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UK DOESN’T need free movement for European free trade, says Iceland’s foreign minister

THE Icelandic foreign minister has warned the United Kingdom not to accept every European Union demand in order to reach a free trade agreem [...]

MAPPED: Brexit Britain’s enemies revealed – and guess who REALLY wants the UK to suffer

BRITAIN’S enemies and allies have been revealed in the wake of the nation’s decision to unshackle itself from the embattled European Uni [...]

‘There’s no CLIFF EDGE’ Drop in migrant workers WILL NOT harm UK economy, think-tank says

FEARS that a sharp drop in migrant worker numbers could harm the UK economy after Brexit have been dismissed by a leading think-tank. By SIM [...]

This has to stop – Sign the Petition

We first published this article on the 1st of February.  It’s shocking content illustrates one of the main reasons why the NHS is sho [...]

Merkel urged to make ‘Germany a NUCLEAR SUPERPOWER for Europe’ over US-exit fears

GERMANY should become a nuclear superpower and spearhead European efforts to acquire weapons, according to leading politicians. By KATIE MAN [...]

‘My children are priceless’: Nigerian woman, 43, admits she can’t pay £500,000 NHS bill after giving birth to...

The third episode of BBC2’s Hospital details the story of a Nigerian woman who had quadruplets in London after a stop-over flight from [...]

Is this why ex-Foreign Office boss wants a ban? Mandarin who dragged Queen into state visit row is paid by arms giant on...

Lord Ricketts, permanent secretary from 2006-2010, slammed planned visit In public letter, he said Theresa May had put Queen in ‘very [...]

Calls to ban Donald Trump’s state visit are symptom of Left’s weakness, blasts ROSS CLARK

LIKE many people, I was taken aback by Donald Trump’s victory in last November’s US election. By ROSS CLARK But the more I see his oppon [...]

Angela Merkel furiously DENIES Germany is abusing the euro for its own advantage

ANGELA Merkel on has rejected a US trade adviser’s charge that Germany was using an “undervalued” euro to gain advantage. [...]

The European Union Is Bailing Out Banks Again

Frances Coppola ,   CONTRIBUTOR I write about banking, finance and economics. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own.  It [...]

More migrants will come to UK than entire EU populations if Britain stays in single market, warns think tank

Border Force check the passports of passengers arriving at Gatwick Airport  CREDIT: OLI SCARFF/GETTY IMAGES More migrants will come to Brit [...]

When are British Politicians going to stop humiliating themselves, and worse, OUR COUNTRY?

The EU Politicians are shewing themselves for what they are; ill mannered louts.  They just do not seem to understand that discourse betwee [...]


It was 0210 am on this Friday morning.  I had stayed up late to watch, for me, an enjoyable old movie. I was tired and ready for my bed whi [...]

Brexit could pull the pin out of the EU grenade. That’s why the Eurocrats are terrified

 British Prime Minister Theresa May (R) welcomes President of the European Council Donald Tusk (L) to 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, [...]

No job? You can’t move to Britain: May’s blueprint to curb EU migrants post-Brexit is revealed – and it will be...

EU citizens wanting to work in Britain would need a job before moving Regime will be more rigorous than the proposed points-based system Dav [...]

‘A slap in the face for Merkel’: German chancellor’s own party turns on her after election defeat to...

Merkel’s party was hammered into third place in election in her home state  She is under renewed pressure to U-turn on her ‘ope [...]

Up to three in four babies born last year in parts of the UK had foreign mothers, official figures have disclosed

Oxford Street’s crowded pavements Three quarters of children born in some parts of UK last year were to foreign-born mothers, accordin [...]

‘We can’t ignore Islam’s link to terror’ Expert refuses to rule out religious terror link`

  TERROR expert Maajid Nawaz has refused to rule out the Islamic connection to recent terror attacks that have senselessly killed many [...]

‘Tear down EU flags NOW’ Huge call for May to pull hated symbol from our public buildings

THOUSANDS of people have called for all European Union flags to be removed from public buildings. (Editor’s note.  The petition menti [...]

This pro-EU ‘Project Smear’ risks distorting our economy

LIAM HALLIGAN 30 JULY 2016 • 4:07PM Pro-EU campaigners march through London in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. Many would like to see a [...]

Report says the International Monetary Fund is ‘too close to EU’

. THE credibility of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has taken a major blow after its own independent watchdog produced a damning repo [...]

EU exports are a mere 12% of British economy: Trade figures show focus on Europe has steadily dropped in past five years

British businesses now earn £222.4billion by selling goods to EU countries This is equivalent to just 12.1 per cent of the total economic [...]

Sturgeon kicked in teeth as SNP’s guardian plan for Scots ruled UNLAWFUL by Supreme Court

NICOLA Sturgeon has been left humiliated after the UK’s highest court ruled the Scottish government’s “named person” [...]

India seeks investment pacts with individual European Union members

In a move that could create further fissures between the two sides, India is planning to push for delinking the investment chapter from the [...]

Boris Johnson warned Brexit Britain will not accept ANY compromise on migration controls

By JOE TAMBINI GETTY•SHUTTERSTOC  Boris Johnson said he is confident Britain can reach a compromise with the EU The statement was made af [...]

Labour won’t rule out second referendum on European Union

This is the kind of nonsense that we have to contend with from the GRAUNIAD –  Editors note. Briefing note argues for ‘further inje [...]

UK May trade fine as it Brexits the EU

“As the UK Brexits stage left, we’ll see a huge interest in doing deals. What we need is a UK-Australia FTA as soon as possible,” says [...]

New EU migrants to UK could be sent home to avoid rise in immigration ahead of Brexit, claims David Davis

Minister says any judgement would be made on ‘reality not speculation’ David Davis will lead the Brexit negotiations Getty Imag [...]

Scottish Parliament could BLOCK Brexit, says Nicola Sturgeon – but Brussels tells her: ‘No, that’s not going to...

Nicola Sturgeon said she wanted to ‘protect Scotland’s place in the EU’ But Brussels civil servants snubbed her, saying wh [...]

SARAH VINE: Once I’d have voted Remain. Now I’d rather burn my ballot paper than back those bullies and scaremongers

Had you asked me this time last year whether I would vote In or Out in a EU referendum, I’d have definitely been for In. Now, I shall be v [...]
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