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EU SHOCK: Austria to hold emergency snap election as support for eurosceptics SURGE

FAR-RIGHT politics could win in Austria after a snap election was called in the latest shock to the European Union. By ZOIE O’BRIEN Th [...]

NEW EU NIGHTMARE: Brussels faces another populist test as Austria heads for early election

BRUSSELS is facing yet another populist nightmare with the collapse of Austria’s coalition government sparking an early general election l [...]

Austria on the edge: Government set to COLLAPSE – and it could cause an EU nightmare

AUSTRIA’S government is on the verge of collapse due to a shock resignation, opening the door to the far-right Freedom Party. By JOEY MILL [...]

‘France is DYING’ Polish MP berates Macron’s election victory for ending French patriotism

A POLISH MP has disparaged Emmanuel Macron’s election victory, claiming it marks the end of French patriotism. By ALETHA ADU Krystyna Paw [...]

BREAKING NEWS: French far-right presidential candidate Marine Le Pen steps DOWN as head of National Front in bid to woo moderate...

The Front National leader quit as she made it to the second round of voting She will face off against centrist Emmanuel Macron in the final [...]

Jittery Brussels relieved, for now, after French vote

The French vote was being closely watched in Brussels as a bellwether following the election of Donald Trump. Emmanuel Macron clasps a EU fl [...]

UK election could accelerate unravelling of EU

June polls threaten to accelerate push for economic nationalism British Prime Minster Theresa May, center, delivers a stump speech at Nether [...]

If Brexit didn’t wake EU, France WILL by voting in REVOLT against Brussels, activist says

FRANCE is the midst of a “revolt” against the European Union that even a victory for the establishment would not stop, according [...]

Marine Le Pen THROUGH to face Emmanuel Macron in French election run-off, first polls say

THE latest polls show Marine Le Pen won the first round of voting in the French Election, going on to tackle Emmanuel Macron in the final ru [...]

Marine Le Pen vows to let THE PEOPLE decide if they want to stay with failing Euro

MARINE Le Pen has promised voters she will let them decide whether to keep or ditch the failing Euro if she ascends to the presidency. By VI [...]

European defence in the French elections

Source: ResoluteSupportMedia / Flickr EUROPEAN UNION Keep calm and carry on or keep calm and get out Defence has gained a prominent place in [...]

Worst nightmare for EU as French election could be between TWO candidates wanting Frexit

THE European Union (EU) is facing catastrophe as anti-Brussels parties gain popularity in the French Presidential election. By LAURA MOWAT P [...]

‘The European Union will DIE’ Marine Le Pen predicts bloc’s COLLAPSE at election rally

MARINE Le Pen told supporters the EU will die and be replaced by a “Europe of the people” at an election rally. By SIMON OSBORNE [...]

I won’t be Merkel’s lapdog! Le Pen launches scathing attack on EU in presidential debate

MARINE Le Pen has vowed she will not be Angela Merkel’s lapdog if she becomes president of France as she launched a scathing attack on the [...]

‘Le Pen wins and the European Union will COLLAPSE’ Ex-Spanish PM reveals election fears

VICTORY for Marine Le Pen in the upcoming French presidential election would be a fatal body blow for the European Union, former Spanish pri [...]

Netherlands’ quiet eurosceptic revolution: Wilders vanquished, but EU not out of the woods

THE sighs of relief reverberated around the cavernous Berlaymont building like the wind whistling down Brussels’ historic cobbled streets. [...]

Denmark’s right-wing anti-migrant leader Pernille Vermund ‘polling well ahead of election’

DENMARK’S Pernille Vermund is polling well ahead of the country’s crunch elections, according to one expert. By BELINDA ROBINSON Getty [...]

Le Pen the DESTROYER: Front National chief calls on Poland & Hungary to help DISMANTLE EU

MARINE Le Pen has called for Poland and Hungary to collaborate with her and bring down the European Union (EU), if she is elected FranceR [...]

FEARS FOR MERKEL: Schulz makes radical welfare pledge in bid to seize victory in Germany

His Social Democrats (SPD) party enjoyed a surge in support after picking the former European Parliament president as its candidate in Janua [...]

‘It will be GAME OVER’ Le Pen victory will DESTROY European Union, warns former Italian PM

A MARINE Le Pen victory in this spring’s presidential election would be “game over” for the European Union (EU), according to a former [...]

Angela Merkel DOWN AND OUT: Martin Schulz sends rival SPD party to RECORD lead

ANGELA Merkel is set to be ousted as German Chancellor by former EU chief Martin Schulz, a bombshell new opinion poll suggests. By TOM PARFI [...]

Marine Le Pen could have just been handed VICTORY as rival Macron causes FURY with gaffe

MARINE Le Pen’s French Presidential campaign has been boosted after socialist rival Emmanuel Macron cause fury by calling French colon [...]

‘Dynamics will change’ Le Pen to WIN in France elections, Artificial Intelligence predicts

ARTIFICIAL Intelligence has predicted that Marine Le Pen in on course to become the next President of France. By JON ROGERS The 48-year-old [...]

Geert Wilders LEADS Dutch election amid prediction of ‘PATRIOTIC SPRING’ in Europe

GEERT Wilders kicked off campaigning for the Dutch election today in a vote set to test the populist wave sweeping Europe. By KATIE MANSFIEL [...]

‘For God’s sake Angela, go!’ – Merkel blow as poll finds TWO THIRDS want new leader

  http://w ANGELA Merkel’s desperate attempts to cling onto power were looking increasingly forlorn today as a bombshell poll reveale [...]

The Latest: Le Pen vows to pull France out of EU, NATO

FILE – In this file photo dated Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, Far-right leader and candidate for next spring presidential elections Marine [...]

‘Resign from this nightmare’ fighting talk from Le Pen as she promises push for FREXIT

THOUSANDS of flags were waved high as crowds cheered the woman promising France they will get a better deal with the European Union – [...]

EU DREAM OVER: Rise of French far-right & Marine Le Pen will halt ‘great European project’

MARINE Le Pen will destroy the European Union if she comes to power in France, according to political economists and leading politicians. By [...]

Trump paves way for Marine Le Pen: Poll puts anti-EU leader in FRONT for French President

DONALD Trump’s election seems to have paved the way for populist victories around the world – as Marine Le Pen edges even further ah [...]

French right-wingers prefer anti-EU Le Pen to Thatcherite Fillon, reveals new poll

RIGHT-WING voters in France prefer presidential candidate Marine Le Pen over conservative Francois Fillon, according to a shock new poll. By [...]
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