Remainers demanding ‘soft Brexit’ are ‘PUNISHING’ voters, blasts Rees-Mogg

JACOB REES-MOGG has warned voters about Remainers hoping to keep Britain attached to the European Union by pushing for a soft Brexit. By JO [...]

‘The line has been drawn!’ Brexit negotiations STANDOFF as Brussels make HUGE legal demand

BREXIT talks are veering towards a stand-off with Brussels refusing to back down on a huge judicial demand. By JOEY MILLAR With negotiation [...]

‘We won’t help you’ German industry prepared to lose UK trade to protect EU

THE president of the federation of German industry has warned his country will prioritise protecting the single market over securing a good [...]

Theresa May plays G20 Trump card in attempt to quell Tory rebellion

Prime Minister Theresa May meets US President Donald Trump during the G20 summit. CREDIT: GETTY IMAGES EUROPE  Gordon Rayner, political [...]

Does Brexit’s EU-Budget Pinch Really Hurt? Yes! Cry the Mayors

By Jonathan Stearns Europe’s local governments wary of cuts in regional funding Campaign underway to protect billions of euros in annual a [...]

Why keep EU? Parliamentarian says votes don’t mean anything

‘Brexit is an ongoing battle to stop globalization’   BOB UNRUH A new video series produced by filmmaker Geoffrey Botkin in [...]

European Union-Norway crab row could fuel oil tensions in Arctic

On the face of it, a relentless battle between the European Union and Norway in a remote part of the Arctic is about snow crabs. AFP  |  [...]

The European Union and national interests

Muhammad Mahmood Nation states tend to be defined by their sense of nationhood and also by their territoriality and notionally fixed boundar [...]

Not a done deal! Japan dismisses EU trade deal and says UK could OVERTAKE Brussels

JAPAN’S ambassador to the UK has played down news of a trade deal with the EU, claiming that the agreement could take years to finalis [...]

If May and the Government were honest about leaving the EU, this is the plan that they should follow in its entirety.

Although this website is generally non-Partisan, it recognises that the UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten is one of the most informed members of the E [...]

‘Winners and losers’ Merkel exploits Trump protectionism to secure EU-Japan trade deal

EUROPEAN Union officials are “ecstatic” as Angela Merkel exploits Donald Trump’s protectionism to push through a landmark trade deal w [...]

EU is demanding billions for things which might never happen, says Brexit analyst

THE EU’s attempt to saddle Britain with a crippling bill for daring to leave the union will see Europe demanding billions in contingency c [...]

UK leaves fishing convention amid Brexit talks

Countries are allowed to fish within 6 to 12 nautical miles of the coastline, according to the convention. (Photo: Ben Sutherland) By ESZTE [...]

UK slated to lead EU military mission — after Brexit

Britain’s battlegroup commitments highlight defense dilemma. By TOM MCTAGUE AND NICHOLAS VINOCUR   The Johan de Witt, used by the E [...]

EU chief Juncker calls European Parliament ‘ridiculous’

By Hilary Clarke  EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker says the European Parliament has shown it’s “not serious.” Story highlight [...]

Brexit: Minister appointed to negotiate Britain’s withdrawal wants European Union ‘wholly torn down’

Exclusive: Steve Baker MP makes comments at right-wing Libertarian Alliance conference in 2010 The newest member of Theresa May’s Brexi [...]

‘Brussels needs London’ City holds major Brexit card as EU CAN’T give up financial hub

LONDON holds a major Brexit card as the European Union will not want to lose its value, an expert has said. By CHRIS CAMPBELL Finance lobby [...]

BRUSSELS BLOCK: EU send back British workers away from ‘sensitive’ Brexit meetings

BRUSSELS has started to systematically shut out British firms and workers from sensitive European discussions as it prepares for Brexit, it [...]

EU should raise its OWN taxes to foster loyalty amongst citizens says arch euro federalist

BRUSSELS should be given the power to raise taxes directly from citizens and companies to foster a sense of loyalty to the bloc, an arch pro [...]

ITALY IN CRISIS: 85,000 people apply for just THIRTY jobs at state bank

ITALY’S financial crisis has been laid bare after it emerged 85,000 people applied for just 30 jobs at a bank as rising unemployment cripp [...]

‘Locked up for catching a third fish’ UK MEP savages EU Parliament over fishing policy

BRITISH MEP David Coburn launched a scathing attack on his colleagues in the European Parliament, slamming their “absurd” fisheries poli [...]

‘All talk, no trousers’ Macron bashed over migration stance as shine wears off in Brussels

EMMANUEL Macron was today blasted over his ‘un-European’ stance on migration as signs began to emerge that the new French president’s [...]

Britain’s economy to outperform France, Germany and Eurozone, says bombshell report

BRITAIN is in line to outperform France, Germany and the entire Eurozone post-Brexit, according to new figures. By KATIE MANSFIELD GETTY   [...]

Severing ties with the EU starts in DAYS as transferring of laws to begin NEXT WEEK

BREXIT secretary David Davis has said that legislation regarding the transfer of European Union (EU) laws into British ones should start nex [...]

EU chief says he expects Britain to take part in EU plan to relocate refugees from Africa

A TOP eurocrat today said he expects Britain to take part in a proposed EU scheme to relocate genuine refugees from Africa to Europe, which [...]

Juncker’s EU party facing mass walk out as France rebels against Strasbourg closure

A FRENCH MEP has threatened a mass walk out of the most powerful European political party if the EU closes its white elephant parliament in [...]

Google’s gigantic fine shows why Britain was right to leave the EU

Andre Walker, Observer Europeans love to tell the British they no longer have an empire anymore, and that becoming a region of the EU is so [...]

‘We’re more eurosceptic than the UK!’ Dutch MP savages ‘failing’ European Union

A DUTCH MP has dealt the European Union a blow, insisting there is still life in the eurosceptic movement to carry out their own Brexit refe [...]

‘It’s not over!’ Juncker admits Eurosceptic revolution could still rise to DESTROY EU

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker today admitted that the eurosceptic surge which swept the continent last year is “not over” and could still threaten [...]

‘They’re in denial!’ EU bosses condemned for demanding rights to fine Britain AFTER Brexit

THERESA May was urged last night to stand up to Brussels after the bloc’s leaders said the European Court of Justice should retain power o [...]
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