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‘We’re more eurosceptic than the UK!’ Dutch MP savages ‘failing’ European Union

A DUTCH MP has dealt the European Union a blow, insisting there is still life in the eurosceptic movement to carry out their own Brexit refe [...]

Ireland to LEAVE the EU? DUP MP urges Britain’s closest neighbours to follow Brexit

THE REPUBLIC of Ireland should realise it can do “far better” outside of the EU as costs will rise following Brexit, a DUP MP has declar [...]

Leave EU or you’ll pay MORE because of Brexit! Ireland told it will benefit from IREXIT

IRELAND should follow the UK out of the European Union to secure its relationship with post-Brexit Britain, an economist said. By LIZZIE STR [...]

The EU ISN’T the only option! Danish politician SCORNS claims the UK is ‘sinking into sea’

A DANISH party leader has ridiculed claims Brexit Britain is a sinking ship, as she blasted suggestions the single market is the only trade [...]

‘They SHAFTED us!’ Ireland will punish Brussels with shock EU exit, says Dublin think tank

THE EUROPEAN Union “shafted” Ireland and will pay the price with a shock ‘Irexit’, a think tank has warned. By JOEY MILLAR Dublin-ba [...]

‘We’re closer to Boston than Berlin!’ Demand for Irish EU exit is SOARING says professor

DEMAND for an Irish European Union exit is soaring, according to a Dublin professor. By JOEY MILLAR GETTY / YOUTUBE   Anthony Coughlan sai [...]

Nicola Sturgeon warned Scotland will be OUTSIDE EU and NATO if it votes independence

SCOTLAND will be outside both the EU and NATO if Nicola Sturgeon wins a second independence referendum, officials warned today. By TOM MARTI [...]

SPEXIT NEXT? Spain ‘to quit EU in bombshell move to keep boozy Brit Costa hols’

SPAIN could follow Britain out of the European Union in a bid to maintain the thriving holiday industry and care for Brits living on the Cos [...]

‘A time bomb’ France and Dutch EU votes expected even if Wilders and Le Pen LOSE

REFERENDUMS on the EU in France and the Netherlands could still happen even if Geert Wilders and Marine Le Pen lose out in upcoming election [...]

Right-wing surge: Populists gain in Sweden and Czech Republic as Le Pen extends lead

FAR-RIGHT parties in Sweden and the Czech Republic experienced a poll bounce this week as French populist leader Marine Le Pen extended her [...]

Now for NEXIT: Geert Wilders says FIRST job as PM will be to call EU referendum

GEERT Wilders has promised the Netherlands their own European Union (EU) referendum if he wins the upcoming election to become Prime Ministe [...]

Why Serbia Grows ‘Skeptical’ to the Idea of Joining the European Union?

Twenty-five years after signing of the Maastricht Treaty for the creation of the EU, there are some people in Germany who say that the EU to [...]

‘KILLER BLOW’ How a Geert Wilders victory in Dutch elections could cause the EU to IMPLODE

THE European Union (EU) could face a bitter end over the next few months if Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders wins the Dutch elec [...]

‘We DON’T want a referendum’ New independence poll dashes SNP’s hopes

MORE than half of Scots do not want another independence vote in the next few years, a poll shows. By TOM MARTIN, SCOTTISH POLITICAL EDITOR [...]

PLAY IT BY EAR Ireland leaving European Union shouldn’t be dropped from the table in Brexit negotiations according to top Irish...

Ex Irish Ambassador to Canada, Jamaica and Bahamas says we should keep all our cards on the table BY RYAN MCBRIDE – The Irish SUN news [...]

LIBERAL DISASTER: Prosecution of Wilders BACKFIRES as Dutch populist leader soars in polls

THE LIBERAL elite’s decision to prosecute Dutch populist leader Geert Wilders for hate speech spectacularly backfired today as his anti-im [...]

‘ENEMIES OF EUROPE’ Italian politician savages eurocrats and calls for referendum on euro

A TOP Italian politician branded Jean-Claude Juncker and his cronies “enemies of Europe” as he called for a referendum on pulling the co [...]

‘EU has taken our independence’ Thousands of Finnish far-right supporters take to streets

BRAWLS broke out after thousands of far-right Finnish protesters took to the streets on the anniversary of the country’s independence. [...]

DEXIT IS ON! Eurosceptic party signals it WILL back EU referendum after Nigel Farage visit

EUROSCEPTIC leaders of the Danish People’s Party (DDP) have signalled the party is formally considering backing an EU referendum after mee [...]

Are we at the FRONT of the queue for a trade deal now? Donald Trump’s stunning victory is hailed as a boost for post-Brexit...

Tory MPs say Donald Trump’s victory could put us at the ‘front of the queue’ for trade deal with US Republican candidate&# [...]

I was right. Trump’s triumph has crushed the lefty luvvies, useless pollsters, multicultural mafia and gender Nazis who refuse...

By KATIE HOPKINS FOR MAILONLINE As Trump predicted, it was Brexit Times Ten My mother says gloating, like sweating, is unbecoming of a lady. [...]

Juncker and Tusk come CRAWLING to Trump to try and secure trade deal with weasel letter

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker and Donald Tusk have invited newly-elected US president Donald Trump to a EU-US in a desperate attempt to re-start TTIP [...]

‘BIGGER THAN BREXIT’ Farage hails astonishing Trump win as establishment is hammered

NIGEL FARAGE has lauded Donald Trump’s astonishing election victory, describing his win over Hillary Clinton as bigger than Brexit. By [...]

End of EU? Brussels devastated over Trump’s win as Schulz admits life will be ‘harder’

THE election of Donald Trump could mean devastation for the European Union with the parliament’s president Martin Schulz admitted rela [...]

Marine Le Pen blasts: EU to blame for mass migration and Brexit has inspired Frexit fight

MARINE Le Pen has blamed the EU for sparking mass migration and said seeing the impact Brexit has had is inspiring her fight for a French EU [...]

First Brexit, now Frexit! Le Pen promises EU Referendum if she wins French elections

MARINE Le Pen has promised French voters she will hold an EU Referendum if she wins the country’s presidency. By REBECCA FLOOD GETTY M [...]

Here comes AUXIT: Austrian election hinges on Brussels – with Eurosceptics SURGING ahead

THE AUSTRIAN presidential election looks to be decided by the country’s mixed views on the European Union (EU) – with the far-right, [...]

End of the EU? Italian referendum triggers SHOCK ALARMS across the USA and Europe

THE European Union is facing a crunch referendum in Italy which experts have warned could “shock” the troubled bloc to its core. [...]

‘Haven’t we had enough? Italexit NOW!’ Italian journalist blasts ‘European GERMAN Union’

A LEADING financial journalist is urging Italy to quit the European Union, in a blistering damnation, in which he blasts the bloc as a Germa [...]

‘We’re out the door’ Ireland could be next to leave EU as IREXIT campaign group launched

all for an in-out European Union referendum after an ‘Irexit’ campaign group was launched this week. By JOEY MILLAR GETTY Irelan [...]
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