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British Government to finalise Brexit divorce bill ‘IN SECRET over fears of embarrassment’

A BRUSSELS expert has told Nigel Farage that the British public will “never know” the full amount of money the Government hands [...]

‘Forget it chaps, I’m off!’ EU greed sees Brexit no deal chances ‘rise every day’

A TOP economist claims the European Union’s demands for more money will simply force the United Kingdom to walk away from Brussels wit [...]

We don’t need EU! Brexit effect brings UK borrowing down to lowest level in DECADE

BRITAIN’S Brexit boom has brought Government borrowing down to its lowest level for 10 years. By DAVID MADDOX, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT Ac [...]

Brexiteer ministers demand BILLIONS from Chancellor to prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit

PRO-Brexit Cabinet members are reportedly demanding BILLIONS be set aside by the Treasury in preparation for the real possibility of a ̵ [...]

Singapore Sling: Why post-Brexit Britain should look east for economic inspiration

  Alex Michelin Alex Michelin is co-founder at CapitalRise. With the right long term strategy, a position as the “Singapore of Europe” [...]

The UK will not ‘cut and paste’ EU trade deals after Brexit, says trade chief

Liam Fox denied that he ever implied that the current agreements would be closely replicated to ensure the British economy isn’t affec [...]

UK’S BREXIT BONANZA – Britain is set to become the world’s trade hub by linking together US, Europe and China, top...

Linda Yueh said Britain should use its historic links to the Commonwealth to become a trade superpower By Hugo Gye BRITAIN is set to become [...]

Liam Fox warns EU it will ‘harm its own people’ by failing to start post-Brexit trade talks

Trade Secretary also rejects damage to UK-US trade deal hopes from the Bombardier dispute – ‘I don’t think you can draw parall [...]

Canada claims Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal can be ‘even better’ than EU agreement

BRITAIN’S post-Brexit trade deal with Canada will be “even better” than the EU’s current agreement with them, according to the Canad [...]

‘We TORE UP trade deals to join EU’ Brexiteer MEP reveals ‘secret’ he wished Britons knew

A BREXITEER MEP took the British Government to task by dismissing post-Brexit fears of life without a trade agreement with the EU. William D [...]

EU will make sure Brexit deal is NEGATIVE for Britain – ex-German envoy’s shock admission

A GERMAN diplomat lambasted ‘hard’ Brexiteers who think Britain can gain from leaving the European Union, saying Brussels will make sure [...]

Calculate it how you want, the EU budget is too big, says ROSS CLARK

AS SOON as he wrote down the expression “£350million a week” for his newspaper article last week Foreign Secretary Boris Johnso [...]

Tycoons hail Brexit saying they are ‘more confident’ in UK than anywhere else in the WORLD

BUSINESS chiefs at small and medium-sized companies are hailing Brexit after revealing they are more confident about the UK compared to the [...]

Boris Johnson allies ‘trying to sway UK into paying £45bn bill to break Brexit deadlock’

BORIS Johnson allies believe UK should pay a £45billion divorce bill to break the deadlock over Brexit with the European Union, Whitehall s [...]

Canada’s trade deal with the EU will form the basis for Britain’s Brexit deal

Theresa May will meet with Justin Trudeau this week  CREDIT: STEFAN ROUSSEAU /PA   Theresa May will pledge to use a trade deal already [...]

‘Europe is the past!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg says UK to enter glory days with Boris’ Brexit plan

BRITAIN will be on its strongest footing since World War Two under Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan, Jacob Rees-Mogg said. By ALIX CULBERTSON [...]

If Brussels forces a no-deal Brexit, EU exporters could give Britain’s economy a boost

Michel Barnier and British Secretary of State David Davis CREDIT: VIRGINIA MAYO /AP Since the European Commission currently appears to be [...]

Britain’s Achilles Heel – Our Uncompetitive Pound

John Mills is a British entrepreneur and author who has built up the massive JML Brand and is considered one of the Country’s leading [...]

EU causing its own demise as it spends millions to stop Brexit-like breaks, MEP blasts

THE EUROPEAN UNION is spending millions of euros to promote its cajoling plan to stop other countries from following the United Kingdom̵ [...]

‘True’ £660m weekly cost of Britain’s EU membership

THE true cost to Britain of being in the EU has been £660million a week since 2010, a think tank says. By MARCO GIANNANGELI This includes [...]

Project Fear proved WRONG: New study shows 105 countries that WANT better trade with UK

A NEW study has revealed that Britain’s Brexit boom has astounded the doom and gloom expectations of Remainers who claimed nobody would wa [...]

‘Project Fear is WRONG’ Fuming economist fires at Oxford academic in HUGE row over Brexit

A LEADING economist has ripped into Oxford professor in a heated row over the effects of Brexit, insisting “Project Fear” would “conti [...]

Desperate France demands access deal to British waters or there ‘won’t be any fishing’

THE French fishing minister wants compromise over access to British waters after the UK cuts ties with Brussels, as he is terrified there [...]

Brussels ‘POWERLESS’ to stop UK-US deal – and trade talks could spell disaster for EU

BRITAIN is to start informal talks with the US over a post-Brexit trade deal on Monday – and experts believe this could spell huge tro [...]

Britain’s payment to Brussels DOUBLES after EU chiefs claim UK has UNDERPAID

BRITAIN was forced to hand over hundreds of millions of pounds extra to Brussels in June, after the European Commission claimed the UK has u [...]

‘Hardest of the hard Brexits’ City lobby group says firms are preparing for full EU exit

BRITISH businesses will be preparing for the “hardest of the hard Brexits” as EU divorce talks progress, a London lobby group boss has w [...]

Corbyn’s EU interference could WRECK Brexit deal… and save us BILLIONS – Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels yesterday was pointless as they will have no influence over Brexit negoti [...]

Post Brexit Britain’s economy will FLOURISH, Spanish business bosses say

SPANISH business tycoons insisted the UK will flourish post-Brexit as an independent nation. By REBECCA FLOOD GETTY          Bi-latera [...]

Theresa May plays G20 Trump card in attempt to quell Tory rebellion

Prime Minister Theresa May meets US President Donald Trump during the G20 summit. CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES EUROPE  Gordon Rayner, political [...]

EU is demanding billions for things which might never happen, says Brexit analyst

THE EU’s attempt to saddle Britain with a crippling bill for daring to leave the union will see Europe demanding billions in contingency c [...]
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