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More ‘unbiased’ reporting from the BBC? – Do Europe’s ‘illiberal democrats’ challenge the...

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Critics have said that Poland and Hungary are beginning to diverge from the democratic values espoused by the Eu [...]

Anyone there? Humiliation for Juncker as he is greeted by EMPTY EU parliament

JEAN-CLAUDE JUNCKER was left humiliated after only a few dozen MEPs turned up to hear him at a European parliament debate today. By REBECCA [...]

MERKEL NIGHTMARE: Huge AfD rival nears top Bundestag post as pressure grows on chancellor

ANGELA Merkel is facing a Bundestag headache after a rival party nominated an anti-Islamic politician for a top post. By JOEY MILLAR The Al [...]

Verhofstadt brands Brexiteers ‘increasingly desperate’ as he orders REMOVAL of Boris

THERESA May has been urged to “face down” Boris Johnson and offer an acceptable ‘divorce bill’ if she wants EU trade negotiations to [...]

‘EU’s vision has NO future!’ Labour MP says EU will destroy itself – and she voted REMAIN

REMAINER Caroline Flint insisted that Juncker’s vision for a “United States of Europe” will lead to the destruction of the European Un [...]

Macron and Merkel face rebellion from countries fed up with them blocking Brexit, MEP says

ANGELA Merkel and Emmanuel Macron are facing a rebellion from their fellow EU member states who are fed up with their constant attempts to b [...]

EU infighting ERUPTS: Merkel and Macron block Brexit to STOP Barnier succeeding Juncker

A POWER play has erupted in Europe – and Brexit is being used as a pawn – with Angela Merkel and Emmanuel Macron trying to stop [...]

BREXIT BETRAYERS REVEALED: The 26 British MEPs who voted AGAINST starting EU trade talks

THESE are the 26 British MEPs who this week sided with the European Union and voted against Brussels opening post-Brexit trade talks with th [...]

‘Brexit should be a lesson!’ Furious Hungary promises EU WAR over new Brussels crackdown

HUNGARY today defiantly vowed to “fight” the European Union after it was slapped with fresh infringement proceedings over Viktor Orban [...]

‘Explain yourselves!’ Fury as Tory MEPs BACK Verhofstadt vote to block Brexit trade talks

TWO senior Conservative MEPs have been accused of undermining British attempts to negotiate a successful Brexit after deciding to side with [...]

‘It’s lit a bonfire under your EU’ Brussels told it faces legitimacy crisis over Catalonia

FURIOUS euro MPs this afternoon tore into Brussels over its failure to condemn brutality by Spanish police in Catalonia, branding the projec [...]

Don’t bash Britain over Brexit: ‘Schadenfreude’ is DEVASTATING the EU, warns German paper

BRITAIN has become a laughing stock among European leaders who are lining up to criticise the country’s vote for Brexit, according to a Ge [...]

EU UNDER THREAT: Anti-Brussels party takes strong lead ahead of Czech elections 2017

AN anti-EU party is poised for victory in next month’s Czech Republic elections with Eurosceptic Andrej Babis maintaining a strong lead in [...]

Clash of the europhiles: Juncker, Macron and Tusk face off in scrap to be Europe’s saviour

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Tusk are embroiled in a cold war to become the saviour of the European Union (EU). By JOEY [...]

Juncker climbdown: EU ‘clarifies’ chief’s remarks on eurozone after German media firestorm

EUROCRATS today took the highly unusual step of issuing a formal clarification over Jean-Claude Juncker’s remarks about all member states [...]

Revolt against EU: Farage warns Europe must stand up to ‘Brussels bully boys’

NIGEL Farage hinted there will be a revolt against the European Union as he praised the eastern bloc for continuing to stand up to Brussels [...]

Is Britain about to SPLIT the EU on Brexit? May speech could spark pandemonium in Brussels

THERESA May’s big Brexit speech later this month could spark a catfight within the European Union and drive a wedge between the member sta [...]

Juncker’s ABSOLUTE RULE: All-powerful president, EU-wide Euro, EU army – all WITHOUT vote

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has delivered his much-anticipated State of the Union speech with a snub to Britain by insisting the European Union (EU) [...]

‘You’ll regret it!’ EU Parliament erupts as Juncker SWIPES at UK ‘Brexit isn’t everything’

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has lashed out at the UK’s decision to leave the European Union as he addressed MEPs this morning, insisting Britain w [...]

‘Europe doesn’t work’ MEP rages at Juncker and demands member states get sovereignty back

AN AUSTRIAN MEP has slammed the European Union and Jean-Claude Juncker prompting the president to walk out mid-speech. By REBECCA FLOOD Har [...]

‘Democracy will be crushed’ Tory MEPs warn Juncker’s EU superstate won’t tolerate dissent

BRITISH politicians this afternoon sounded the alarm about EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker’s bold plans for the future of the bloc, saying the [...]

Juncker State of Union LIVE: EU boss demands EU-wide Euro, all-powerful President snubs UK

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has delivered his much-anticipated State of the Union speech with a snub to Britain by insisting the European Union (EU) [...]

‘You’ll end up with 751 German MEPs!’ EU warned over ‘illogical and aloof’ Brexit plans

EUROPEAN Parliament plans to start electing new MEPs on a continent-wide rather than national basis are “illogical and aloof” and will a [...]

‘We’re coming for you, Juncker!’ New movement vows END to cosy existence of Brussels elite

A NEW movement being spearheaded by former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis is vowing to shake up the cosy Brussels elite and threate [...]

‘In deep denial!’ Juncker to declare ‘European crisis OVER’ in affront against Brexit

YANIS Varoufakis has charged Jean-Claude Juncker with overthrowing European democracies under the guise of the European project, before pred [...]

Poland to be STRIPPED of EU voting rights as MERKEL doesn’t agree with domestic reforms

POLAND could be stripped of its voting rights in the European Union after Angela Merkel revealed her outrage with the country’s controvers [...]

‘This place is a SHAM!’ Euro MP in FURIOUS outburst over EU Parliament’s light workload

A SENIOR European politician today branded the EU Parliament a “sham” over its light workload as MEPs finally returned back to work afte [...]

EU chief Juncker calls European Parliament ‘ridiculous’

By Hilary Clarke  EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker says the European Parliament has shown it’s “not serious.” Story highlight [...]

Juncker’s EU party facing mass walk out as France rebels against Strasbourg closure

A FRENCH MEP has threatened a mass walk out of the most powerful European political party if the EU closes its white elephant parliament in [...]

‘It’s not over!’ Juncker admits Eurosceptic revolution could still rise to DESTROY EU

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker today admitted that the eurosceptic surge which swept the continent last year is “not over” and could still threaten [...]
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