Voters narrowly favour exit — European Union referendum poll

An image of the Union flag is displayed on the wall of the Houses of Parliament as part of the festivities for the closing ceremony of the 2012 London Olympic Games in London

A poll from YouGov found that a majority of the United Kingdom electorate would vote for a Brexit, but a separate study from Survation concluded most people wanted to stay within the 28-nation bloc.

YouGov had shown a lead of 10 points for the “stay” campaign as recently as June, suggesting this summer’s refugee crisis has caused a shift in British public opinion.

Quizzing Tory members specifically on whether their leader should campaign during the referendum, 30 percent saidthey thought Cameron should actively campaign to stay in, while 22 percent said he should campaign for a British exit.

Paul Kenny, General Secretary of Britain’s third largest trade union, the GMB, used a fiery speech to delegates at the Labour conference in Brighton to hit back at those whobelieve the party should campaign to stay in at any cost. Due to be held before the close of 2017, the referendum has been the focus of much controversy in recent months.

Labour is also divided over the issues, with Jeremy Corbyn and shadow chancellor John McDonnell supporting those who want to make protecting workers’ rights a condition of the party’s backing for the EU.

Shadow global desk Hilary Benn and Labour reprint coordinator Tom Watson aided combat travels to force get together to initiate a natural stance similar to the Conservatives among the coming referendum, as per The Times.

Prime Minister David Cameron has promised to reform Britain’s European Union ties before a membership vote by the end of 2017. He has said he wants Britain to stay in a reformed EuropeanUnion, but rules nothing out if he cannot get the changes he wants.

More Britons are now in favour of leaving the European Union than staying in, according to a YouGov poll conducted for The Times.

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