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Panicking European finance ministers threaten TRADE WAR with US over Trump tax cuts

PANICKING European finance ministers have threatened a trade war with the US over Donald Trump’s planned tax cuts. By MARK CHANDLER Minis [...]

EU set to send £89m aid to foreign armies for STATIONERY and furniture

THE European Union wants to pump £88.5million of aid money into foreign armed forces, despite most of its members failing to meet Nato targ [...]

European Union-Aust trade talks delayed

Lisa Martin, AAP Australia and the European Union are unlikely to officially fire the gun on the start of free trade negotiations this year. [...]

Pay for FISH! EU to demand ‘fish for airlines’ trade deal in Brexit row

THE European Union appears to be gearing up to play hardball when trade talks kick off as officials look to get their hands on Britain’ [...]

‘COMPLETELY WRONG!’ Claims Frankfurt to dwarf London as finance capital ‘LAUGHABLE’

BREXIT will turn the City of London into an even bigger international powerhouse, according to a top economist. By DAVID DAWKINS GETTY Lloy [...]

‘The EU cannot move without Germany’ Merkel’s ‘paralysed’ coalition talks THREATEN bloc

GERMANY’S deadlocked government coalition talks may have huge repercussions on the EU, with one expert saying the Brussels’ bloc [...]

‘EU need us’ Jacob Rees-Mogg warns EU will be ‘insolvent’ without Britain’s cash

THE EU will be “insolvent” if Britain leaves without a trade deal, a leading Brexiteer has predicted. By CAMILLA TOMINEY As pressure mo [...]

Project Fear FAILS: German cities ‘not even ready’ to take in London’s businesses

Frankfurt would not be able to build the necessary infrastructure to welcome a post-Brexit business exodus, banker Andreas Dombret said. By [...]

EU budget BUST UP: Eurocrats and MEPs set to lock horns over gargantuan 2018 spending plan

EUROPEAN leaders and MEPs are set to lock horns for a bitter battle over the EU’s gargantuan spending plan for 2018, highlighting deep div [...]

EU bank unveils plans allowing lender to KEEP customers’ cash in future crisis

THE European Central Bank has outlined plans to freeze cash deposits of customers at failing banks in order to halt collapses. By REBECCA J [...]

‘Empty bowls will come out!’ Brexiteer predicts ‘mega crisis’ as EU asks Germany for funds

A LABOUR Brexiteer predicts there will be a “mega crisis” if Britain leaves the European Union without a deal as the Brussels bloc needs [...]

Business chiefs from EU, U.K. ask May to speed up Brexit talks

Not a word about democratic principles.  It is all about how business can prosper with the unspoken injunction that it is Britain that is c [...]

IDS insists EU are DESPERATE for money but Britain will NOT budge until trade talks begin

INFLUENTIAL Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith insisted the European Union are “desperate” for money but Britain should not put an amount on the [...]

EU MADNESS: Tajani calls for DOUBLING of EU funding to €280BN by TAXING people of Europe

EUROPEAN Parliament chief Antonio Tajani has called for an EU tax to double its spending as it panics over the future post-Brexit. By REBEC [...]

Deutsche Bank crisis – CEO hits back at EU plans for Brexit clearing

DEUTSCHE Bank boss John Cryan has questioned why Europe’s financial centres are so keen to snatch post-Brexit clearing business from Londo [...]

‘We OWN your economy’ Brexiteer rebukes BBC guest for claim EU has NOTHING to lose

A BREXITEER columnist has brilliantly schooled a French guest on a BBC news panel after she claimed that the EU has nothing to lose or fear [...]

Why Italy SHOULD back Britain in talks: A hard Brexit will cost Italians A FORTUNE

A HARD Brexit would cost Italy up to €4.5billion, it has been revealed, leading to speculation the country could back Britain in European [...]

AT LAST! EU admits it ‘NEEDS’ UK trade deal to grow strongly post-Brexit

BRUSSELS finance chiefs have issued a glowing forecast for the bloc’s future – before making the shock admission it ALL relies on fr [...]

Germans demand Brexit is delayed til 2020: Five ‘wise men’ economists tell Merkel to DELAY

BRUSSELS should delay Brexit talks until after the March 2019 deadline to save Europe’s economy from catastrophe, advisers to Angela Merke [...]

New Zealand blast ‘unfair’ EU after Brussels tries to STOP them from striking trade deals

THE EU’s hopes of sealing a landmark trade deal with New Zealand have hit a stumbling block after a diplomatic fracas broke out – [...]

WALK AWAY! Brexit no deal is ‘win win’ because EU needs UK MORE than we need them

A BREXIT ‘no deal’ is a “win win” for Britain because the European Union (EU) “needs the UK more than we need them”, a political [...]

Biggest Brexit LOSERS: Shock charts show which EU states will suffer most from budget hole

EUROCRATS have produced a shock report showing which EU member states stand to pay more and lose the most when Brexit blows a £9 billion ho [...]

New EU directive will help internet giants access your BANK ACCOUNT

AN EU directive on electronic cash transfers could end up putting your bank account under direct control of online shopping giants like Amaz [...]

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Germany’s EU bill to soar as Merkel counts cost of life without UK

GERMANY’S contributions to the European Union (EU) are set to rocket as the bloc counts the cost of life without Britain after Brexit. By [...]

World Bank says UK is ‘better for business than Germany AND France’ as EU nations fail

THE UK is a better place to do business than Germany and France despite fear mongering from City of London billionaires, it has been reveale [...]

Germany fears EUROZONE MELTDOWN: German investors rush to buy gold

GERMANY has become the world’s biggest buyer of gold amid fears of economic meltdown across the eurozone. By SIMON OSBORNE GETTY German i [...]

BREXIT BLACKMAIL! Euro nations want UK fish export BLOCK unless they can access our waters

EUROPEAN fishermen have begged EU Brexit negotiators to blackmail the UK into giving them access to British waters. By ALIX CULBERTSON Sixt [...]

Europe wants to create its own version of the IMF for 2 key reasons

Detailed plans from the European Commission are expected before the year end, but the overall idea is to give the ESM more responsibilities [...]

Eurozone ‘miracle recovery’ is built on sand: Top economist warns Euro boom is exaggerated

THE Eurozone is in “bad shape” with economic recovery built on fragile policies, a top economist has warned. By JON ROGERS Director of [...]

Brexit latest: ’London WILL remain Europe’s financial capital’ admits Bloomberg

LONDON will remain the financial capital of Europe billionaire Michael Bloomberg has admitted days after branding Brexit ‘the stupidest th [...]
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