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EU in shocking power grab as it tries to curb central banks post Brexit

THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is threatening to prevent member states from working with British finance firms as the UK counts down to exiting the [...]

Eurozone crisis looms as World Bank throws doubt over £2.6BILLION loan to bankrupt Greece

THE future of the troubled eurozone has once again come under the spotlight after the World Bank played down the possibility of handing over [...]

REVEALED: EU budget CRISIS as Juncker facing cliff edge over £200BN deficit THE European Union (EU) has a growing debt mountain of £203billion (€238billon) and has admitted difficultie [...]

‘BE PREPARED’ ECB fires grave warning to Europe’s most debt-ridden countries

EUROPE’S debt-laden countries have been warned to prepare for higher borrowing costs and an end to ultra accommodative monetary polici [...]

Germany-Russia joint gas operation causes anger in the European Union

DESPITE political tensions over Russia’s occupation of Crimea, continuing economic sanctions and allegations of cyber attacks, Germany and [...]

The REVEALING graphs that show how EU will harm ITSELF if it punishes UK on Brexit trade

THE European Union (EU) will shoot itself in the foot if it decides to punish Britain with trade barriers during Brexit negotiations, fresh [...]

Here’s how important the UK is to the European Union

Silvia Amaro | @Silvia_Amaro 15 Hours The EU needs to make up a budget gap once the Brexit becomes official Britain’s exit [...]

EUROZONE TURMOIL: Spain, Italy and Greece owe massive debt of €1 TRILLION to ECB

EURO states owe the European Central Bank (ECB) a staggering €1trillion as they teeter on the verge of bankruptcy amid warnings a debt bub [...]

EU CASH CRISIS: Bloc to lose FIFTH of budget as Brexit ends scandal of soaring UK handouts

BRUSSELS is facing a major funding crisis when its cash cow Britain leaves with Brexit set to slash the EU’s budget receipts by up to a fi [...]

India refuses to accede to European Union requests; post-March, investors to have no legal cover

Fresh investments by European companies in India and vice versa after April 1 won’t enjoy legal protection under any bilateral arrangement [...]

An Investor’s Guide To The Collapse Of The European Union

Olivier Garret ,   Stephen McBride Is a researcher and editor for Garret/Galland Research A man walks past a branch of the Unicredit bank i [...]

Euro to COLLAPSE – people rush to buy gold as trust in single currency DISAPPEARS

THE former head of the US federal reserve has warned the euro is on the verge of collapse saying he has “grave concerns” about i [...]

Euro set to CRUMBLE amid political election chaos as banks UNDERESTIMATE populist uprising

THE euro could soon crack under the pressure of political mayhem in the eurozone as banks are failing to accept populist parties will win up [...]

GREECE IN PANIC: Citizens withdraw £2.1bn from banks in 45 DAYS amid default fears

GREEK citizens have taken more than £2billion out of their bank accounts in just 45 days as they fear the economy is set to crash. By SIOBH [...]

Italian banks on brink of running DRY: Rome forced to bend EU rules in emergency bailout

ITALY is plotting another multibillion rescue of its beleaguered banking system, as two struggling lenders come dangerously close to running [...]

TAX WAR: EU preparing MULTI-BILLION pound fight against US border levies

THE European Union (EU) is preparing for the largest ever tax war as the United States pushes ahead with plans to overhaul the corporate sys [...]

European Union: Court Rejects Compensation of Commercial Banks over Greek Debt

(Feb. 8, 2017) In a decision issued on January 24, 2017, the General Court of the European Union determined that the European Central Bank ( [...]

The EU is failing because it was too ambitious – Geopolitical expert’s damning critique

A LEADING geopolitical scientist has predicted an end to the European Union, which he says has been a “failure” since its formation over [...]

EU faces crisis as IMF warns Greek debts are on ‘explosive’ path

264 Comments Greece’s debts are going to mount unsustainably,  the IMF believes, unless the country undertakes serious reforms – [...]

Stubborn Angela Merkel to spend BILLIONS on foreign aid despite facing £70bn migrant bill

ANGELA Merkel has kicked off a foreign aid splurge which could see Germany overtake Britain as the world’s second highest spender at the s [...]

Brexit and Donald Trump WILL hit Berlin’s economy, warns German business group

GERMANY’S capital Berlin is set to see a significant slowdown in economic growth, thanks to Britain’s exit from the European Uni [...]

The Eurozone is the boulevard of broken dreams for the European Union. – (IS THIS THE BEGINNING OF THE END?)

This article is published in collaboration with Scutify, where you can find real-time markets and stock commentary from Robert Marcin, Cody [...]

France’s Brexit bid to move banks from London to Paris BACKFIRES over language barrier

FRENCH finance minister Michel Sapin failed in his bid to attract Wall Street banks to relocate to Paris from London, it has been claimed. B [...]

EU banks crumbling under £910BILLION bad debt as toxic loans threaten CRISIS

THE European Union’s banking system has £910BILLION worth of bad debt, an independent regulator has revealed as it lays out emergency pla [...]

‘So many are anti-EU’ Brussels faces DEMOLITION with Trump as President, Donald Tusk says

DONALD Trump is hell bent on breaking up the European Union, which faces an “existential crisis” like never before, Donald Tusk has said [...]

Angela Merkel furiously DENIES Germany is abusing the euro for its own advantage

ANGELA Merkel on has rejected a US trade adviser’s charge that Germany was using an “undervalued” euro to gain advantage. [...]

GREXIT LOOMS: Employers union predicts Greece to QUIT EU as Tsipras races to boost economy

GREEK prime minister Alexis Tsipras is in a race against time to prove to the European Union (EU) that he can turn the country’s econo [...]

‘You CAN’T leave!’ EU threatens France and Italy with MAMMOTH bill if they quit the euro

BRUSSELS has threatened Italy with an almost certainly unpayable bill if the country’s citizens take the democratic decision to quit t [...]

Italy’s Banks Are in a Slow-Motion Crisis. And Europe May Pay.

By PETER S. GOODMANNOV. 19, 2016 Victor Massiah, chief executive of UBI Banca, in his office in Milan. CreditCalogero Russo for The New York [...]

Europe is falling apart. Saving it won’t be easy

Region suffering major setbacks By: CHARLES RILEY DAVOS, Switzerland (CNNMoney) – The future of Europe is in doubt. The region has suf [...]
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