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EU chief Juncker calls European Parliament ‘ridiculous’

By Hilary Clarke  EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker says the European Parliament has shown it’s “not serious.” Story highlight [...]

Juncker’s EU party facing mass walk out as France rebels against Strasbourg closure

A FRENCH MEP has threatened a mass walk out of the most powerful European political party if the EU closes its white elephant parliament in [...]

‘It’s not over!’ Juncker admits Eurosceptic revolution could still rise to DESTROY EU

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker today admitted that the eurosceptic surge which swept the continent last year is “not over” and could still threaten [...]

‘Explain yourself’ Jean-Claude Juncker under fire from own MEPs over special tax deals

JEAN-Claude Juncker received a grilling today by MEPs as he found himself under fire over special tax deals made with large multinational co [...]

Euro MPs vote to take power BACK from Brussels in shock warning shot to meddling eurocrats

EURO MPs today voted to hand member states more power to cut through Brussels red tape in an historic warning shot to meddling eurocrats. By [...]

Tale of Two Donalds: Trump gives Europe splitting headache

U.S. President Donald Trump arrives to announce his nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the empty associate justice seat of the U.S. Supreme Cour [...]

Juncker says he’s the ‘BIGGEST THREAT to EU’ during Malta summit lunch

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has said he is the “biggest threat to the future of the European Union” during a wine-fuelled lunch during the Malta [...]


In a recent television interview, Ken Clarke intimated that it was necessary to sometimes by-pass EU Parliamentary processes because the lar [...]

REVEALED: Verhofstadt said teaming up with 5-Star would mean ‘abandoning European project’

ONE of the European Union’s top Brexit negotiators could be teaming up with Brussels rebels just two years after saying any partnershi [...]

Angela Merkel’s political career OVER as party overtaken by right-wing AfD in popularity

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel is losing support from her party members because of her open door refugee policy, new research showed. By AL [...]

RUSSIA TO DESTROY MERKEL: US official discovers intelligence of takedown plot

RUSSIA has launched a cyber campaign to take down Angela Merkel and promote far-right groups in the upcoming German elections, a US official [...]

Say goodbye to the old guard! EU is ‘paying the price for domination of old war horses’

THE EUROPEAN Union is paying the price for the actions of an ageing group of eurocrats clinging onto power, a think tank has claimed. By JOE [...]

ON THE BRINK: Now hapless eurocrat Juncker faces no confidence vote in EU parliament

BELEAGUERED Brussels chief Jean-Claude Juncker is facing a no confidence vote in the European Parliament after a crusading MEP vowed to brin [...]

Juncker left red-faced as European military leaders ‘think NATO is BETTER than an EU army’

EUROPEAN military leaders still believe Nato is the best organisation for international defence rather than Jean-Claude Juncker’s divisive [...]

EU breaks down into factions as eastern Europe delivers demands on migration and economy

THE European Union appeared more fractured than ever today after a powerful faction of eastern states laid down a series of demands over mig [...]

Bratislava 2016: ‘Show some respect’ Hungary blasts EU for deceiving nations with ‘tricks’

FACELESS Brussels bureaucrats have been blasted for attempting to subvert the wishes of elected European leaders with underhand “law-m [...]

Symbolic! Brussels wastes cash on sculpture garden – with ostriches burying heads in sand

BRUSSELS bureaucrats are often characterised as dull, grey and lacking in a sense of humour. By NICK GUTTERIDGE NC•GETTY Statues of ostric [...]

Angela Merkel faces RUIN as under half of Germans support Chancellor for fourth term

UNDER half of Germans want to see beleaguered Angela Merkel serve a fourth term in office, a recent poll has shown. By CHARLIE BAYLISS GETTY [...]

EU puts itself top of Olympic medal table…and Britain is nowhere to be seen

THE European Union has tried to claim Britain’s entire Olympics medal haul for itself. By EMILY FOX FOR EXPRESS.CO.UK EXCLUSIVE The EU [...]

EU is at ‘END of existence’ Polish experts blast Merkel & claim ‘Germans have had enough’

EUROPE is “at the end of its existence” following a summer of terror and the EU’s free movement policy, an ex-Polish counter-terror of [...]

Theresa May tells Donald Tusk: Britain WILL NOT take up EU Presidency in 2017

BRITAIN will not take up its six-month presidency of the European Council in 2017, Prime Minister Theresa May has announced. By SIMON OSBORN [...]

GEOFFREY LEVY: Still sneering at Britain: Jean-Claude Juncker the boozy bully who sums up all that’s rotten about the EU

Everything that is wrong with the EU, the reasons why a majority of British voters plumped for Brexit, could, I suspect, be symbolised by on [...]

EU will FALL APART in a decade, admits European Parliament head

THE European Union is at risk of falling apart over the next 10-years due to the migrant crisis, the head of the European Parliament suggest [...]

EU president muzzles auditors who have refused to sign off the bureaucrats’ accounts for last 18 years, telling them to...

Herman Van Rompuy bid Europe’s Court of Auditors for positive headlines The watchdog has never signed off the EU budget since it began [...]

The EU bureaucrats cannot cope with democracy

  Leaders of Group of Seven industrial nations view the scenery as they pose for the family photo during the first day of the G-7 summit me [...]

Paxman praised for shining light on REAL EU but Europhiles complain of ‘BBC BIAS’

JEREMY Paxman has been praised for shining a light on the inner workings of the European Union last night but remain campaigners complained [...]

JUNCKER BLASTS DEMOCRACY: EU chief brands MPs who represent voters ‘part-time Europeans’

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has issued a thinly-veiled broadside to Britain’s democracy, accusing politicians of being “part-time Europeans” w [...]

How the EU could collapse in 2016

Rather than protect Europeans, the EU itself has become the greatest threat to our continent Photo: Bloomberg    By Leo McKinstry  Arroga [...]

European Parliament President: ‘We In Europe Have Been On A Downward Path For Some Time Now’

Michele Tantussi/Getty Images   by SARKIS ZERONIAN 12 Apr 2016 The President of the European Parliament has warned a German newspaper o [...]

‘EU spends more of YOUR money on Euro-propaganda than on fighting terrorism’

EU officials are spending more taxpayers’ cash on Brussels propaganda than on fighting terrorism, campaigners claimed last night. GETTY EU [...]
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