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FOI request to the Department for exiting the European Union.

Dear Readers. it is becoming perfectly obvious that the EU is trying to screw Britain into the ground with regard to Brexit.  They are maki [...]


The European Establishment have closed ranks to prevent Marine Le Pen from obtaining Bank Loans to fund her bid for the French Presidency. [...]

Thank you

This is the flag of OUR United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. It is the symbol of our heritage.  It is the symbo [...]

Lawyers for Britain have been given permission to intervene in the Supreme Court Appeal on behalf of ‘Public are a group of Lawyers whose belief is the right for the British People to decide upon their own National destiny des [...]

If British Politicians force the UK to stay in the European Union, in some ways, it might be beneficial.

Though this website has for many years fought for Britain to leave the EU, the nefarious actions of the politicians and judiciary may actual [...]

Editorial ……. What is happening to our World?

The conduct of Nations on the International stage is almost never driven by moral considerations, but by money and geo politics. For some ti [...]

Volunteers Wanted

Thanks to all that sent me their good wishes concerning my health on my announcement that I would have to close the site. Many of you were d [...]


It is with much regret that I have to announce that this site is closing down. I have been ill for some time and now find that the effort re [...]

A simple quiz.

Shewn below are a number of recent photographs.  All you have to do is select where each photograph was taken.   Answers are given below. [...]

Editorial – Merkel has got it entirely wrong about immigration.

Most thinking People in Europe by now will tell you that Merkel’s ruinous programme was never intended to be an ‘Humanitarian [...]

Editorial – The effects of mass migration on Germany

This website would not normally include an article which is aimed at any one particular group but we feel that it is important to publish ju [...]


Should the legal challenges to prevent the use of ‘Royal Prerogative’ for the Prime Minister to initiate Brexit in the Supreme C [...]

This is important. Please read regularly for updates.

Now 4 + 1 Petitions to be signed.   We at believe that we are doing an important job to try and inform the People of w [...]

The problem is…………

This is Yamina Petitjean. She looks like any other European woman. Anyone would be forgiven for thinking that she is indigenous to one of th [...]


26th July, 2016 Our website is not just another ‘protest’ website, we are reaching many thousands of readers who come on the sit [...]

Editorial – The Great British Sieve. It is inconceivable that in this age of technology that the British Government is unable to [...]

A new Prime Minister

And so, we have a new Prime Minister. This website still remains deeply sceptical. Theresa May, at first impressions wishes to convey that s [...]

Editorial – Lord Stoddard’s call and a Petition to improve British security

Many hundreds of our readers have somehow latched onto the report of several weeks ago that Lord Stoddard had called for the repeal of the E [...]

Editorial – The EU Lie – Revised

As has been pointed out in the comments section of the original Article, there is a duplication of some of the text.  It is my practice to [...]

Editorial: The EU lie

First, let me start by saying that Brexit was an entirely selfish attitude. Having said that, it is the duty of the British Government to do [...]

Editorial – It appears that Lord Stoddard’s advice is not strictly pertinent.

Whereas I have previously recommended a repeal of the European Communities Act:1972, with regard to the integrity of the information dissemi [...]

Editorial- Something dark and sinister seems to be taking place in British politics.

Something dark and sinister seems to be taking place in British politics. In the past we could always count on our politicians living up to [...]

Editorial – Theresa May must never be allowed to be Prime Minister.

Since the dramatic win in the referendum for the ‘Leave’ campaign, it has become more important than ever, that we take the oppo [...]

Editorial – A response to Peter Mandler`s Guest Blog “Britain`s Problem is a London Problem”.

I would like to respond to the article written by Peter Mandler and his Guest Blog “Britain`s Problem is a London Problem”. His [...]

An open letter to the Scottish People

Let’s put Sturgeon’s claim in perspective. Of the total votes cast in the UK (33,551,983), only 2,681,179 (12.5%) were cast in S [...]

A great victory for democracy

A great victory for democracy?   Err, no. The truth is; Britain has NEVER been a democracy.  The People of Britain have always lived i [...]

Editorial: It is an obscenity that the ‘Establishment’ should so cynically use the tragedy of Jo Cox’s murder...

Jo Cox was a dedicated Representative of her Constituents. She has spent her life caring for others. Before she even became an MP she made a [...]

Justice First! Jo Cox’s Mentally Ill Killer Should Not Be Discussed in Parliament

We are including this story because it is indicative of the depths of depravity that Parliament is indulging in to further the case for stay [...]

Editorial – Does this sound familiar.

This may go some way to understanding the immigration situation in Europe.  It is interesting to note the names of  recent award winners c [...]

‘Reality Check: Do we export five times as much to EU as to Commonwealth?’

“Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, … (among others), who attribut [...]
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