEXT WEEK

BREXIT secretary David Davis has said that legislation regarding the transfer of European Union (EU) laws into British ones should start nex [...]

‘They’re in denial!’ EU bosses condemned for demanding rights to fine Britain AFTER Brexit

THERESA May was urged last night to stand up to Brussels after the bloc’s leaders said the European Court of Justice should retain power o [...]

‘Just get on and LEAVE the EU!’ Peter Bone calls on PM to deliver Brexit ‘NOW’

  PROMINENT BREXITEER Peter Bone has urged Theresa May to join him to deliver Britain’s European Union divorce, making it the Conserv [...]

‘We CAN call the shots!’ Diplomat hits back at team Juncker and predicts golden UK future

BRITAIN can dictate the terms on which it wants to leave the European Union and is destined for a brighter economic future whilst the bloc d [...]

Turn the tables: Ukip says Britain should leave EU ‘immediately’ to get best Brexit deal

BRITAIN should “turn the tables” on Brussels by enacting legislation to leave the European Union immediately and then negotiating a free [...]

‘Brexit SABOTAGE’ fears as Hammond says Britain could keep ties with EU for FOUR YEARS

PHILIP Hammond triggered alarm over the Government’s Brexit plans today by suggesting Britain could keep many ties to Brussels for at [...]

700 EU laws introduced in Britain since EU referendum – and 1,200 expected before Brexit

SEVEN-HUNDRED laws from the European Union have been introduced in Britain since the Brexit vote – adding to the estimated 19,000 EU r [...]

Hammond’s BID for No10: Chancellor in plot to lead Tory REMAINERS and KILL hard Brexit

IMMIGRATION must not be “shut down” after Britain leaves the EU, Chancellor Philip Hammond said. By MACER HALL In his annual spe [...]

Desperate Tories could strike deal with the Lib Dems if ‘stupid’ DUP walks away

DESPERATE Tories could once again turn to the Liberal Democrats for backing as a deal with the DUP looks increasingly unlikely. By REBECCA F [...]

BREXIT BOOST: Britain would be ‘£156 billion a year better off WITHOUT a deal with EU’

NEW analysis has revealed that Britain would be better off by £156 billion a year by simply walking away from the EU without a deal. By DAV [...]

Tory MPs will ‘pull the pin’ on hand grenade if they feel Theresa May betrays Brexit

UP TO 80 Conservative MPs are willing to “pull the pin” on a “hand grenade” if Theresa May wavers on a ‘hard’ Brexit, a professo [...]

EU warns of CRISIS after Brexit as Brussels admits UK could be out of bloc by summer

BRITAIN could unshackle itself from the embattled European Union (EU) by as early as this summer as Brussels bosses desperately attempt to a [...]

Five days to save Brexit: Vote Conservative or there WILL be second referendum, says Davis

VOTERS have just five days left to make sure Britain leaves the EU, senior Tory Cabinet minister David Davis warned last night. By CAROLINE [...]

TRADE WARS: Merkel will ‘use POINTLESS Brexit’ to take India and China deals AWAY from UK

A LEADING political editor has issued a stark warning that the EU will soon move in to take global trade from the UK to Brussels. By OLI SMI [...]

‘What side are you on!?’ Dominic Raab accuses Labour’s Brexit spokesman of SIDING with EU

THE Labour Party Brexit spokesman was accused of siding with the European Union over Britain’s divorce during a heated television exchange [...]

EU’s ‘dangerous’ demands over Brexit are slammed by former Euro judge as he mocks the...

EU’s £85billion Brexit settlement demands described by expert as ‘exaggerated’ Franklin Dehousse says Article 50 was inve [...]

Sinn Féin: Britain must not be punished for leaving the EU

Party’s Brexit policy calls for trade deal to be put in place before UK leaves EU Wed, May 31, 2017, 08:23 Mary Minihan   Sinn Féin [...]

‘Ireland must quit EU with Britain to avoid Brexit pain’

Anthony Coughlan believes Brexit pain will make Ireland leave Colm Kelpie   Remaining in the EU without the UK will be so “painfu [...]

Jeremy Corbyn’s plans to ‘welcome thousands of unskilled workers into Britain’ leaked

A LEAKED Labour paper has revealed the party’s secret plans to allow thousands of unskilled workers to enter into the UK after Brexit, it [...]
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