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Greatest Brexit speech ever? LABOUR MP’s address will make the hairs on your neck stand up

IT has been heralded as the greatest EU-trashing speech ever made, by turns destroying the EU fear-mongers and trumpeting the brilliance of [...]

Why the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights must not be transposed into UK law

Written by Bryn Harris Tomorrow, the House of Commons will debate whether to transpose the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law [...]

Sir Keir Starmer’s obsessive love affair with the European Court of Justice needs to end

Written by Martin Howe QC Martin Howe is a leading barrister in the fields of intellectual property and EU law. He was called to the bar in [...]

How the FAILURE of EU fishing policy leads to illegal dumping of MILLIONS of fish

MORE than 31 million fish have been discarded illegally because European fisheries ministers are failing to comply with the EU’s reformed [...]

Brexit: Failure to introduce new customs system by date of Britain’s EU withdrawal would be ‘catastrophic’

Failure to complete the introduction of a new customs system by Brexit in 2019 would be “catastrophic”, with the risk of huge disrupti [...]

Starmer reveals he’d GIVE AWAY British legal sovereignty to keep UK in EU agencies

BREXIT Britain should remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice to help the UK remain a member of key European agencies [...]

THREAT TO NATO: US and Britain MUST join forces in face of EU Army plans

BRITAIN is the only country that will put “serious money on the table” to strengthen NATO as plans for an EU Army draw ever-closer, a fo [...]

Brussels will FORCE UK to abide by EU rules after Brexit with no say, shock paper reveals

THE UK will be forced to abide by European Union rules even after it has left the trade block in 2019, according to negotiation papers. By  [...]

Tory peer calls on Government to use TORPEDO BOATS to protect UK waters after Brexit

A TORY peer has demanded Britain use motor torpedo boats and “Marine reservists” to protect the country’s territorial waters after Bre [...]

‘Spanish trawlers illegally fish British waters EVERY DAY’ – investigation claims

SPANISH trawlers fish illegally in British waters EVERY DAY – with some fishermen saying they do so just to annoy Britain, it was claimed [...]

BBC Brexit bias EXPOSED: Leave vote ‘would be even BIGGER’ but third more Remainers on air

THE BBC and its top journalists are guilty of bias against Brexit and more British people would have voted to leave the European Union if co [...]

New Ukip leader refuses to call for immigration cap

Henry Bolton says cap would be ‘entirely unrealistic’ despite claiming that migrants are overwhelming public services    Henry Bolton [...]

EU court attempting ‘massive power grab’ and threatening UK ‘national sovereignty’

THE European Court of Justice is attempting a massive “power grab” and threatening the UK’s national sovereignty, a QC has warned. By [...]

MADE IN EUROPE: Anger as Britain’s blue passports could come from France or Germany

BLUE passports – a defiant and defining symbol of post-Brexit Britain’s regained independence from Brussels – could be made in [...]

Thousands of Britons could be infected with HEPATITIS after eating sausages from EU pigs

THOUSANDS of Britons may be infected with Hepatitis E after eating sausages and pork products from the EU, experts have warned. By TOM PARF [...]

SNUBBED: Europe handed lucrative shipbuilding contracts for British warships

THE UK Government has come under fire for handing out multi-million pound contracts to EU countries instead of British ones for the Type-26 [...]

Now YOU pay for Paris’ new Metro line: EU milks UK taxpayers with £11bn pre-Brexit splurge

BRITISH taxpayers will have to stump up for Paris to build a new underground line as Brussels embarks on an £11 billion splurge using UK ca [...]

UK slated to lead EU military mission — after Brexit

Britain’s battlegroup commitments highlight defense dilemma. By TOM MCTAGUE AND NICHOLAS VINOCUR   The Johan de Witt, used by the E [...]

‘Locked up for catching a third fish’ UK MEP savages EU Parliament over fishing policy

BRITISH MEP David Coburn launched a scathing attack on his colleagues in the European Parliament, slamming their “absurd” fisheries poli [...]

U.K. snap election ‘virtually rules out’ staying in EU’s single market, says Morgan Stanley

June vote also reduces ‘risk of a disorderly Brexit’ AFP/Getty Images                   Brexit business: British Prime Ministe [...]

BREXIT PUNISHMENT: Brussels to strip UK of banking and medicine agencies

BRUSSELS bigwigs are poised to strip the UK of two important European Union agencies within the next few weeks and have also dismissed her c [...]

REVEALED: Britain’s top secret plan to BLOW UP Channel Tunnel to prevent invasion

BRITAIN planned to plant a nuclear bomb inside the Channel Tunnel to blow up the transport link in a desperate bid to severe ties with Europ [...]

‘A pathetic Poundland terrorist in an estate car with a knife’: BBC’s Andrew Neil delivers lacerating response...

This Week host delivered impassioned monologue at beginning of programme Dismissed chances that ‘jumped up jihadis’ would break [...]

Arron Banks ‘suspended’ from Ukip

The party’s major donor says he has been suspended for ‘saying the leadership couldn’t knock the skin off a rice pudding’ Banks ha [...]

UK population to be the largest in Europe by 2050, driven by immigration and an ageing population

The population of the UK is estimated to stand at 77 million by the middle of the century CREDIT: OLI SCARFF/GETTY IMAGES The population of [...]

European Human Rights convention in POWER post Brexit as British equivalent ‘shelved’

THERESA May has scrapped plans for a British Bill of Rights – because the country can only handle one massive constitutional change at a t [...]

Calls to ban Donald Trump’s state visit are symptom of Left’s weakness, blasts ROSS CLARK

LIKE many people, I was taken aback by Donald Trump’s victory in last November’s US election. By ROSS CLARK But the more I see his oppon [...]

Nigel Farage calls for ‘extreme vetting’ in Britain as he BACKS Trump’s travel ban

NIGEL FARAGE has called on the UK to take a leaf out of Donald Trump’s book as he endorsed his Muslim travel ban. By AJAY NAIR The former [...]

Changing of the Guard dropped due to fears of Islamist terror attack

THE changing of the Guard at Windsor Castle has been axed and the police presence stepped-up amid growing fears of a terrorist attack. By JA [...]

EU Broadcasting Corporation: BBC impartiality fears over secret MILLIONS from Brussels

THE BBC was today branded the “EU Broadcasting Corporation” after it emerged it has pocketed millions of pounds of undeclared Eu [...]
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