How Germany are Controlling the EU by exploiting the value of the EURO.

Germany’s European Union has savaged and raped our now crippled economy.

In fact, the entire structure of the European Union exists for the benefit of the Germans. They have sucked the wealth out of Europe’s pockets, particularly Britain.

Germany for instance, loves that only the EU can negotiate trade deals, it means one country can’t do a trade deal with a non-EU country without EU agreement. And of course, Germany’s EU will never agree to any deal with a country that can provide better products than them as it would harm their precious industry.

Because of this Europe relies on Germany for its industrial base. The EU tariffs and protectionist measures make it too expensive to buy from anywhere else. Britain suffers from this. With our growing service sector, it would make sense for us to get our imports from elsewhere, yet we must rely on Germany for many of the products we enjoy, pushing up prices for working class families while German money-men live in luxury at our expense.

Once we leave the EU, we can trade with the rest of the world and should do so. Iceland, which isn’t an EU member has a trade deal with China. We don’t because Germany won’t allow the EU to have one, and when we do get one outside the EU, German industry will suffer while ours grows.

But also, let’s look at British industrial power- Germany sucks industry out of our islands through the euro devaluing and being weak. Their weak currency has long meant Britain imports from them because more can be bought with their currency. Perhaps a benefit of the pound devaluing after Brexit is that our imports have boosted, massively to record highs in recent years.

But why is it that the weak euro mean we only buy from Germany and not the other eurozone countries? This is because Germany has expanded its Euro Reich to the poorer countries of Europe for whom the euro is massively overvalued and leads to it being too expensive to buy from them.

A rich country would traditionally have a strong currency due to financial security, wealth and investment prospects that incur the high demand for its relative to other currencies, whereas a poorer country having lack of this would have a weaker currency.

When rich and poor countries share a currency, which is almost between the two values they should be, the rich country has an artificially weak currency and the poor country has an artificially strong currency, which means the price of Greek products relative to other currencies increases and the price of German goods decrease leading to a major shift of Europe’s industry in to Germany.

Now, what Greece and Spain and other failing European economies choose to do with their economic and foreign policies can’t be the business of Britain. The mess of these countries has been created by their own voluntary submission to Germany’s European Union. What made us great in the past, was isolating ourselves away from Europe’s affairs, we didn’t like to get involved in the complicated politics of Europe- We focused on building up our own country, we built great cities, roads, railways, monuments, and Churches, not just in our own Islands but across the world! We were the beacon, the gold standard of civilisation.

Yet today, repeatedly, we send our money away from Britain, in all sorts of ways such as foreign aid or just through squandering it. But particularly in past years, through bailouts for Europe’s failing economies.

Why do we do this? Why are we sending our money away to countries that have been bankrupted by Germany through their own will? Could we not spend that money in Britain, or use it perhaps to reduce the debt that we’ve incurred?

And why is it that the money given to help these nations goes not to its suffering people, but to German banks?

Oh, you really thought that the money went to the poor in Greece? Your hard-earned money paid to our useless government in extortionate tax, hasn’t gone to us, nor has it gone to the poor the EU claims it is going to, it’s gone to German banks; To fuel German industry; To fuel German domination of Europe!

Wasn’t it our policy to stop a power emerging in Europe for all these centuries? Well Germany, not for the first time has arisen as the dominant power in Europe. Yes, there are European fanatics who want a United States of Europe and want a United Europe to be the world power, and if you divulge in to more conspiracy type theories you could say there are plans for cultural Marxism to occur through the European mechanism, but for all these people who want to use the European Union for their own disastrous aims, Germany is using it for theirs- which is to accumulate German wealth and influence and they are playing Europe like fools.

Want to get wealth and influence back in to the City of London, the City of Westminster and, most importantly, to the pockets of working British men and women who desperately deserve a rise in jobs and wages? Then you must push for a so called “hard Brexit.”

Britain has been for centuries a trading nation and has succeeded for it. So, let’s move out of the EU, out of Germany’s new Empire, out of its sphere of influence. Let’s be an independent sovereign country with opportunity pouring in and standards of living going right up to the levels we deserve and demand. It is NOT the Leave Voters that did not know what we were Voting for…it was the “REMAINERS”.

Written by Clive Taylor-Sholl

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