‘Arrogant and complacent’ ministers admit Government is not prepared for a ‘Brexit’

THE Government has admitted it has made “no preparations” for Britain leaving the European Union (EU), despite public opinion swinging in favour of a so-called Brexit.

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The Government has admitted they have not many any preparations for a Brexit

Ukip has accused ministers of “arrogance” and “complacency” over the lack of forward planning for the UK’s sudden exit, which could happen as soon as next spring after a long-promised referendum is held.

David Cameron has promised a public vote on Britain’s membership of the EU by the end of 2017, although the exact timing remains a mystery.

A series of recent polls have suggested public opinion is swinging in favour of the UK quitting the 28-member bloc.

But a Foreign Office spokesman told that no plans were in place for how to manage an exit from the union.

He said: “The government has made no preparations for withdrawing from the EU.”

Minister for Europe David Lidington has insisted the Government is “focused on delivering a successful renegotiation”.

He said: “It believes it can and will succeed in reforming and renegotiating our relationshipwith the EU and campaigning to keep the UK in the EU on that basis.”

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Polls are suggesting public opinion is swaying in favour of the UK quitting the EU

After seeing the response from senior government officials, Ukip MEP James Carver responded: “It is hard to work out which is worse, the Government’s arrogance or its complacency.

“When the UK votes to leave, the refusal to even contemplate the fact will instantly put the country at a disadvantage when it comes to getting the best deal possible for this country.”


Ukip has accused ministers of “arrogance” over the lack of forward planning

There has been a narrowing in EU referendum polls in recent weeks, making Britain’s exit look increasingly likely.

In September, an ICM poll gave the ‘In’ camp a slim three per cent lead, while another survey at the beginning of the month put those opting for a Brexit ahead on 51 per cent.

Ukip-backed Eurosceptic campaign group Leave.EU said it was “no surprise” that the Government had failed to prepare for an ‘Out’ vote.

Businessman Richard Tice of Leave.EU said: “The government have not even clarified on a piece of paper their objectives in a renegotiation.

David CameronREUTERS

David Cameron has promised a public vote on Britain’s membership of the EU

“Since they want to remain in at all costs, and believe that a vote to remain in is inevitable, so it is no surprise that they will have done no planning for what happens if the vote is to leave.

“As the opinion polls show the vote is no neck and neck and moving our way, so they must now start planning as a matter of urgency.”

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