If May and the Government were honest about leaving the EU, this is the plan that they should follow in its entirety.

Although this website is generally non-Partisan, it recognises that the UKIP MEP, Gerard Batten is one of the most informed members of the E [...]

It seems that the EU’s cavalier approach to its own Law has infected the UK Government.

On the 29th April, 2017 I sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department for Exiting the European Union (DEXEU) asking them  [...]



Germany’s stock market CRASHES to lowest level in months as car makers face double crisis

GERMANY’S top stock index was flashing red after shares in the country’s biggest carmakers plunged over a fresh investigation in [...]

Britain is ‘ready to give EU citizens free movement for years to come’

BRITAIN is ready to maintain free movement for EU citizens during a transition period lasting a number of years after the official moment of [...]

‘You’re a shambles, Merkel!’ German leader warned 750,000 jobs on line over Brexit stance

ANGELA Merkel’s administration was today branded a shambles over Brexit as industry leaders warned 750,000 manufacturing jobs face the axe [...]

Brussels takes on MERKEL: EU collusion probe could seriously damage German car industry

RELATIONS between Brussels and Berlin could be set to plummet after EU officials confirmed they were investigating alleged market abuse by G [...]

‘Project Fear is WRONG’ Fuming economist fires at Oxford academic in HUGE row over Brexit

A LEADING economist has ripped into Oxford professor in a heated row over the effects of Brexit, insisting “Project Fear” would “conti [...]

‘We RELY on you’ Ireland panic as Brexit threatens £53.5bn short-cut across UK for exports

IRELAND’S food exporting ‘short-cut’ to Europe via the UK could be cut after Brexit, the country’s haulage experts have warned. By  [...]

‘It’s not a huge deal’ Liam Fox reveals transitional Brexit deal could last UNTIL 2022

LIAM FOX shrugged off growing anger from Michel Barnier and European Union negotiators over Brexit talks, saying it was more important that [...]

‘They’re irrational!’ Professor blasts ‘bizarre’ EU negotiators over Brexit talks

A PROFESSOR has blasted European Union negotiators for their treatment of the UK in Brexit talks, saying the bloc is “bizarre” and “ir [...]

EU demands child benefit for its workers in UK – even for those born AFTER Brexit

THE European Union has demanded access child benefits for its workers in Britain – even if the off-spring are born after Brexit has be [...]

Desperate France demands access deal to British waters or there ‘won’t be any fishing’

THE French fishing minister wants compromise over access to British waters after the UK cuts ties with Brussels, as he is terrified there [...]

Theresa May shock: Prime Minister under fire ‘as MPs plot to sign no confidence letter’

THERESA May could face an early exit from Downing Street after 15 MPs agreed to sign a letter of no confidence in the Prime Minister, it has [...]

Brussels ‘POWERLESS’ to stop UK-US deal – and trade talks could spell disaster for EU

BRITAIN is to start informal talks with the US over a post-Brexit trade deal on Monday – and experts believe this could spell huge tro [...]

Voters don’t want ‘stable’ they want a dynamic leader pushing Brexit says Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jacob Rees-Mogg has slated the Tory’s election campaign as he revealed the disastrous outcome was a repetition of history which [...]

Is Germany heading for stock market disaster? German carmakers at risk of export meltdown

GERMANY’S biggest carmakers are at risk of an export-related meltdown that could trigger a huge stock sell-off in the Eurozone’s [...]

EUROZONE WARNING: Now fears for IRELAND’S economy as shock figures show nation on brink

IRELAND’S economy is loaded with more debt and MUCH smaller than previously thought, shock figures reveal. By LANA CLEMENTS GETTY     [...]

Britain’s payment to Brussels DOUBLES after EU chiefs claim UK has UNDERPAID

BRITAIN was forced to hand over hundreds of millions of pounds extra to Brussels in June, after the European Commission claimed the UK has u [...]

EU has upper hand? Deprived of UK cash bloc will be on brink of COLLAPSE, says ROSS CLARK

THERE is a received wisdom among diehard Remainers that the EU has the upper hand in the negotiations regarding Britain’s exit from the EU [...]

EU latest Brexit threat: Now Brussels wants to BILL YOU for using healthcare in Europe

BRITISH travellers will lose their free healthcare in Europe under tough new proposals put forward by the European Union during Brexit talks [...]

Bar calls for ‘shared tribunal’ to hear EU cases in UK

 The EU, however, is likely to insist that its Court of Justice has jurisdiction over the rights of member states’ citizens in the UK   [...]

Now YOU pay for Paris’ new Metro line: EU milks UK taxpayers with £11bn pre-Brexit splurge

BRITISH taxpayers will have to stump up for Paris to build a new underground line as Brussels embarks on an £11 billion splurge using UK ca [...]

Britain ‘warns Brussels it could send RADIOACTIVE waste back to EU countries if Brexit talks turn sour’

UK told Brussels nuclear material could be shipped back to Germany and Italy We sit on the world’s largest stockpile of civilian plut [...]

Pro-migrant policies could result in collapse of European Union

Written by: Daniel Waldron and Sanwar Ali Edited by: Sanwar Ali Photo by ell brown on Flickr In an unprecedented move, the European Unio [...]

Lawyers for Britain need our help.

I do not donate to any of the Brexit Campaign groups because, quite frankly, they are not doing anything more than disseminating knowledge o [...]

Barnier talks imports! Brussels adds TRADE to agenda before Brexit divorce bill is decided

EUROPEAN Union Brexit negotiators look set to break their own rules by adding trade to the agenda as talks resume in Brussels. By SIMON OSB [...]

‘No backbone!’ EU’s ambition to be a big global player DESTROYED by its own former judge

BRUSSELS will never fulfil its ambition of becoming a serious global leader because it has no “backbone” on the world stage, one of its [...]

EU finally devises ‘formula’ for Brexit bill – and it could hit 12 FIGURES

THE European Union’s chief negotiator Michel Barnier has devised a formula for working out just how much Britain will be billed for leavin [...]

‘Listen – you might learn something!’ Duncan Smith snaps at German host in huge Brexit row

IAIN DUNCAN SMITH raged at a German TV host after a quizzing about how the UK should enter Brexit talks. By DARREN HUNT The veteran Conserv [...]

‘Hardest of the hard Brexits’ City lobby group says firms are preparing for full EU exit

BRITISH businesses will be preparing for the “hardest of the hard Brexits” as EU divorce talks progress, a London lobby group boss has w [...]

Corbyn’s EU interference could WRECK Brexit deal… and save us BILLIONS – Jacob Rees-Mogg

EXCLUSIVE: Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon’s visit to Brussels yesterday was pointless as they will have no influence over Brexit negoti [...]

Post Brexit Britain’s economy will FLOURISH, Spanish business bosses say

SPANISH business tycoons insisted the UK will flourish post-Brexit as an independent nation. By REBECCA FLOOD GETTY          Bi-latera [...]
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