Brexit shock: Theresa May gets backing to DOUBLE divorce bill to break trade deadlock

BRITAIN is set to double the proposed divorce bill offer to the European Union (EU) in order to break the Brexit deadlock and open trade tal [...]

Why the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights must not be transposed into UK law

Written by Bryn Harris Tomorrow, the House of Commons will debate whether to transpose the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights into UK law [...]

End of Angela Merkel? FDP walk out of talks throwing Germany into turmoil

GERMANY is in turmoil after coalition talks to form the next Government collapsed following the pro-business Free Democratic Party (FDP) wal [...]

‘Brits HAVE to budge!’ Germany explodes over Brexit bill as Belgium issues no deal warning

GERMANY today issued a furious demand to Theresa May that she will “have to budge” and up her cash offer to Brussels as Belgium warned o [...]

‘The EU cannot move without Germany’ Merkel’s ‘paralysed’ coalition talks THREATEN bloc

GERMANY’S deadlocked government coalition talks may have huge repercussions on the EU, with one expert saying the Brussels’ bloc [...]

‘EU need us’ Jacob Rees-Mogg warns EU will be ‘insolvent’ without Britain’s cash

THE EU will be “insolvent” if Britain leaves without a trade deal, a leading Brexiteer has predicted. By CAMILLA TOMINEY As pressure mo [...]

David Davis ‘is on the brink of resigning’ over bombshell secret letter sent to PM by Boris and Gove as new details...

Friends of Brexit Secretary David Davis fear he is on the brink of resigning It comes after a letter sent by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson [...]

Davis Davis COULD QUIT as Brexit Secretary after ‘being frozen out of negotiations’

ALLIES of David Davis have suggested he could quit as Brexit Secretary over frustration at being frozen out of key strategic talks on the UK [...]

‘We cannot keep drifting’ India and US to SURPASS Britain in EU trade amid Brexit deadlock

LEADING Brexiteer Owen Paterson has warned Britain is at risk of “drifting away” in economic power as Brexit talks drag on ̵ [...]

EU threatens to STOP UK’s £4BILLION rebate payment amid Brexit negotiations

THE European Union has threatened to hold back the UK’s final rebate payment of £4.46billion (€5billion) amid Brexit negotiations, a se [...]

EU spells financial DOOM for Italy as Brussels ‘holds back £37 BILLION’ amid army scramble

THE European Union could hold back tens of billions from Italy as the Brussels attempts to bolster its coffers against Brexit while still sp [...]

‘No to Brussels!’ EU summit provokes FURY as hundreds of protesters demand Swedish EXIT

HUNDREDS of anti-EU protesters took to the streets yesterday evening to voice their fury at Brussels as many urged Sweden to break away from [...]

‘We’re better off out!’ LBC host has THIS message for Brussels after Tusk’s Brexit threat

LBC host Iain Dale sent a stunning message to Brussels after European Council president Donald Tusk issued Britain a strict Brexit ultimatum [...]

Angela Merkel’s future in DOUBT: New election looms as Chancellor fails to form coalition

ANGELA Merkel could lose her grip on power as she missed her own deadline to form a coalition – two months after Germany’s election. By [...]

Project Fear FAILS: German cities ‘not even ready’ to take in London’s businesses

Frankfurt would not be able to build the necessary infrastructure to welcome a post-Brexit business exodus, banker Andreas Dombret said. By [...]

EU budget BUST UP: Eurocrats and MEPs set to lock horns over gargantuan 2018 spending plan

EUROPEAN leaders and MEPs are set to lock horns for a bitter battle over the EU’s gargantuan spending plan for 2018, highlighting deep div [...]

REVEALED: 5 ways Britain can SLASH the Brexit divorce bill by BILLIONS

BRITAIN could drastically reduce the price of the Brexit divorce bill demanded by the European Union as the cost of leaving the bloc. By JO [...]

Theresa May to GIVE IN to Brexit ‘mutineers’ as PM readies to concede on exit date

THERESA May is ready to ditch the controversial EU exit date from her Brexit legislation, in a concession to the Tory rebels dubbed the R [...]

‘Canada hasn’t paid anything!’ Andrew Neil makes BRILLIANT point over Brexit bill demands

BROADCASTER Andrew Neil destroyed claims that Britain should pay a financial settlement of up to €60bn in order to get the UK out of the E [...]

Sir Keir Starmer’s obsessive love affair with the European Court of Justice needs to end

Written by Martin Howe QC Martin Howe is a leading barrister in the fields of intellectual property and EU law. He was called to the bar in [...]

Germany expects David Davis to offer ‘UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER’ to EU Brexit demands

GERMANY expects David Davis to raise the white flag and offer “unconditional surrender” to the European Union’s Brexit demands in a ke [...]

How the FAILURE of EU fishing policy leads to illegal dumping of MILLIONS of fish

MORE than 31 million fish have been discarded illegally because European fisheries ministers are failing to comply with the EU’s reformed [...]

Theresa May wins first votes on EU Withdrawal Bill – despite fears over exit date REVOLT

BREXIT passed another milestone last night as MPs backed repealing the Act of Parliament which made European Union law supreme over Britain& [...]

Brexit MUTINY: LISTED – Tory Remainer MPs who voted AGAINST May in open Brexit rebellion

THERESA May is facing a “mutiny” that could derail Brexit as a rebellion threatens her majority. By TARYN TARRANT-CORNISH At least 15 T [...]

Jacob Rees-Mogg’s ROUSING pledge Britain’s economy will THRIVE if we have a CLEAN Brexit

BREXITEER Jacob Rees-Mogg insisted Brexit will bring “real opportunities” for Britons and will be “hugely economically advantageous” [...]

European Union officials preparing for December Brexit talks to end in failure

BRUSSELS officials are braced for crunch Brexit talks to end in failure next month, according to sources close to the negotiations. By SIMO [...]

EU bank unveils plans allowing lender to KEEP customers’ cash in future crisis

THE European Central Bank has outlined plans to freeze cash deposits of customers at failing banks in order to halt collapses. By REBECCA J [...]

EU citizens: Record numbers working in UK – official figures

Image copyrightPA The number of EU nationals working in the UK has reached a record level, figures from the Office for National Statistics [...]

EU nationals still allowed to bring foreign partners to UK despite Government ruling, European court rules

Judgment has major implications for people across the European Union The ECJ ruled against the Home Office’s claim that EU nationals w [...]

‘It will end in tears’ Germany will ‘not allow’ May to speak directly to members on Brexit

GERMANY will “not allow” Theresa May to ignore the EU’s two-week Brexit divorce bill deadline and address leaders direct at next month [...]
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