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EU Threatens Poland, Hungary With Legal Action for Refusing to Commit Cultural Suicide

Bureaucrats in Brussels Pressuring EU Own Shows the Extent of Its Cultural Rot File Photo: European Commission (Photo: AP/Associated Press) [...]

‘Why don’t you leave the EU?’ Furious civil war breaks out in Jean-Claude Juncker’s party

CIVIL war has broken out in the European People’s Party (EPP) group in Strasbourg as a row over new laws aimed at Hungary’s Central Euro [...]

Poland and Greece plot Brussels MUTINY as Britain stays away from backslapping EU summit

GREECE and Poland are threatening to spoil the celebrations of the Treaty of Rome today amid a crisis engulfing the European Union (EU). By [...]

European Union Leaders Mark Past but Assess Uncertain Future

Workers prepare the Orazi and Curiazi hall for the meeting of EU leaders on the 60th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome, in Rome, Italy, Marc [...]

‘We are being CRUCIFIED!’ Freedom of movement will DESTROY EU, warns top Czech diplomat

FREEDOM of movement could cause the break-up of the European Union (EU), the Czech Republic’s Foreign Minister warned today. By JOEY MILLA [...]

Chaos at Brexit summit as Poland VETOES Merkel masterplan causing BLAZING ROW with France

A KEY European summit on how the bloc will proceed after Brexit descended into farce this evening as Poland vowed to veto the idea of a “t [...]

The EU May Bend to Keep From Breaking

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presented a report on the European Union’s future March 1 in Brussels. The report outlines [...]

EU tries to contain East-West schism as Brexit bites

European and national flags fly outside the European Parliament while European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker presents a white pap [...]

‘Then we say oh sh*t!’ Brexit negotiator Verhofstadt DESTROYS Brussels in epic rant on EU

The fired up Belgian politician swore at one point as he tore into the Brussels status quo, blasting key policies like the Schengen zone and [...]

NEW EUROPE Big 4 to battle Brussels with plan to let NATIONS choose how committed they are

BRUSSELS is braced for an almighty power struggle between member states and eurocrats after the bloc’s big four last night agreed to pursu [...]

Juncker will fight for ‘more Europe’ in post-Brexit EU

 5:51 (updated:  14:15) Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the Euorpean Commission, arrives for the weekly meeting of the College of Commis [...]

European Union Approves New Military HQ

CARL DE SOUZA/AFP/Getty Images by BREITBART LONDON6 Mar 201728 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER BRUSSELS (AFP) – The European Union on Monday a [...]

Claim: European Union Considers Plan to Take Over French, British Nuclear Weapons For EU Defence

by OLIVER JJ LANE6 Mar 2017103  Discussions are ongoing at high levels within the European Union (EU) to assume command of the nuclear weap [...]

Daniel Hannan: British and Continental systems of politics and law are fundamentally incompatible

Daniel Hannan is an MEP for South-East England, and a journalist, author and broadcaster. His most recent book is What Next: How to Get the [...]

EU’s Mogherini Booed in Serbian Parliament Ahead of Balkan Summit

FILE – Federica Mogherini, center, the European Commission’s high representative for foreign affairs and security policy, accomp [...]

Commission outlines 5 scenarios for future of EU in white paper

POLITICO obtains document on European Union’s post-Brexit future. By FLORIAN EDER, RYAN HEATH, JACOPO BARIGAZZI AND QUENTIN ARIÈS The Eur [...]

Juncker says he WON’T run again for EC President as he admits to Brexit division

JEAN-Claude Juncker has revealed today that he WON’T stand again for the European Commission (EC) presidency. By JON ROGERS AND MONIKA [...]

Unhappy anniversary: Maastricht 25 years on

Professor Anand Menon “Game, set and match” was not a phrase John Major uttered as he returned from the sleepy Dutch town of Maastricht [...]

EU BACKTRACK: Brussels will DITCH ‘ever-closer union’ to save crumbling bloc

EUROPEAN UNION (EU) eurocrats appear to have backtracked on plans for an “ever-closer union” amid a growing eurosceptic movement, which [...]

The paranoia sets in…………..

The following is taken from a press release issued by Donald Tusk, the President of the European Council issued on the 31st January, 2017 . [...]

‘We’re only human’ German minister defends Merkel’s open-door migrant policy ‘mistake’

GERMANY made mistakes with an open-door policy that saw more than a million migrants enter the country over the past two years, Angela Merke [...]

What DON’T they want you to know? Eurocrats now making record numbers of EU laws in SECRET

EUROCRATS are now making record numbers of EU laws in secret as the bloc continues to battle a major popularity crisis amongst voters across [...]

GERMANY ON THE BRINK: Anti-migrant protesters storm station at scene of Cologne attacks

ANTI-MIGRANT protesters stormed Cologne’s train station and main square in an open act of defiance after police try to ban the demonst [...]

Too little too late? EU bosses ‘finally realise their arrogance is ripping Europe apart’

EUROPEAN Union leaders are finally realising that their own arrogance is ripping Europe apart and changes must be implemented. By BELINDA RO [...]

Donald Trump BATTERS Brussels with order to STOP EU Army plans or lose US Nato funding

PRESIDENT TRUMP will demand Brussels abandons plans for an EU Army if it wants the US is to continue its support for Nato. By MARCO GIANNANG [...]

‘NO MORE SUPERSTATE’ Dutch PM says ever-closer union ‘dead’ and urges free movement reform

HOLLAND today declared any lingering hopes for the creation of a European superstate “buried” and called for curbs to the principle of e [...]

UK and USA are WEAK: Angela Merkel calls for German-led EU ARMY to defend Europe

ANGELA Merkel has renewed her call for the European Union to have its own army, warning the bloc will not be able to rely on others to guara [...]

MERKEL’S NIGHTMARE: German leader arrives to pick up Euro award but was greeted by THIS

PROTESTERS have taken to the streets of Brussels to demand beleaguered Angela Merkel step down as German Chancellor just before she receives [...]

The Rise of European Disunion

Larry M. Elkin Welcome to 2017, the year that may determine whether the Treaty of Rome – the founding instrument of the European Union – [...]

Research programme set up to establish whether EU has ‘legitimacy’ in modern era

A GROUND-BREAKING research programme will probe whether the European Union still has any “legitimacy” in the modern age amid accusations [...]
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