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‘True’ £660m weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership

THE true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week since 2010, a think tank says. By MARCO GIANNANGELI This includes [...]

Project Fear proved WRONG: New study shows 105 countries that WANT better trade with UK

A NEW study has revealed that Britain’s Brexit boom has astounded the doom and gloom expectations of Remainers who claimed nobody would wa [...]

‘Project Fear is WRONG’ Fuming economist fires at Oxford academic in HUGE row over Brexit

A LEADING economist has ripped into Oxford professor in a heated row over the effects of Brexit, insisting “Project Fear” would “conti [...]

Desperate France demands access deal to British waters or there ‘won’t be any fishing’

THE French fishing minister wants compromise over access to British waters after the UK cuts ties with Brussels, as he is terrified there [...]

Brussels ‘POWERLESS’ to stop UK-US deal – and trade talks could spell disaster for EU

BRITAIN is to start informal talks with the US over a post-Brexit trade deal on Monday – and experts believe this could spell huge tro [...]

Britain’s payment to Brussels DOUBLES after EU chiefs claim UK has UNDERPAID

BRITAIN was forced to hand over hundreds of millions of pounds extra to Brussels in June, after the European Commission claimed the UK has u [...]

‘Hardest of the hard Brexits’ City lobby group says firms are preparing for full EU exit

BRITISH businesses will be preparing for the “hardest of the hard Brexits” as EU divorce talks progress, a London lobby group boss has w [...]

Corbyn’s EU interference could WRECK Brexit deal… and save us BILLIONS – Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels yesterday was pointless as they will have no influence over Brexit negoti [...]

Post Brexit Britain’s economy will FLOURISH, Spanish business bosses say

SPANISH business tycoons insisted the UK will flourish post-Brexit as an independent nation. By REBECCA FLOOD GETTY          Bi-latera [...]

Theresa May plays G20 Trump card in attempt to quell Tory rebellion

Prime Minister Theresa May meets US President Donald Trump during the G20 summit. CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES EUROPE  Gordon Rayner, political [...]

EU is demanding billions for things which might never happen, says Brexit analyst

THE EU’s attempt to saddle Britain with a crippling bill for daring to leave the union will see Europe demanding billions in contingency c [...]

UK leaves fishing convention amid Brexit talks

Countries are allowed to fish within 6 to 12 nautical miles of the coastline, according to the convention. (Photo: Ben Sutherland) By ESZTE [...]

Britain’s economy to outperform France, Germany and Eurozone, says bombshell report

BRITAIN is in line to outperform France, Germany and the entire Eurozone post-Brexit, according to new figures. By KATIE MANSFIELD GETTY   [...]

Strength of North to return: Brexit WILL ‘free UK industry from EU’s deadweight shackles’

LEAVING the European Union will spark an economic boom in the North of England by freeing companies from the “deadweight shackle” of Bru [...]

Reverse ferret! Brexit will NOT harm living standards OECD now says

THE head of the influential OECD has changed his mind on the impact of Brexit on the economy saying now it would not harm living standards i [...]

FRONT OF THE QUEUE: Britain WILL get trade deal with US first says influential Congressman

BRITAIN will be at the front of the queue for a trade deal with the US after it leaves the European Union because of the two countries’ cl [...]

‘There is no nervousness’: Spain admits how little Brexit will impact the British economy

SPANISH companies are not concerned about the impact of Brexit to the British economy and only two per cent are thinking of leaving the UK, [...]

‘You’ll bankrupt the country!’ Eamonn Holmes takes SWIPE at John McDonnell over UK economy

EAMONN HOLMES took aim at John McDonnell during a tense pre-General Election debate about the economy on Good Morning Britain today. By HELE [...]

‘Ample room’ European Union can trade FREELY with UK after Brexit, OECD says

EUROPEAN Union officials can still trade freely with the City of London after Brexit, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operatio [...]

City of London envoy DEMOLISHES France’s bid for British bank jobs with devastating jibe

THE CITY of London’s representative to the EU mocked the idea that France or Germany could replicate the success of London’s fin [...]

VINDICATED: PM says NHS Brexit bill shows she was CORRECT to fight on EU citizens’ rights

THERESA May has insisted warnings the NHS could face £1billion bill every year if expats needed to be treated in Britain after Brexit show [...]

Brussels’ hopes dashed as investment boss backs UK to remain ‘heart of European action’

A LEADING investments boss has derailed the European Union’s hopes of luring British business and insisted London will remain the Cont [...]

Philip Hammond: UK will pursue stronger China ties

Britain is a ‘natural partner’ for China in the West, UK Chancellor of the Exchequer said. By DAVID M. HERSZENHORN Britain wants to buil [...]

POUND LIVE: Sterling storms ahead of G3 currencies as rumours of Euro shorts grow

POUND Sterling is raising the bar having jumped 1.4 per cent this week amid the start of Brexit talks and concerns the European Union is pla [...]

‘We’ll cope on our OWN TWO FEET’ UK to THRIVE after Brexit as EU suffers, motor boss says

BREXIT-backing motor boss David Brown says the industry will continue to boom on the back of UK leaving the EU. By HELENE PERKINS Mr Brown, [...]

REVEALED: How Britain can WIPE OUT trade cost of leaving EU and be better off in ONE MOVE

BRITAIN could wipe out any trade costs incurred from leaving the European Union on day one of Brexit and end up substantially better off in [...]

Don’t worry about Brexit negotiations, no deal is better than what we have now with the EU

EDGAR MILLER   CREDIT: LUKE MACGREGOR /BLOOMBERG In response to Theresa May’s view that “no deal is better than a bad dealR [...]

Arab states jump on Brexit OPPORTUNITY: ‘We’ll invest £5BN in Britain after it leaves EU’

QATAR is set to invest £5billion in Britain after it leaves the European Union, the country confirmed today. GETTY Sheikh Abdullah bin Moha [...]

Now Brussels set to slap ANOTHER Brexit bill on UK with demands for €100BN for ‘EU army’

THE European Union is demanding members states spend an extra €100billion (£86billion) to fund its controversial army battlegroups. By SI [...]

UK looks to supercharge EU trade deals post-Brexit

CREDIT: STEFAN ROUSSEAU/PA WIRE Tim Wallace Britain is looking for ways to take on the EU’s free trade deals with countries around the wor [...]
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