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Brussels ‘faces revolt’ as one in four people in the EU lives ‘on the verge of poverty’

BRUSSELS has admitted that one in four people inside the EU are on the verge of poverty, amid growing concerns that the European project fac [...]

Macron vows to defend French fishermens’ right to use British waters after Brexit

EMMANUEL MACRON has railed against Brexit and insisted he will not let Britain’s European Union divorce damage France’s fishing industry [...]

Great EU gravy train exposed as hundreds pocket taxpayer cash on offices which don’t exist

THOUSANDS of pounds of European Union (EU) taxpayers’ money are going straight into politicians’ coffers as MEPs are not using office al [...]

UK got out just in time! EU plots to SCRAP budget rebates to Brussels’ contributors

THE European Union’s (EU) head of budget has called for the bloc to scrap all member state rebates in a move which would see countries pay [...]

‘Politically motivated’ EU bank clings to £35bn of UK cash in bid to prop up credit rating

BRUSSELS is attempting to block British taxpayers from reclaiming £35 billion in assets from a “politically motivated” investment bank [...]

After Brexit, EU plans ‘offer you cannot refuse’ to expand euro zone: Moscovici

European Economic and Financial Affairs Commissioner Pierre Moscovici addresses a news conference at the EU Commission headquarters in Bruss [...]

Brussels prepares ‘grand bargain’ to save broken EU project

The new European Commission plans mark a major shift in policy The European Commission is to unveil radical plans for a eurozone fiscal unio [...]

Merkel bid to control Euro: Angela pushes for GERMAN to replace Draghi as ECB President

GERMANY will make a play to push one of their own to the top of the European Central Bank, it has been claimed. By ZOIE O’BRIEN Angela [...]

Eurozone WILL shrink and collapse: Shock report reveals what business leaders REALLY think

MORE than half of European business leaders expect the eurozone to shrink or collapse in coming years, according to a new report. By SIMON O [...]

Macron’s Win Adds to Poland’s Worries About Its Place in EU

French President-elect Emmanuel Macron reacts as he arrives to attend a handover ceremony with outgoing President Francois Hollande at the E [...]

First to pop Macron’s bubble: EU head slams leader’s ‘Buy European’ Act as an awful idea

THE European Commission vice president Jyrki Katainen has warned against President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for a “Buy European Act”, w [...]

Digging their own grave: No Brexit deal will unleash new EU recession that kills off euro

BRITAIN has the upper hand in the Brexit negotiations because failure to reach a deal would unleash a devastating recession in Europe which [...]

Jean-Claude Juncker bids to control markets OUTSIDE EU in latest power grab

JEAN-Claude Juncker’s European Commission has moved to take control of financial institutions located outside the European Union (EU). By [...]

REVEALED! – The People who REALLY run the EU.

This documentary film by Friedrich Moser and Matthieu Lietaert exposes the history and powers of the Corporate Lobbyists who are the real po [...]

‘Brexit is already HURTING’ Industry boss warns Merkel against ‘wounding’ German economy

THE leader of the German Chamber of Commerce has warned Angela Merkel that punishing Britain will hurt her own country’s economy. By O [...]

Brussels uproar as Juncker declares banking war on Spain, Croatia, Cyprus AND Portugal

JEAN-Claude Juncker has declared war on Spain, Croatia, Cyprus and Portugal over their reluctance to introduce legislation governing mortgag [...]

EU in shocking power grab as it tries to curb central banks post Brexit

THE EUROPEAN Union (EU) is threatening to prevent member states from working with British finance firms as the UK counts down to exiting the [...]

Eurozone crisis looms as World Bank throws doubt over £2.6BILLION loan to bankrupt Greece

THE future of the troubled eurozone has once again come under the spotlight after the World Bank played down the possibility of handing over [...]

REVEALED: EU budget CRISIS as Juncker facing cliff edge over £200BN deficit THE European Union (EU) has a growing debt mountain of £203billion (€238billon) and has admitted difficultie [...]

‘BE PREPARED’ ECB fires grave warning to Europe’s most debt-ridden countries

EUROPE’S debt-laden countries have been warned to prepare for higher borrowing costs and an end to ultra accommodative monetary polici [...]

Germany-Russia joint gas operation causes anger in the European Union

DESPITE political tensions over Russia’s occupation of Crimea, continuing economic sanctions and allegations of cyber attacks, Germany and [...]

The REVEALING graphs that show how EU will harm ITSELF if it punishes UK on Brexit trade

THE European Union (EU) will shoot itself in the foot if it decides to punish Britain with trade barriers during Brexit negotiations, fresh [...]

Here’s how important the UK is to the European Union

Silvia Amaro | @Silvia_Amaro 15 Hours The EU needs to make up a budget gap once the Brexit becomes official Britain’s exit [...]

EUROZONE TURMOIL: Spain, Italy and Greece owe massive debt of €1 TRILLION to ECB

EURO states owe the European Central Bank (ECB) a staggering €1trillion as they teeter on the verge of bankruptcy amid warnings a debt bub [...]

EU CASH CRISIS: Bloc to lose FIFTH of budget as Brexit ends scandal of soaring UK handouts

BRUSSELS is facing a major funding crisis when its cash cow Britain leaves with Brexit set to slash the EU’s budget receipts by up to a fi [...]

India refuses to accede to European Union requests; post-March, investors to have no legal cover

Fresh investments by European companies in India and vice versa after April 1 won’t enjoy legal protection under any bilateral arrangement [...]

An Investor’s Guide To The Collapse Of The European Union

Olivier Garret ,   Stephen McBride Is a researcher and editor for Garret/Galland Research A man walks past a branch of the Unicredit bank i [...]

Euro to COLLAPSE – people rush to buy gold as trust in single currency DISAPPEARS

THE former head of the US federal reserve has warned the euro is on the verge of collapse saying he has “grave concerns” about i [...]

Euro set to CRUMBLE amid political election chaos as banks UNDERESTIMATE populist uprising

THE euro could soon crack under the pressure of political mayhem in the eurozone as banks are failing to accept populist parties will win up [...]

GREECE IN PANIC: Citizens withdraw £2.1bn from banks in 45 DAYS amid default fears

GREEK citizens have taken more than £2billion out of their bank accounts in just 45 days as they fear the economy is set to crash. By SIOBH [...]
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