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‘Merkel is finished!’ AfD leader’s stark warning to beleagured Merkel after talks COLLAPSE

GERMANY’s Chancellor Angela Merkel could soon see the end of her decade-long rule over the Bundestag after coalition talks with the Fr [...]

End of Angela Merkel? FDP walk out of talks throwing Germany into turmoil

GERMANY is in turmoil after coalition talks to form the next Government collapsed following the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) wal [...]

Angela Merkel’s future in DOUBT: New election looms as Chancellor fails to form coalition

ANGELA Merkel could lose her grip on power as she missed her own deadline to form a coalition – two months after Germany’s election. By [...]

You’re KILLING EUROPE: Macron and Brussels savaged by rival over EU enlargement plot

A EUROSCEPTIC and leading conservative in France’s fractured The Republicans party, has raged at Brussels’ enlargement process saying it [...]

EU DOOM: Austria could turn tide on Brussels by joining powerful Visegrad group

AUSTRIA could bring an end to the EU’s goals of ever-closer union by looking to regional allies in the four nation Visegrad group amid con [...]

Iceland’s pro-EU parties abandon their push for fresh EU accession talks

Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir, chair of the Restoration Party (‘Viðreisn’). Photo: Iceland Monitor/Golli Hjörtur J. Guð [...]

‘She abandoned us’ Even German fishermen hate Merkel and her plans for EU integration

ANGELA MERKEL was slammed for her role in Germany’s declining fishing industry as she fights to stay in office in the upcoming German elec [...]

Bavaria out! German state wants Brexit-like ESCAPE from Merkel and Brussels’ rule

A NEW poll shows that one-third of Bavaria wants to break free from Germany and the European Union with a Brexit-like vote to get control ba [...]

‘Typical hatchet job!’ Twitter FUMES over ‘BIASED’ Panorama probe into funding of Le Pen

THE BBC has been blasted by furious Twitter users after it aired its latest Panorama documentary looking into the funding of Marine Le Pen [...]

How the Dutch fell out of love with the EU

Source: Carnegie Europe EUROPEAN UNION There is something up with the Dutch. As one of the six founding members of what became the European [...]

Bring it on! Marine Le Pen so confident of winning Frexit she will WALK AWAY if she loses

PRESIDENTIAL hopeful Marine Le Pen is so confident France would vote to quit the EU she has said she would resign if the nation decided to r [...]

‘Merkel to be replaced WITHIN A WEEK’: Shock alliance could see German leader booted out

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel could leave office within a week as her political opponents round on her. By REHEMA FIGUEIREDO The leader of [...]

Angela Merkel ordered to ‘GET LOST’ after she defends shambolic open-door migrant policy

ANGELA Merkel has defended her open-door immigration policy in the face of hecklers – but warned refugees to adapt to life in Germany. By [...]
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