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Greek crisis veteran Varoufakis warns euro is designed to FAIL and will bring EU with it

FORMER Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has launched a savage attack on the EU, claiming it is destined to fail because the euro is d [...]

European leaders prepared to ‘break EU unity’ to start Brexit trade talks says leading MEP

EUROPEAN leaders are secretly prepared to “break” the EU’s unified position on Brexit and force through the start of trade talks rathe [...]

Trade Deal with Brexit Britain ‘Vital for the European Union’, Warns Hungary

ATTILA KISBENEDEK/AFP/Getty Images by JACK MONTGOMERY17 Oct 2017100 The Hungarian government is pressing Brussels bureaucrats to adopt a mo [...]

Brexit hits European car sales: German economic fears as demand drops in UK

CAR sales across Europe are down again with Brexit bearing the brunt of the blame for the drop in demand. By SIMON OSBORNE Figures from the [...]

‘Go to Paris!’ Merkel’s plan to snatch banking from London sparks Frankfurt backlash

ANGELA Merkel may be attempting to snatch Britain’s banking sector, but it it would appear neither Frankfurt nor London are on board. By  [...]

‘We’ll have VERY big losses’ Flemish leader warns EU DON’T push Britain into a HARD Brexit

THE PREMIER of Flanders is hoping he can help influence Brussels to come up with a favourable deal for Britain with the region standing to l [...]

‘How much of Poland are we getting back?’ MEP says EU faces cash crisis without Britain

BRUSSELS is facing a cash crisis without Britain which threatens to break apart the foundations of its power based on buying member states o [...]

Eurozone banks set for rate SHOCKS after sudden lending freeze tightening, says ECB

EUROZONE banks are well prepared for sharp changes in interest rates, the European Central Bank has said after simulating scenarios from sud [...]

MAPPED: EU countries set to lose the most from Brexit showing why they should BACK Britain

BRITAIN has found no shortage of Brexit enemies since voting to quit the European Union (EU) last year but it is becoming increasingly clear [...]

EUROPE ON THE BRINK: Germany furiously hits back at criticism from EU leaders

THE European Union’s chief finance minister hit back against criticism of Germany’s powerhouse status within the bloc while other member [...]

Sanctions on Russia is COSTING the European Union billions, figures reveal

SANCTIONS slapped on Russia by Brussels have inadvertently cost the European Union (EU) a staggering €30billion (£27bn) in lost income, a [...]

Eurozone could be set to CRASH: Expert warns ECB has fears over rapidly rising Euro

THE European Central Bank fears that the Euro might CRASH after its value has been rapidly increasing against the dollar, a top economist ha [...]

Merkel’s Brexit plot: Germany ‘has been preparing for no deal for MONTHS’

GERMAN officials have been preparing a contingency plan for months in case Brexit fails, according to sources. By BELINDA ROBINSON Angela M [...]

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: Europe’s leaders could OVERRULE Barnier and start trade talks NEXT MONTH

EUROPEAN nations could choose to overrule their chief negotiator Michel Barnier and trigger trade talks with Britain next month, a senior EU [...]

Quitting UK over Brexit will spark CRISIS: EU agency warned staff want to STAY in London

A EUROPEAN regulatory agency is to desperately plough cash into hiring temporary workers over fears it will lose staff who would rather stay [...]

Eurozone DEBT bubble to BURST: ECB asks banks to ‘set aside cash’ to cover €1TRN bad debt

EUROZONE banks have been ordered to hold billions of pounds worth of extra cash amid fears toxic loans within the block could plunge lenders [...]

EU’s Brexit NIGHTMARE: Euro firms have £20TRN of contracts under threat if UK walks away

BANKS are facing seriously complex talks to in order to protect £20trillion worth of crucial financial contracts once Britain leaves the Eu [...]

‘Botched Brexit would cause global downturn’ Australian diplomat CALLS Brussels bluff

THE Australian High Commissioner in Britain has called out Brussels for not taking Brexit negotiations seriously enough – warning the [...]

EU’s shock Northern Ireland GRAB: Brussels to demand special Brexit EXEMPTION

EUROPEAN Union bosses are staging a shock grab of Northern Ireland by outlining their vision for the country – urging that there must [...]

‘HANDS OFF OUR TAXES’ Ireland will NOT allow Juncker’s ‘dictatorship’ vows Irish MP

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has been branded a dictator by an Irish politician, who also warned the European Union (EU) to keep their “hands off [...]

LISTED: The European businesses breaking down the EU’s door to continue trade with Britain MANY of the European Union’s largest companies are reliant on British business and w [...]

‘Ridiculous!’ Migrant boats idling in port, motorbikes for Niger – how EU spent YOUR money

BRUSSELS was today lashed for splurging taxpayers’ cash on migrant transport boats that sat idling in port and motorbikes for authorities [...]

EU tax crackdown on tech giants will damage growth, US body warns

Plan to take more tax from firms such as Google, Facebook and Amazon may hamper cooperation with US, EU told    Some have accused the EU o [...]

WEF issues GLOBAL financial crash warning on TWO huge world powers

THE fragile global economy is at risk of a crippling crisis, sparked by huge debt bubbles in China and India and a vulnerable banking system [...]

EU superstate TAX PLOT: Hidden plan for Europe-wide national insurance card EXPOSED

EUROCRATS are hatching plans to introduce an EU-wide social security number that could pave the way for Brussels to directly tax European ci [...]

European Union may commit funds for flagship Indian projects

European Investment Bank is expected to fund projects across sectors like Skills India, renewables, smart cities and Digital India. NEW DELH [...]

‘Britain may not need to pay a penny!’ Expert DESTROYS EU’s Brexit bill demands

Editorial:   One of the commentors on the newspaper article is a member of an Open Source Legal Group and have asked for and been granted [...]

BRUSSELS BOMBSHELL: Europe would lose TWICE as many jobs as Britain under no-deal Brexit

BRUSSELS was today warned that Europe will be hit twice as badly as Britain in terms of jobs lost if its hardline negotiating approach force [...]

SHOCK WARNING: EU banking crisis to continue for YEARS

EUROPEAN banks are expected to continue to struggle for a number of years, the latest analysis has indicated. By JON ROGERS Banks across th [...]

Eurozone WARNING: Single currency crisis poses threat to democracy and ‘social cohesion’

THE single currency crisis is posing a threat to “social cohesion” and democracy, a top banker has warned. By HELENE PERKINS Getty Mari [...]
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