A short essay on Germany.

I was stationed in Germany as part of BAOR in the late 1960’s and found the German people to be very kind and welcoming on the whole w [...]

Britain warned not to rely on Angela Merkel to break Brexit deadlock after German election

THE UK should not rely on Angela Merkel to ease Brexit deadlock if she forms a government with the Free Democratic Part (FDP), a senior Germ [...]

Boris Johnson allies ‘trying to sway UK into paying £45bn bill to break Brexit deadlock’

BORIS Johnson allies believe UK should pay a £45billion divorce bill to break the deadlock over Brexit with the European Union, Whitehall s [...]

Canada’s trade deal with the EU will form the basis for Britain’s Brexit deal

Theresa May will meet with Justin Trudeau this week  CREDIT: STEFAN ROUSSEAU /PA   Theresa May will pledge to use a trade deal already [...]

EU CENSORSHIP ROW: MEP accused of trying to suppress cartoons critical of bloc and Merkel

EURO politicians were today accused of trying to suppress political cartoons that are critical of the EU as a damaging censorship row threat [...]

We were hacked!

I am sorry that new posts on the site have not occurred for the last couple of days.  The site had a major hacking incident. A couple of we [...]

‘A mistake we WON’T make again’ German election could KILL Macron-Juncker eurozone dream

FEDERALIST dreams of a more deeply integrated eurozone stand on a knife-edge this week as eurocrats nervously await the outcome of a German [...]

‘Get on with Brexit’ IDS loses it at Sky News host over Boris Johnson intervention

CONSERVATIVE MP Iain Duncan-Smith raged at a Sky News host as the pair clashed over Boris Johnson’s Brexit intervention. By DARREN HUNT T [...]

‘Europe is the past!’ Jacob Rees-Mogg says UK to enter glory days with Boris’ Brexit plan

BRITAIN will be on its strongest footing since World War Two under Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan, Jacob Rees-Mogg said. By ALIX CULBERTSON [...]

Jacob Rees-Mogg BACKS Boris Johnson Brexit pledges and SLAMS his ‘noisy’ Remoaner critics

JACOB Rees–Mogg has defended Boris Johnson’s vision for Brexit and claimed the NHS will have extra money, as long as “we do not agree [...]

‘EVERYONE wants a trade deal with Britain’ EU shamed over Icelandic minister claims

THE UK is one of the biggest economies and “everyone” will want to do a trade deal with Britain after it has left the European Union, a [...]

EU EXPOSED: How Brussels uses YOUR cash to fund people smugglers in £260 MILLION scheme

BRITISH taxpayers cash is being handed to people claiming to be former people smugglers in Africa to help set up new businesses in an Europe [...]

Juncker climbdown: EU ‘clarifies’ chief’s remarks on eurozone after German media firestorm

EUROCRATS today took the highly unusual step of issuing a formal clarification over Jean-Claude Juncker’s remarks about all member states [...]

Germany and France want to ‘suspend’ open border-rule amid growing terror concerns

GERMAN and French officials are pressing for the right to suspend passport-free border rules for up to four years amid growing concern about [...]

GERMAN FEARS: Car giant BMW admits prospect of hard Brexit is ‘VERY uncomfortable’

GERMAN car giant BMW has admitted any post-Brexit trade tarrifs would have a massive impact on its business. By SIMON OSBORNE GETTY German [...]

Merkel under pressure: German Chancellor backs Juncker’s dream of EU finance minister

ANGELA Merkel appears to have bowed down to pressure from Jean-Claude Juncker over plans for a European finance minister in a desperate effo [...]

Juncker’s all-powerful EU dream iS DOOMED, says president’s own deputy!

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker’s grand dream for an all-powerful EU president appeared to be going up in smoke today as even his deputy admitted it i [...]

How May plans to crack Europe: Government reveals key new Brexit strategy in job advert

MINISTERS today revealed a key new strategy to help them gain the upper hand in the Brexit negotiations – in a job advert for two new [...]

EU governments accused of letting down businesses by REFUSING to talk post-Brexit trade

THE EU 27 have been accused of adopting a “see no evil, hear no evil speak no evil” attitude because they are refusing to discuss post-B [...]

Revolt against EU: Farage warns Europe must stand up to ‘Brussels bully boys’

NIGEL Farage hinted there will be a revolt against the European Union as he praised the eastern bloc for continuing to stand up to Brussels [...]

Is Britain about to SPLIT the EU on Brexit? May speech could spark pandemonium in Brussels

THERESA May’s big Brexit speech later this month could spark a catfight within the European Union and drive a wedge between the member sta [...]

Brexit talks with EU ‘oligarchs’ is RISK to eurozone NOT UK economy – Wetherspoon’s boss

BREXIT threats from unelected European Union (EU) “oligarchs” will hurt long-suffering eurozone states far more than UK companie [...]

Eurozone on the BRINK: EU banks eliminate 50,000 jobs in just ONE YEAR

THE beleaguered Eurozone is facing increasing woe after more than 9,000 European Union banks were closed last year, at the cost of around 50 [...]

REVEALED: Theresa May’s ally Damian Green will be her secret Brexit weapon

DAMIAN Green has become Theresa May’s right hand man in Downing Street and, as first secretary of state his negotiator role is key as Brex [...]

Juncker’s ABSOLUTE RULE: All-powerful president, EU-wide Euro, EU army – all WITHOUT vote

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has delivered his much-anticipated State of the Union speech with a snub to Britain by insisting the European Union (EU) [...]

‘You’ll regret it!’ EU Parliament erupts as Juncker SWIPES at UK ‘Brexit isn’t everything’

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker has lashed out at the UK’s decision to leave the European Union as he addressed MEPs this morning, insisting Britain w [...]

‘Europe doesn’t work’ MEP rages at Juncker and demands member states get sovereignty back

AN AUSTRIAN MEP has slammed the European Union and Jean-Claude Juncker prompting the president to walk out mid-speech. By REBECCA FLOOD Har [...]

‘Democracy will be crushed’ Tory MEPs warn Juncker’s EU superstate won’t tolerate dissent

BRITISH politicians this afternoon sounded the alarm about EU boss Jean-Claude Juncker’s bold plans for the future of the bloc, saying the [...]

Eurozone could be set to CRASH: Expert warns ECB has fears over rapidly rising Euro

THE European Central Bank fears that the Euro might CRASH after its value has been rapidly increasing against the dollar, a top economist ha [...]

‘Thank God we’re leaving!’ Nigel Farage TERRIFIED at Juncker’s plan for UNDEMOCRATIC EU

NIGEL Farage demolished the EU’s State of the Union address today using just a handful of sentences to expose the bloc as an in increa [...]
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