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We were lied to! Secret document FCO 30/1048 kept truth about EU from British for 30 years

A SECRET document, which remained locked away for 30 years, advised the British Government to COVER-UP the realities of EU membership so tha [...]

REVEALED: How Whitehall thought British public TOO STUPID to be trusted with EU decision

A SECRET document prepared for pro-Europe Tory Prime Minster Edward Heath shows how the Foreign Office knew EU membership would dismantle Br [...]

Davis Davis COULD QUIT as Brexit Secretary after ‘being frozen out of negotiations’

ALLIES of David Davis have suggested he could quit as Brexit Secretary over frustration at being frozen out of key strategic talks on the UK [...]

Theresa May wins first votes on EU Withdrawal Bill – despite fears over exit date REVOLT

BREXIT passed another milestone last night as MPs backed repealing the Act of Parliament which made European Union law supreme over Britain& [...]

Brexit MUTINY: LISTED – Tory Remainer MPs who voted AGAINST May in open Brexit rebellion

THERESA May is facing a “mutiny” that could derail Brexit as a rebellion threatens her majority. By TARYN TARRANT-CORNISH At least 15 T [...]

EU is making emergency plan in case of PM’s departure

  As we report this morning, European Union leaders have begun preparations for the fall of Theresa May’s government with a plan to d [...]

The EU believes Theresa May’s government could soon collapse

LONDON — The European Union is reportedly preparing for Theresa May’s government to collapse before the New Year after the prime min [...]

Brexit in four easy steps: Labour MP to launch bid to stop Remainers wrecking EU exit Bill

A LEADING Labour MP will try to save the 69-page “Brexit Bill” from “wreckers” by replacing it with just four simple clauses later t [...]

WALK AWAY! Brexit no deal is ‘win win’ because EU needs UK MORE than we need them

A BREXIT ‘no deal’ is a “win win” for Britain because the European Union (EU) “needs the UK more than we need them”, a political [...]

Bring on the Brexiteer: May to shake-up party with key EU exit figure

THERESA May is bringing in key Brexit campaign chief to overhaul the party in a move she hopes will reassure those demanding the Government [...]

TARGET! – THE MPS SABOTAGING BREXIT – Posted By: Rodney Atkinson: October 23, 2017

Some 306 amendments and 58 new clauses have been tabled to the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill mostly by MPs bent on frustrating the will o [...]

Tory Brexit sabotage: MPs to vote AGAINST Theresa May to help Corbyn cronies topple Brexit

TORY Brexit rebels will vote against the Government this week in a bid to stop Theresa May’s Brexit Bill passing into law. By HARVEY GAVI [...]

Theresa May ‘must keep Boris and SACK Philip Hammond to save Brexit’ Tory MPs demand

THERESA May must keep Boris Johnson in his post as Foreign Secretary and sack Chancellor Philip Hammond to save Brexit, voices within the Co [...]

Tory Brexit rebels SUSPENDED… Now David Davis tells Corbyn ‘AXE YOURS TOO’

THERESA MAY has suspended two “totally irresponsible” Tory MEPs who sold out British voters on Brexit. By CAMILLA TOMINEY AND KATE DEVL [...]

Want to save the Conservative Party? Send in (100) Rees-Moggs!

THE Tories need “100 Jacob ReesMoggs” to combat the rise of Jeremy Corbyn’s grassroots movement and appeal to younger voters, MPs beli [...]

TORY BREXIT SHOCK: Five cabinet ministers on verge of QUITTING over EU exit talks

FIVE of Theresa May’s cabinet ministers could be on the verge of quitting over the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans, it has been claimed. B [...]

‘I want the BEST Brexit’ Jacob Rees Mogg cheered during EU exit rally at Tory conference

JACOB Rees Mogg took the Tory conference by storm today as hundreds of party activists flocked to hear his calls to Theresa May to get “to [...]

Northern Ireland leaves EU with UK and we will impose budget if no Executive formed: Brokenshire

11Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire. (Niall Carson/PA) Secretary of State James Brokenshire has said Northern Ireland will leave [...]

Britain could ignore some new EU rules and regulations during Brexit transition phase, May says

Prime Minister Theresa May pictured at Nr. 10 Downing Street CREDIT: RII SCHROER FOR THE TELEGRAPH    Britain could ignore some new [...]

Boris Johnson admits May will be FORCED out for driving party into ground, Brexiteer says

BORIS Johnson believes Theresa May will be forced out of parliament as he plans to run for Tory leadership, a leading Eurosceptic revealed. [...]

Jeremy Corbyn BANS Labour conference vote on Brexit – uses ‘ultra-lefts’ to stop MPs vote

JEREMY Corbyn has been slammed by his own MPs for using his ultra left-wing support group Momentum to stop delegates voting on Brexit. By M [...]

Theresa May’s leadership ‘under threat as almost 50 MPs want PM out’

THERESA May’s future as Prime Minister is under threat again as Tory insiders reveal “almost 50 MPs want her out”. By THOMAS MACK [...]

Nigel Farage ‘to form new political party after Tory disaster’ to continue Brexit fight

BREXIT champion Nigel Farage is planning to announce a new political party to oppose Theresa May if an anti-Islam campaigner wins the Ukip l [...]

Farage is BACK: Fury over Theresa May’s offer to Brussels sparks leadership bid

NIGEL FARAGE is “thinking hard” over the next few days about whether to make a comeback as Ukip leader on the back of fears that the his [...]

‘An absolutely red line’ Jacob Rees-Mogg blasts Theresa May over ‘ambiguous’ ECJ position

JACOB Rees-Mogg has expressed concern over Theresa May’s position on the European Court of Justice and the possibility that the UK wil [...]

Davis DEMANDS ‘moaning’ MPs ‘back the repeal bill and give Britons what they voted for’

BREXIT Secretary David Davis has called for the ‘moaning’ MPs to back the Government’s so-called ‘Great Repeal Bill̵ [...]

Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be DESTROYED to visit UK

May has cancelled our right to Government petitions and so, this is the only recourse we have.  Please sign and pass on in Social Media. ht [...]

MAY-DAY! PM warned to BOOT OUT Euro wets and get project Brexit back on course

THERESA MAY needs to reshuffle her cabinet in order to clear out the pro-EU Tories threatening to derail her Brexit plans, according to alli [...]

Theresa May shock: Prime Minister under fire ‘as MPs plot to sign no confidence letter’

THERESA May could face an early exit from Downing Street after 15 MPs agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister, it has [...]

Voters don’t want ‘stable’ they want a dynamic leader pushing Brexit says Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Rees-Mogg has slated the Tory’s election campaign as he revealed the disastrous outcome was a repetition of history which [...]
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