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Juncker plan set to BACKFIRE: Shock warning from German professor over EU superstate plot

EUROCRATS’ plans for the creation of a European superstate will “backfire” as people rally to protect their national identities, a top [...]

EU spells financial DOOM for Italy as Brussels ‘holds back £37 BILLION’ amid army scramble

THE European Union could hold back tens of billions from Italy as the Brussels attempts to bolster its coffers against Brexit while still sp [...]

‘No to Brussels!’ EU summit provokes FURY as hundreds of protesters demand Swedish EXIT

HUNDREDS of anti-EU protesters took to the streets yesterday evening to voice their fury at Brussels as many urged Sweden to break away from [...]

EU TO FALL: Poland issues warning to Brussels STOP feathering your nest & focus on people

POLAND’S leader Beata Szydlo said the “elites in Brussels” are sending the European Union careering into a crisis as they are “out o [...]

How a meeting with Guy Verhofstadt made MP realise UK must leave WITHOUT Brexit deal

A MEETING with arch-federalist MEP Guy Verhofstadt converted a Conservative MP to join the ranks calling for Britain to leave the EU without [...]

‘Enormous arrogance’ German MEP rages at Barnier for ‘unfair’ Brexit strategy towards UK

A GERMAN MEP has ripped into the European Union and its chief negotiators for the “unfair” way they have treated the UK in Brexit talks. [...]

Top professor SAVAGES ‘dysfunctional’ Brussels and claims they are out to PUNISH Britain

A CAMBRIDGE professor branded the Brussels bloc as a “dysfunctional” organisation and insisted it will try anything to “sabotage” Br [...]

Brussels plan for EU PROPAGANDA LESSONS to be taught in ALL European schools

CHILDREN as young as four years old could be taught to support the EU as the bloc looks to the young to keep the European project alive, a r [...]

We’re losing Britain but keeping SPAIN?! Anger at EU’s ‘massive lack of democracy’

THE crisis in Catalonia has exposed the “massive lack of democracy” with the European Union (EU), with a growing band of vocal critics o [...]

Shock German Army report predicts collapse of EU and entire West alliance by 2040

THE complete disintegration of the European Union (EU) and the West over the next two decades is a serious proposition, according to a shock [...]

EU ‘regime’ is DOOMED ‘like the Holy Roman Empire’

THE European Union (EU) will end by 2027 like the Holy Roman empire (HRE) did, argues the Brexit campaigner and author Dr Niall McCrae. The [...]

British could spark EU superstate: Bow Group’s warning on David Davis’s new Brexit offer

AN influential Tory thinktank has warned that David Davis’s latest offer to Europe on citizenship right threatens to create an EU supersta [...]

Italian MP heaps praise on Britain and insists Brexit is a ‘blessed opportunity’

AN ITALIAN MP insisted that Britain’s decision to leave the EU is a “wonderful opportunity” to show the world that it can “triumph [...]

EU has failed us: Shock graph of countries that believe EU membership has been pointless

BRUSSELS is facing a huge backlash with Italy, Greece and Cyprus now leading the charge against the European Union (EU). By JOEY MILLAR A s [...]

EU ‘superstate’ fear as Brussels chief Juncker plots for Chancellor for the whole of Europe

European Commission signs off ‘agenda for a more united and stronger’ Europe It includes an official able to ‘reform’ the domestic b [...]

‘CLOSER TO CZECHXIT’ Euro nations furious as EU backs golden boy Macron’s worker reforms

EU golden boy Emmanuel Macron has pushed through plans to tighten laws on the free movement of workers, in a move that has split the bloc do [...]

Arch-federalist Verhofstadt calls for MORE integration as EU bloc crumbles away

EUROPHILE Guy Verhofstadt praised Jean-Claude Juncker’s federalist plans for the future EU despite the bloc facing growing dissent fro [...]

EU wants to tell YOU how to PARENT: Report suggests bloc could take control of childcare

THE European Union (EU) is making a bid to hold sway over virtually all aspects of citizens lives, wanting control over “the provision of [...]

EU leaders take just 90 SECONDS to snub May as they refuse to move Brexit talks onto trade

EUROPEAN leaders today took just 90 seconds to snub Theresa May’s plea to move the Brexit talks onto trade by concluding that there has be [...]

EU Summit 2017: Time to WALK May?! PM says no REAL progress as divorce bill BLOCKS Brexit

THERESA May today admitted no progress has been made on the major Brexit issues of the ‘Divorce Bill’ and trade. By ALIX CULBERTSON At [...]

‘I can’t tell you what it means!’ Merkel’s farcical admission over EU’s negotiating tactic

ANGELA Merkel today admitted she can’t “give any details” about what the EU’s demand of sufficient progress actually [...]

IAIN DUNCAN-SMITH: We’ll see off Brussels’ naked bid to force the UK into a divorce bill of up to £90billion

Over recent months, Brussels has decided to drag its feet on Brexit negotiations and refuse to discuss anything other than its own agend [...]

EU SUMMIT 2017 LIVE: May REFUSES to budge on Brexit – ‘progress’ has been made at last

THERESA MAY has urged Brussels leaders to push forward with Brexit negotiations in a crunch conference today as the threat of a ‘no deal [...]

Irish hard border INEVITABLE after Brexit: UK-Irish relations could SOUR – Micheál Martin

A HARD border between the UK and Republic of Ireland is “inevitable” after Brexit, according to Ireland’s main opposition leader. By  [...]

The European Union Is Doomed to Fail

How on earth can the European Union unite that which history forced asunder? by  Marian L. Tupy Have you ever heard of Deutsch Jahrndorf? [...]

Eastern Europe DESTROYS EU integration plan: Nations SPLIT ‘will lead to EU BREAK UP’

EASTERN European Union members are deeply divided on plans for closer integration and claim they could even lead to the bloc breaking up. In [...]

Brexit nemeses MAPPED: Member states hold ALL the cards and THIS is who REALLY hates UK

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) member states hold the cards in Brexit talks as bitter member nations urge Michel Barnier to be tougher on Britain, it h [...]

European Union to get a single public prosecutor

By Dave Keating | European public prosecutor’s office will start work next year on investigating cross-border tax frau [...]

‘Stop this arrogance’ German MEP savages Juncker and Verhofstadt during epic Brexit tirade

A GERMAN MEP launched a furious tirade at Jean-Claude Juncker and Guy Verhofstadt in the European Parliament, blaming the pair’s “arroga [...]

‘EU will end!’ Catalonia independence will finish ‘panic-stricken’ Brussels, says Ferrari

CATALONIA’S independence from Spain will destroy the “panic-stricken” European Union (EU) as other regions across the bloc [...]
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