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Brexit shock: Theresa May gets backing to DOUBLE divorce bill to break trade deadlock

BRITAIN is set to double the proposed divorce bill offer to the European Union (EU) in order to break the Brexit deadlock and open trade tal [...]

‘We cannot keep drifting’ India and US to SURPASS Britain in EU trade amid Brexit deadlock

LEADING Brexiteer Owen Paterson has warned Britain is at risk of “drifting away” in economic power as Brexit talks drag on ̵ [...]

EU threatens to STOP UK’s £4BILLION rebate payment amid Brexit negotiations

THE European Union has threatened to hold back the UK’s final rebate payment of £4.46billion (€5billion) amid Brexit negotiations, a se [...]

REVEALED: 5 ways Britain can SLASH the Brexit divorce bill by BILLIONS

BRITAIN could drastically reduce the price of the Brexit divorce bill demanded by the European Union as the cost of leaving the bloc. By JO [...]

‘Canada hasn’t paid anything!’ Andrew Neil makes BRILLIANT point over Brexit bill demands

BROADCASTER Andrew Neil destroyed claims that Britain should pay a financial settlement of up to €60bn in order to get the UK out of the E [...]

Germany expects David Davis to offer ‘UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER’ to EU Brexit demands

GERMANY expects David Davis to raise the white flag and offer “unconditional surrender” to the European Union’s Brexit demands in a ke [...]

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ROUSING pledge Britain’s economy will THRIVE if we have a CLEAN Brexit

BREXITEER Jacob Rees-Mogg insisted Brexit will bring “real opportunities” for Britons and will be “hugely economically advantageous” [...]

EU citizens: Record numbers working in UK – official figures

Image copyrightPA The number of EU nationals working in the UK has reached a record level, figures from the Office for National Statistics [...]

Britain’s economic success is not reliant on EU membership

  Ryan Bourne Ryan Bourne occupies the R Evan Scharf Chair in the Public Understanding of Economics at the Cato Institute in Washington DC. [...]

‘Sooner we are out, the better!’ The TRUE cost of EU membership – almost £1BILLION a WEEK

MEMBERSHIP of the EU is costing Britain almost £1billion a week, a new study has revealed. By DAVID MADDOX, EXCLUSIVE It puts the true cos [...]

OUTRAGEOUS! EU says it’ll BLOCK Brexit unless we keep paying benefits abroad INDEFINITELY

EUROPEAN Union officials have threatened to block Brexit if the UK attempts to stop EU migrants sending benefits abroad. By TOM PARFITT The [...]

WTO boss hints that Liam Fox’s 40 new trade deals are ACHIEVABLE after Brexit

WTO chief Roberto Azevedo said Britain could refresh trade deals with non-EU countries after Brexit if both sides show “goodwill” – [...]

What uncertainty? Top economist TRASHES claims of the UK economy suffering due to Brexit

LEADING economist Paul Donovan dismantled claims that Britain’s economy will suffer after the Brexit referendum. By CHARLOTTE DAVIS Mr Do [...]

We’ll protect our fish! Crowd ERUPTS as John Redwood promises UK will take back fisheries

BREXIT will put an end to the “damaging” EU policies regulating access to British fish in British waters, Conservative MP John R [...]

‘Nothing to fear’ Brexit Britain can walk away without EU deal warns Fox

LIAM Fox has said that Britain has “nothing to fear” from no deal with the EU after new figures revealed that the UK relies more on trad [...]

The five economic freedoms that Britain can win by leaving the EU

  Graeme Leach Graeme Leach is chief executive and chief economist of Macronomics, a macroecono [..] Show more EU regulation applies to th [...]

BREXIT BOMBSHELL: What happens to £20 TRILLION held in British banks if EU laws fail?

BANK of England chiefs have warned up £20 TRILLION held by UK banks hangs in balance because EU bosses refuse to negotiate. By DARIUS MCQU [...]

Brexit no deal chances now ‘SUBSTANTIAL’: Moody’s issues shock analysis

CREDIT rating agency Moody’s has given a pessimistic view of Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, warning the Government will not get the Brex [...]

Brexit minister says ‘basic’ EU deal likely even if trade talks fail

LONDON (Reuters) – Brexit minister David Davis said on Tuesday he believed Britain would agree some kind of basic deal with the Europe [...]

Bank of England STILL pushing Project Fear as 75,000 jobs to go – but Big banks STAY PUT

THE BANK of England believes 75,000 jobs will be lost in the City after the UK leaves the EU, despite both HSBC and UBS predicting minimal c [...]

‘Brexit doesn’t matter!’ Economist DISMANTLES Project Fear’s attack on British economy

BREXIT will not have a large effect on the British market as Remoaners claimed ahead of the referendum, chief economist at TS Lombard Charle [...]

Project fear DESTROYED: French bank boss insists Brexit WON’T ‘negatively’ impact UK banks

A CHIEF Finance Officer for a French bank has slammed the Bank of England’s latest claim and insisted that Brexit will not have a negative [...]

Pound LIVE: Sterling nears 5 month high against Euro on ‘robust’ UK manufacturing

The pound was at its highest level against the Euro since June this morning as manufacturing surprised the City and markets continued to ban [...]

‘Worst nightmare’ Fury as Britain set to KEEP ‘hated’ EU fishing rules beyond March 2019

PLANS to keep “hated” EU fishing rules in place beyond March 2019 were tonight described as the struggling British industry’s “worst [...]

Brexit BOOST: City could use US model instead of EU passporting if Brexit talks collapse

TOP City executives say UK financial institutions could use an established US model to do business after Brexit if talks with the EU breakdo [...]

Foreign Aid: Let’s STOP it NOW and spend BILLIONS on NHS and elderly – sign our petition

THE Daily Express today demands an end to Britain’s foreign aid spending madness that sees billions of pounds sent overseas. By GILES SHE [...]

British Government to finalise Brexit divorce bill ‘IN SECRET over fears of embarrassment’

A BRUSSELS expert has told Nigel Farage that the British public will “never know” the full amount of money the Government hands [...]

‘Forget it chaps, I’m off!’ EU greed sees Brexit no deal chances ‘rise every day’

A TOP economist claims the European Union’s demands for more money will simply force the United Kingdom to walk away from Brussels wit [...]

We don’t need EU! Brexit effect brings UK borrowing down to lowest level in DECADE

BRITAIN’S Brexit boom has brought Government borrowing down to its lowest level for 10 years. By DAVID MADDOX, POLITICAL CORRESPONDENT Ac [...]

Brexiteer ministers demand BILLIONS from Chancellor to prepare for ‘no deal’ Brexit

PRO-Brexit Cabinet members are reportedly demanding BILLIONS be set aside by the Treasury in preparation for the real possibility of a ̵ [...]
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