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EU ULTIMATUM: Brussels tells Poland & Hungary to ‘accept more migrants or LEAVE the bloc’

A HOST of EU countries are set to demand Poland and Hungary accept their quota of migrants or they will face being booted out of the crumbli [...]

EU countries not required to issue humanitarian visas – European Court of Justice

FILE PHOTO. © Jacky Naegelen / Reuters Countries belonging to the European Union are not obligated to issue entry visas to people who are [...]

Spain says fewer refugees need relocating in European Union

Migrants and refugees wait to be helped by members of the Spanish NGO Proactiva Open Arms, as they crowd aboard a rubber boat sailing out of [...]

‘Asylum seekers MUST NOT choose EU nation to apply in’ Swedish MEP leads migration reform – ANYONE WHO...

DEMANDS for major reform of the European Union’s asylum procedures have been made as the continent buckles under the strain of the migrant [...]

Our Government has absolutely no idea how many EU citizens live in the UK – but it’s a different story for British expats

The Migration Observatory reckons it will take 140 years to process the up to 3.5 million EU citizens here who may seek permanent residence [...]

Massive 11th hour migrant influx expected as EU demands Britain open borders until 2019

EU chiefs are to demand European nationals who arrive in Britain over the next two years are allowed to stay permanently. By REBECCA PERRING [...]

GERMANY IN CHAOS: Reports of series of arsons while refugee centre also goes up in flames

MIGRANTS have been accused of starting a series of fires across Germany in a series of destructive arson attacks. By VICKIIE OLIPHANT The ce [...]

MERKEL’S EU DIVIDE: Germany to clamp down on benefit tourism from European countries

GERMANY could turn its back on the European Union over controversial plans to cut cash for workers from other countries in a bid to curb chi [...]

Most Europeans want immigration ban from Muslim-majority countries, poll reveals

Since the beginning of 2015 the number of migrants using the so-called Balkans route has exploded with migrants arriving in Greece from Turk [...]

SCHENGEN CRACKDOWN: Controls extended across EU over terror threat and migration crisis

TEMPORARY border controls introduced in the wake of the 2015 Paris terror attacks are being extended for another three months. By SIMON OSBO [...]

‘Sweden’s being destroyed by political correctness’ Swede rages against asylum policy

A SWEDISH-BASED author who caused controversy after she claimed Swedes were increasingly scared in their own country has been backed by a co [...]

North France turns into huge migrant camp as SIX ‘mini Jungles’ pop up after Calais closes

SIX new migrant camps have emerged near Calais following the destruction of the notorious “jungle” holding centre. By CYRIL DIXON The ne [...]

‘Off her rocker’ Merkel mocked for urging Germans to beat terror with love and compassion

ANGELA Merkel was branded “mad” and “off her rocker” today after giving a bizarre New Year’s Eve speech telling Germans to fight t [...]

FINALLY! Angela Merkel admits Islamic terrorism poses ‘greatest threat’ to Germany

ANGELA Merkel has finally admitted that Islamic terrorism poses the biggest threat to Germany in her New Year’s message. By ZOE EFSTATHIOU [...]

More migrants will come to UK than entire EU populations if Britain stays in single market, warns think tank

Border Force check the passports of passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport  CREDIT: OLI SCARFF/GETTY IMAGES More migrants will come to Brit [...]

BREXIT WARNING: 12 MILLION more migrants to arrive in UK in 25 years without hard Brexit

MASS immigration will continue at “unacceptable” levels for at least the next two decades unless Britain makes a full break with [...]

Migrants found hidden in cargo bound for Europe as Orban calls for borders to be CLOSED

NEARLY 80 migrants have been found in the backs of a van, truck and shipping container making their way to Europe days after Hungarian Prime [...]

OUT OF CONTROL: Anti-EU chief savages EU over Berlin attack and ‘awful migration policy’

THE European Union’s migration policy is “out of control” according to Italy’s most prominent Eurosceptic politician as he ripped in [...]

What are they hiding? Home Office blocks Express bid for TRUTH on illegal migrant figures

THE Home Office was last night accused of trying to cover up the true scale of illegal migration to Britain. By GILES SHELDRICK, EXCLUSIVE G [...]

Too little too late? NOW EU will finally tackle EU migrant benefits

THE European Union have finally drawn up long-awaited plans to crack down on the millions of migrants claiming benefits across the continent [...]

REVEALED: Chilling map shows THOUSANDS of women and children sexually attacked by migrants

THE terrifying scale of migrant sex attacks in Germany has been laid bare in a new map detailing the thousands of locations where women and [...]

Germany admits Schengen zone nations MUST bring back border check because terrorists pretending to be refugees are moving freely...

Documents suggest implementing a ‘filter function of Europe’s external borders’ German officials reportedly fear terrorist [...]

BORDER THREAT: EU judges could spark migrant rush to Europe with ruling on asylum visas

EURO judges are set to deliver a landmark ruling on asylum visas which could leave Europe’s borders defenceless and spark a migrant su [...]

‘Why the HELL should we pay for English lessons?’ Ferrari boils over on The Pledge

NICK FERRARI erupted into a fiery tirade on The Pledge after a co-host suggested the taxpayers should pay for immigrants’ English lessons. [...]

EU chiefs grant 50 MILLION Ukrainians and Georgians visa-free travel to bloc

VISITORS to the European Union (EU) from Ukraine and Georgia will be able to visit the bloc without any need for a visa. By ALIX CULBERTSON [...]

‘Go to Africa’ Seething party members blast city councillors over plans to build a mosque

SEETHING political party members have lashed out at town planners by handing out flyers calling on councillors to stop the building of a new [...]

New asylum surge on way: Millions will be spent providing housing, says Home Office BRITAIN is making plans to house record numbers of asylum seekers, the Home Office revealed last night. By [...]

‘We’ve had ENOUGH!’ Fuming Italy PM vows to CRIPPLE Brussels unless it sorts out migration

FURIOUS Italian leader Matteo Renzi today threatened to fatally cripple the entire European project unless Brussels bureaucrats do more to s [...]

BETRAYED – The Politicians have finally done it. Migration-fuelled baby boom means almost ALL good secondary schools are...

Editorial.   This website has striven to be apolitical in its content with the proviso that it upholds British values and wishes to be a se [...]

Hollande set to lose French presidency after complaining ‘there are too many immigrants’

FRENCH president Francios Hollande looks set to lose his leadership of the socialist party after a controversial list of claims was leaked. [...]
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