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‘Brits HAVE to budge!’ Germany explodes over Brexit bill as Belgium issues no deal warning

GERMANY today issued a furious demand to Theresa May that she will “have to budge” and up her cash offer to Brussels as Belgium warned o [...]

David Davis ‘is on the brink of resigning’ over bombshell secret letter sent to PM by Boris and Gove as new details...

Friends of Brexit Secretary David Davis fear he is on the brink of resigning It comes after a letter sent by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson [...]

‘We’re better off out!’ LBC host has THIS message for Brussels after Tusk’s Brexit threat

LBC host Iain Dale sent a stunning message to Brussels after European Council president Donald Tusk issued Britain a strict Brexit ultimatum [...]

Theresa May to GIVE IN to Brexit ‘mutineers’ as PM readies to concede on exit date

THERESA May is ready to ditch the controversial EU exit date from her Brexit legislation, in a concession to the Tory rebels dubbed the R [...]

European Union officials preparing for December Brexit talks to end in failure

BRUSSELS officials are braced for crunch Brexit talks to end in failure next month, according to sources close to the negotiations. By SIMO [...]

‘It will end in tears’ Germany will ‘not allow’ May to speak directly to members on Brexit

GERMANY will “not allow” Theresa May to ignore the EU’s two-week Brexit divorce bill deadline and address leaders direct at next month [...]

Brexit latest: Britain will leave EU with NO DEAL if MPs reject agreement fumes Davis

DAVID Davis has confirmed parliament will have a vote on the final Brexit deal before Britain leaves the European Union. By REBECCA PINNING [...]

Cry for freedom and don’t be scared of the Brexit bullies, says LEO MCKINSTRY

THE hour of freedom is fast approaching. We are just past the halfway point on our journey to independence. By LEO MCKINSTRY GETTY Michel B [...]

‘Brexit talks could COLLAPSE’ Barnier admits UK may quit trade talks WITHOUT paying bill

BRUSSELS’ Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has admitted talks between the UK and EU could dramatically collapse. By TOM PARFITT The F [...]

’27 EU countries demanding a pay-off’ David Davis reveals ‘costly’ reality of Brexit delay

DAVID Davis has ruled out extending the Article 50 deadline past March 2019 – claiming that this would give each EU member state a bla [...]

‘If you walk away they’ll come to us!’ James Dyson’s brilliant argument FOR no deal Brexit

BREXIT supporting inventor Sir James Dyson has claimed it is time for the UK to walk away from the European Union without an agreement. By  [...]

‘EU wants Britain TRAPPED!’ May told to review Brexit deal as bloc wants MORE RULE over UK

THERESA May is under pressure to reconsider pushing for a transition period after Brussels strategy papers revealed the Commission wants to [...]

EU plotters are acting ruthlessly in their best interests – why won’t the Government do the same for Britain?

CHARLES MOORE Churchill: between Europe and the Open Sea, we should choose the open sea…  We have reached the halfway mark. On Friday [...]

EU is DESPERATE: May told not to ‘blink’ on Brexit bill as money ‘CRITICAL’ to good deal

THERESA May must not to buckle to the EU after it demanded Britain trebles its offer for the Brexit divorce bill, Eurosceptic Tories have ur [...]

Why EU MUST budge on Brexit: Experts warn Eurotunnel will be blocked for SEVEN YEARS

CUSTOMS declarations will explode in the wake of Brexit causing huge border delays for seven years without a transitional agreement, experts [...]

‘Don’t be bullied by the EU’ Rees-Mogg tells Brussels to forget Brexit divorce bill

JACOB-REES MOGG accused the European Union of using ‘bullying tactics’ against Britain in the Brexit negotiations, urging Theresa May to [...]

Brexit day revealed: Britain will leave the EU on THIS date

THE Government has moved to reassure Brexit supporters that there will be no backsliding on leaving the European Union, by proposing to writ [...]

You’ve got THREE WEEKS! Brussels issues Britain with new deadline over Brexit divorce bill

THE EUROPEAN Union has told Britain it has between just two and three weeks to set out how much it is prepared to pay in the Brexit divorce [...]

EU poised to CAVE IN: 27 nations finally meet to discuss Brexit TRADE

THE European Union will today begin to map out their future relationship with Britain after Brexit for the first time since the nation voted [...]

Remoaners whining about no-deal Brexit put in their place by someone who REALLY knows

FORMER WTO boss Pascal Lamy insisted that trading under WTO rules would “not be hell” for Britain, despite Remoaner claims that the UK e [...]

ONE MONTH TO PAY: Ultimatum on Brexit bill hangs over UK to move to trade talks

THE UK government has just one month to make offers on the Brexit divorce settlement if they want European Union trade talks to begin in Dec [...]

‘We are ready’ NO DEAL Brexit plans unveiled to make Britain free trade powerhouse

MINISTERS will unveil two crucial bills which will prepare Britain for “no deal” with the EU and take the first step to turning it into [...]

May ‘willing to pay’ £53BILLION Brexit bill: PM to buckle to Brussels to kickstart trade

THE Government has indicated it is willing to meet Brussels’ demands for a £53 billion Brexit bill in a bid to move negotiations on to tr [...]

Yet more BETRAYAL? – Theresa May kickstarts trade talks by accepting £53bn bill

Bojan Pancevski, Brussels November 5 2017, 12:01am, The Sunday Times Brussels sources say the prime minister has used officials to signal f [...]

‘Victory for Leavers’ Theresa May’s ‘Brexit war cabinet’ now dominated by Brexiteer MPs

A LEADING Brexit activist has lauded the Prime Minister for setting Britain “on the right track” after she expanded a Brexit war [...]

EU threatens NO SOFT LANDING for Britain after no-deal Brexit – ‘not be on good terms’

The British Government is living in a “fantasy land” if it believes it can leave on good terms with the European Union in the event of B [...]

Brussels anger as UK ‘admits next round of Brexit talks will only be talks about talks’

EUROPEAN Union (EU) negotiators are said to be angry with the UK as the next round of negotiations will be only “talks about talks” and [...]

WE ARE BEING BETRAYED – Brexit deal ‘will favour EU’ David Davis warns as talks set to resume

DAVID Davis has warned Britain’s Brexit deal will “probably favour” the EU in a shock admission as he vowed to “intensify” talks w [...]

Britain faces ‘MAJOR constitutional crisis’ if MPs reject Brexit deal warns Lord Turnbull

FORMER Head of the Civil Service Lord Turnbull has warned that Britons will be faced with another referendum and a “major constitutional c [...]

‘Attempt to undermine Britain’ Fury as trio of top europhiles meet EU negotiator Barnier

A TRIO of Remainers fronted by former Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg were today accused of “undermining” Britain by travelling to Bru [...]
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