Democracy in a Federalized Europe – Ebook

The latest update of the ebook ‘Democracy in a Federalized Europe’  A series of short chapters outlining some of the more insidious edicts coming from the EU which have the potential to cause great harm to Britain should we foolish enough to stay in.  This book is updated as more revelations come to light but is not rewritten with each update.  Chapters  are added to or slightly altered where necessary when new legislation comes out that is likely to seriously affect democracy.  It is possible that some parts may become outdated but all of it is factual and their are many references to chapters providing information as to where the information was sourced from.

The ebook comes in two versions:  an executable file that will show the ebook as an animated ‘flipbook’ (Windows OS only) and a PDF version which is cross platform and can be read with any PDF Reader programme installed on your system.


The ‘Executable Version                 Download


The PDF version                                 Download

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