Brexit: Failure to introduce new customs system by date of Britain’s EU withdrawal would be ‘catastrophic’

Failure to complete the introduction of a new customs system by Brexit in 2019 would be “catastrophic”, with the risk of huge disrupti [...]

Britain’s economic success is not reliant on EU membership

  Ryan Bourne Ryan Bourne occupies the R Evan Scharf Chair in the Public Understanding of Economics at the Cato Institute in Washington DC. [...]

Business chiefs from EU, U.K. ask May to speed up Brexit talks

Not a word about democratic principles.  It is all about how business can prosper with the unspoken injunction that it is Britain that is c [...]

More ‘unbiased’ reporting from the BBC? – Do Europe’s ‘illiberal democrats’ challenge the...

Image copyrightGETTY IMAGES Critics have said that Poland and Hungary are beginning to diverge from the democratic values espoused by the Eu [...]

IDS insists EU are DESPERATE for money but Britain will NOT budge until trade talks begin

INFLUENTIAL Tory MP Iain Duncan Smith insisted the European Union are “desperate” for money but Britain should not put an amount on the [...]

EU MADNESS: Tajani calls for DOUBLING of EU funding to €280BN by TAXING people of Europe

EUROPEAN Parliament chief Antonio Tajani has called for an EU tax to double its spending as it panics over the future post-Brexit. By REBEC [...]

Brexit latest: Britain will leave EU with NO DEAL if MPs reject agreement fumes Davis

DAVID Davis has confirmed parliament will have a vote on the final Brexit deal before Britain leaves the European Union. By REBECCA PINNING [...]

Starmer reveals he’d GIVE AWAY British legal sovereignty to keep UK in EU agencies

BREXIT Britain should remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice to help the UK remain a member of key European agencies [...]

Cry for freedom and don’t be scared of the Brexit bullies, says LEO MCKINSTRY

THE hour of freedom is fast approaching. We are just past the halfway point on our journey to independence. By LEO MCKINSTRY GETTY Michel B [...]

THREAT TO NATO: US and Britain MUST join forces in face of EU Army plans

BRITAIN is the only country that will put “serious money on the table” to strengthen NATO as plans for an EU Army draw ever-closer, a fo [...]

Deutsche Bank crisis – CEO hits back at EU plans for Brexit clearing

DEUTSCHE Bank boss John Cryan has questioned why Europe’s financial centres are so keen to snatch post-Brexit clearing business from Londo [...]

You’re KILLING EUROPE: Macron and Brussels savaged by rival over EU enlargement plot

A EUROSCEPTIC and leading conservative in France’s fractured The Republicans party, has raged at Brussels’ enlargement process saying it [...]

EU TO FALL: Poland issues warning to Brussels STOP feathering your nest & focus on people

POLAND’S leader Beata Szydlo said the “elites in Brussels” are sending the European Union careering into a crisis as they are “out o [...]

‘We OWN your economy’ Brexiteer rebukes BBC guest for claim EU has NOTHING to lose

A BREXITEER columnist has brilliantly schooled a French guest on a BBC news panel after she claimed that the EU has nothing to lose or fear [...]

‘Brexit talks could COLLAPSE’ Barnier admits UK may quit trade talks WITHOUT paying bill

BRUSSELS’ Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has admitted talks between the UK and EU could dramatically collapse. By TOM PARFITT The F [...]

’27 EU countries demanding a pay-off’ David Davis reveals ‘costly’ reality of Brexit delay

DAVID Davis has ruled out extending the Article 50 deadline past March 2019 – claiming that this would give each EU member state a bla [...]

‘We will never be your slaves!’ Italy in crisis as THOUSANDS demand EXIT from ‘EU MAFIA’

THOUSANDS of protesters took to the streets yesterday to demand Italy leaves the EU immediately, with march slogans labelling the European b [...]

How a meeting with Guy Verhofstadt made MP realise UK must leave WITHOUT Brexit deal

A MEETING with arch-federalist MEP Guy Verhofstadt converted a Conservative MP to join the ranks calling for Britain to leave the EU without [...]

‘If you walk away they’ll come to us!’ James Dyson’s brilliant argument FOR no deal Brexit

BREXIT supporting inventor Sir James Dyson has claimed it is time for the UK to walk away from the European Union without an agreement. By  [...]

‘EU wants Britain TRAPPED!’ May told to review Brexit deal as bloc wants MORE RULE over UK

THERESA May is under pressure to reconsider pushing for a transition period after Brussels strategy papers revealed the Commission wants to [...]

EU plotters are acting ruthlessly in their best interests – why won’t the Government do the same for Britain?

CHARLES MOORE Churchill: between Europe and the Open Sea, we should choose the open sea…  We have reached the halfway mark. On Friday [...]

‘Sooner we are out, the better!’ The TRUE cost of EU membership – almost £1BILLION a WEEK

MEMBERSHIP of the EU is costing Britain almost £1billion a week, a new study has revealed. By DAVID MADDOX, EXCLUSIVE It puts the true cos [...]

EU is DESPERATE: May told not to ‘blink’ on Brexit bill as money ‘CRITICAL’ to good deal

THERESA May must not to buckle to the EU after it demanded Britain trebles its offer for the Brexit divorce bill, Eurosceptic Tories have ur [...]

‘Enormous arrogance’ German MEP rages at Barnier for ‘unfair’ Brexit strategy towards UK

A GERMAN MEP has ripped into the European Union and its chief negotiators for the “unfair” way they have treated the UK in Brexit talks. [...]

Why Italy SHOULD back Britain in talks: A hard Brexit will cost Italians A FORTUNE

A HARD Brexit would cost Italy up to €4.5billion, it has been revealed, leading to speculation the country could back Britain in European [...]

Why EU MUST budge on Brexit: Experts warn Eurotunnel will be blocked for SEVEN YEARS

CUSTOMS declarations will explode in the wake of Brexit causing huge border delays for seven years without a transitional agreement, experts [...]

‘Don’t be bullied by the EU’ Rees-Mogg tells Brussels to forget Brexit divorce bill

JACOB-REES MOGG accused the European Union of using ‘bullying tactics’ against Britain in the Brexit negotiations, urging Theresa May to [...]

Brexit day revealed: Britain will leave the EU on THIS date

THE Government has moved to reassure Brexit supporters that there will be no backsliding on leaving the European Union, by proposing to writ [...]

AT LAST! EU admits it ‘NEEDS’ UK trade deal to grow strongly post-Brexit

BRUSSELS finance chiefs have issued a glowing forecast for the bloc’s future – before making the shock admission it ALL relies on fr [...]

Ahhh, the Irish Question once again.

Reproduced below is a page from the Irish Times (Fri, Nov 10, 2017).  I include it because it seems as though the Irish People seem to beli [...]
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