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Davis DEMANDS ‘moaning’ MPs ‘back the repeal bill and give Britons what they voted for’

BREXIT Secretary David Davis has called for the ‘moaning’ MPs to back the Government’s so-called ‘Great Repeal Bill̵ [...]

Islamist hate preacher who called for Britain to be DESTROYED to visit UK

May has cancelled our right to Government petitions and so, this is the only recourse we have.  Please sign and pass on in Social Media. ht [...]

MAY-DAY! PM warned to BOOT OUT Euro wets and get project Brexit back on course

THERESA MAY needs to reshuffle her cabinet in order to clear out the pro-EU Tories threatening to derail her Brexit plans, according to alli [...]

Theresa May shock: Prime Minister under fire ‘as MPs plot to sign no confidence letter’

THERESA May could face an early exit from Downing Street after 15 MPs agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister, it has [...]

Voters don’t want ‘stable’ they want a dynamic leader pushing Brexit says Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Rees-Mogg has slated the Tory’s election campaign as he revealed the disastrous outcome was a repetition of history which [...]

Theunituk Comment:

Whilst it has historically been the policy of this site to refrain from Party Politics, we believe that the time has come to make a positive [...]

The DUP can come back for MORE!: Party’s £1billion price for propping up Theresa May is just a down payment because it can...

Ex Treasury official Nick Macpherson said the DUP would be ‘back for more’  The intervention came as Michael Fallon defended th [...]

Unelected Lords warned not to ‘overstep the mark’ and interfere in Brexit by raging MP

A LABOUR MP warned the House of Lords not to “overstep” the mark and attempt to block Brexit legislation. By DARREN HUNTMP John Mann war [...]

‘Unacceptable’ John McDonnell savaged by top Tory for trying to OVERTHROW election result

CABINET minister Chris Grayling has attacked Labour’s John McDonnell for urging hard-left activists to overthrow the Government. By TO [...]

Theresa May election meltdown? Pollsters predict Tories to LOSE House of Commons majority

THE Conservatives will lose their outright majority clinched by David Cameron in 2015 in the upcoming June 8 election, a YouGov projection h [...]

German MEP on EU’s Brexit team says big election victory for May will help smooth talks

BREXIT talks with the European Union are likely to run more smoothly if Theresa May wins a convincing victory in next month’s General Elec [...]

CLEGG’S BREXIT THREAT: Lib Dems ‘will SABOTAGE May’s plans to quit single market’

NICK Clegg has vowed to help sabotage Theresa May’s bid to pull the UK out of the single market. By TOM PARFITT The former Lib Dem lea [...]

General election 2017: Latest polls – will Theresa May or Jeremy Corbyn win?

THERESA May has confirmed that she will seek an early general election to be held on June 8. But what are the latest UK polls? By REISS SMIT [...]

BREAKING NEWS: Douglas Carswell QUITS UKIP to become independent

UKIP’S only MP has announced he is quitting the party to become an independent member of Parliament for Clacton. By ROSS LOGAN Douglas [...]

Ukip donor Arron Banks threatens to quit in ultimatum to Paul Nuttall

UKIP was plunged into a new crisis last night as its biggest donor threatened to quit unless he is allowed to take over the party. By CAROLI [...]

BREAKING: Tristram Hunt becomes latest Labour MP to QUIT in big Brexit-backing area

This website does not often report on Party Politics but have included this particular article because of its relevance to what may appear t [...]

Voters in areas with high Muslim populations ‘MUST show passports’ amid voter fraud fears

VOTERS in towns and cities with a high Muslim population must show their passports or driving licenses in order to cast their ballots amid f [...]

VIDEO 1000 Muslims block London streets chanting Allahu Akbar to demand Islamic caliphate – Until we get a Government that...

MORE than 1000 Muslims took to the streets of London last night chanting Allahu Akbar and demanding an Islamic caliphate. The street outside [...]

Outrage as Brexit MP CENSURED by Labour colleagues for ‘sharing a stage with Nigel Farage’

LABOUR PARTY members in London have condemned a Brexit colleague for her actions during the political campaign – including sharing a s [...]

I will let immigration surge: Jeremy Corbyn ‘RELAXED’ about number of migrants in Britain

JEREMY Corbyn is set to deepen Labour’s rift over border controls tomorrow by signalling he would be happy for immigration to soar. By MAC [...]

‘I’m NOT Nigel’ Diane James elected Ukip leader after winning race with landslide victory

DIANE JAMES today described herself as “deeply honoured” as she was elected to replace outgoing Ukip leader Nigel Farage in a la [...]

The Human Rights Act Must Go

The Human Rights Act Must Go          By Matt Snape -2nd September 2016 For too long, we have been held back from deporting foreign cri [...]

When will she stop? Sturgeon now to fight to save ‘DANGEROUS’ Human Rights Act

NICOLA STURGEON is getting set to do battle with Westminster AGAIN – with a promise to oppose the scrapping of the Human Rights Act. B [...]

Human Rights Act WILL be SCRAPPED for British Bill of Rights, Liz Truss insists

THE HUMAN rights act will be binned and a British Bill of Rights installed in its place, the Justice Secretary has promised. By CYRUS ENGINE [...]

Migrants to be offered FREE degrees at top university while Britons amass huge debts

REFUGEES and asylum seekers could get a free place at one of Britain’s top universities alongside a new wave of British students strugglin [...]

Steven Woolfe in furious attack on Ukip bosses after being DENIED chance to replace Farage

STEVEN WOOLFE today reacted with fury after being ruled INELIGIBLE to enter the race to replace Nigel Farage as Ukip leader. By GREG HEFFER, [...]

‘No backsliding on Brexit’ Theresa May REJECTS House of Lords threat to BLOCK EU exit

DOWNING Street has dismissed the threat by the House of Lords peers to stop Britain leaving the European Union. By CHARLIE PEAT Pro-remain p [...]

House of Lords peers hatch plan to BLOCK Britain leaving the European Union

THE House of Lords is set to make a desperate attempt to delay or even block Britain’s decision to ditch the European Union, a Tory peer h [...]

Editorial – We have to stop these treacherous politicians in their tracks.

With the first legal challenge requiring Parliament to ratify the initiation of Article 50 it is quite clear that far too many people in thi [...]

The referendum result is binding

The following is the content of an article written by Charlotte Baly of the ‘Lawyers for Britain’ website which are a group of L [...]
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