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Swiss plan MAJOR financial alliance including UK but NOT EU after Brexit

SWITZERLAND is making plans to create a major post-Brexit financial union with London, Hong Kong and Singapore, the city of London’s E [...]

REVEALED: Shock graph showing just how ECB has propped up DEBT ADDICTED Eurozone

THE eurozone has built up a dangerous addiction to debt, which is laid bare in a stark graph of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) bala [...]

Merkel horror: EU chief says Germany will have to pay up to £9BN to fill UK’s Brexit hole

GERMANY could have to pay up to an extra £9 billion a year into the EU budget to cover the black hole left by Brexit, the bloc’s finance [...]

Germany tries to seize BILLIONS in EU cash from Romania and Bulgaria to use ITSELF

GERMANY is trying to seize billions of pounds from Romania and Bulgaria meant for the Roma community after claiming they do not use it. By  [...]

REVOLT: Tory MPs vow to REJECT plans to use taxpayers’ money to pay £36bn divorce bill

TORY MPs have warned Theresa May they will not agree to using taxpayers’ money to pay a “divorce bill” for leaving the EU. By DAVID M [...]

Eurozone’s party is over: EU stock market could CRASH AND BURN, Deutsche Bank warns

THE eurozone could be in for a brutal stock market crash, as the outlook for the economy darkens, Deutsche Bank has warned. By LANA CLEMENT [...]

EU’s looming financial crisis: Desperate ECB demands harsh penalties on eurozone countries

THE European Central Bank (ECB) has called for greater punishments on those eurozone countries that fail to implement much need monetary ref [...]

No wonder they want BILLIONS from Britain! The EU’s poverty problem EXPOSED

POVERTY across the European Union has reached new levels while the Brussels elite continues to preach about unity and success. By ZOIE O [...]

Germany’s stock market CRASHES to lowest level in months as car makers face double crisis

GERMANY’S top stock index was flashing red after shares in the country’s biggest carmakers plunged over a fresh investigation in [...]

‘You’re a shambles, Merkel!’ German leader warned 750,000 jobs on line over Brexit stance

ANGELA Merkel’s administration was today branded a shambles over Brexit as industry leaders warned 750,000 manufacturing jobs face the axe [...]

Brussels takes on MERKEL: EU collusion probe could seriously damage German car industry

RELATIONS between Brussels and Berlin could be set to plummet after EU officials confirmed they were investigating alleged market abuse by G [...]

‘We RELY on you’ Ireland panic as Brexit threatens £53.5bn short-cut across UK for exports

IRELAND’S food exporting ‘short-cut’ to Europe via the UK could be cut after Brexit, the country’s haulage experts have warned. By  [...]

Is Germany heading for stock market disaster? German carmakers at risk of export meltdown

GERMANY’S biggest carmakers are at risk of an export-related meltdown that could trigger a huge stock sell-off in the Eurozone’s [...]

EUROZONE WARNING: Now fears for IRELAND’S economy as shock figures show nation on brink

IRELAND’S economy is loaded with more debt and MUCH smaller than previously thought, shock figures reveal. By LANA CLEMENTS GETTY     [...]

‘We won’t help you’ German industry prepared to lose UK trade to protect EU

THE president of the federation of German industry has warned his country will prioritise protecting the single market over securing a good [...]

Does Brexit’s EU-Budget Pinch Really Hurt? Yes! Cry the Mayors

By Jonathan Stearns Europe’s local governments wary of cuts in regional funding Campaign underway to protect billions of euros in annual a [...]

European Union-Norway crab row could fuel oil tensions in Arctic

On the face of it, a relentless battle between the European Union and Norway in a remote part of the Arctic is about snow crabs. AFP  |  [...]

Not a done deal! Japan dismisses EU trade deal and says UK could OVERTAKE Brussels

JAPAN’S ambassador to the UK has played down news of a trade deal with the EU, claiming that the agreement could take years to finalis [...]

‘Winners and losers’ Merkel exploits Trump protectionism to secure EU-Japan trade deal

EUROPEAN Union officials are “ecstatic” as Angela Merkel exploits Donald Trump’s protectionism to push through a landmark trade deal w [...]

‘Brussels needs London’ City holds major Brexit card as EU CAN’T give up financial hub

LONDON holds a major Brexit card as the European Union will not want to lose its value, an expert has said. By CHRIS CAMPBELL Finance lobby [...]

EU should raise its OWN taxes to foster loyalty amongst citizens says arch euro federalist

BRUSSELS should be given the power to raise taxes directly from citizens and companies to foster a sense of loyalty to the bloc, an arch pro [...]

ITALY IN CRISIS: 85,000 people apply for just THIRTY jobs at state bank

ITALY’S financial crisis has been laid bare after it emerged 85,000 people applied for just 30 jobs at a bank as rising unemployment cripp [...]

Google’s gigantic fine shows why Britain was right to leave the EU

Andre Walker, Observer Europeans love to tell the British they no longer have an empire anymore, and that becoming a region of the EU is so [...]

Brussels ‘faces revolt’ as one in four people in the EU lives ‘on the verge of poverty’

BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project fac [...]

Macron vows to defend French fishermens’ right to use British waters after Brexit

EMMANUEL MACRON has railed against Brexit and insisted he will not let Britain’s European Union divorce damage France’s fishing industry [...]

Great EU gravy train exposed as hundreds pocket taxpayer cash on offices which don’t exist

THOUSANDS of pounds of European Union (EU) taxpayers’ money are going straight into politicians’ coffers as MEPs are not using office al [...]

UK got out just in time! EU plots to SCRAP budget rebates to Brussels’ contributors

THE European Union’s (EU) head of budget has called for the bloc to scrap all member state rebates in a move which would see countries pay [...]

‘Politically motivated’ EU bank clings to £35bn of UK cash in bid to prop up credit rating

BRUSSELS is attempting to block British taxpayers from reclaiming £35 billion in assets from a “politically motivated” investment bank [...]

After Brexit, EU plans ‘offer you cannot refuse’ to expand euro zone: Moscovici

European Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici addresses a news conference at the EU Commission headquarters in Bruss [...]

Brussels prepares ‘grand bargain’ to save broken EU project

The new European Commission plans mark a major shift in policy The European Commission is to unveil radical plans for a eurozone fiscal unio [...]
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