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As we take a summer break (and, after Brexit, arrive at a historic moment for which this website has striven for decades) I thought you might like to read some of the praise for Freenations. From September the following subjects will I hope be covered: The Ugly Face of the Euro-fascist Left. Clinton is the fascist, Trump is on the Left. Russia’s economic rise in the face of NATO/EU warmongering. The Depopulation of EU States. The Nature of Islam and the invasion of Europe. Former Yugoslav leaders Seselj and Milosevic found not guilty. So here is the praise for Freenations: For the full list see “Who we are – Testimonials” on the home page.

Your book Fascist Europe Rising was a classic. Dr Juergen Elsaesser, Berlin

Excellent and thought-provoking article. Dr Richard Wellings, IEA, London

“Your materials are very inspiring” Dr Jiri Soler

What an excellent article – congratulations. Joe Bissett, Former Canadian Ambassador to Yugoslavia

This letter on Edward Heath is fascinating. Peter Oborne Daily Telegraph

I read your excellent piece on modern Russia. You achieved a remarkable result: to be positive without being flattering or omitting the facts.
Dmitry Babich, Voice of Russia Radio, Moscow

Congratulations on this penetrating, fundamental, sober and overarching analysis of the European mess led by Germany. Kudos to you! Michael Djordjevich,

In passing l recently dug out ” Treason At Maastricht ” 2nd edition which l haven’t read for about 10 years. How interesting to compare the actual where we are today, with your predictions of 22 years ago, with regard to the effects of the Maastricht Treaty. Amazingly on the money as the say. Colin Moran

Brilliant Rodney – as usual! Ian Milne, Eurofacts

Just to say that the satisfaction I now feel at the referendum result, and the work that I undertook over the years with that in mind, comes in great part, from you and the absolute clarity of what you had to say. Thank you for our years of association and the fact that I will now be able to pass on to my grandson the joys of democracy and independence. Roy Beale

I must say, you are the most convincing writer I have read on the EU travesty – Rev Dr Peter Mullen

This was designed to ensure continuing influence and dominance by Germany in Europe, but without the destructiveness and cost of war. In this context I point you in particular to Rodney Atkinson’s brilliant analysis in his new eBook And into the Fire.Professor Arthur Noble

Rodney Atkinson saw it (Fascist Europe) 26 years ago, and most of us don’t even see it today! Read and awaken!
Don Hank, Laigles Forum, USA

I got your book ‘Treason at Maastricht’ yesterday and am a quarter of the way in it. I wish I’d known about that twenty years ago! Vivian Evans, UKIP Daily

Again, a powerful and factual piece. Your voice and message is no longer in the wilderness Gareth Fraser, The Philadelphia Trumpet

Thank you for your great article.  Thank you for your willingness to fight for the truth just like your great countryman Winston Churchill. I shared this great article with Greek friends so that they can be better informed.
Angelo O’Klonis, USA (Whose Army Sergeant father featured on a famous US wartime poster, reproduced on LIFE’s front cover)

Trumpet readers are familiar with Rodney Atkinson, a German university lecturer, former British politician, businessman and public speaker. His expertise and reporting of the constitutional impact of the EU on Britain, its historical fascist roots and economic impact have been featured worldwide. The Philadelphia Trumpet Nov 2013

I met you a long while ago now when I was first trying to find out more about the EEC/EC now EU at a talk you gave down South somewhere – It was that talk that encouraged me to find out more and more about what British Governments were taking us ever deeper in to.  Anne Palmer

I have read all your books from Treason at Maastricht to Fascist Europe Rising – you have been an inspiration to me. Reginald White

Thanks for the cd. I was inspired and educated by its contents. Joe Stannion, Ireland.

I’ve already read many of the articles on the Freenations site. It’s one of the few sites that has a realistic view of the dangers posed by the EU.
Dr Richard Wellings Institute for Economic Affairs, London

Many thanks.  As always, an enlightenment!
 Pete Stewart

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