Brussels fat cat who has TWO chauffeurs blasted for wasting THOUSANDS in taxpayers’ cash

THE head of the European Union Parliament has been slammed by fellow MEPs for wasting taxpayers’ cash.

GETTY•GETTY Schulz gets a massive £227,000-a-year in salary and allowances

Germany’s Martin Schulz – who receives up to a massive £227,000-a-year in salary and allowances alone – has two luxury limousines, two chauffeurs and a staggering 35 assistants, according to a report filed by Parliament members.

They claimed the socialist politician – who has called member states to make higher financial contributions – was setting a “bad example”.

 The annual review of the Parliament’s finances said it “notes with concern that the large number of staff based in the office of the president of the European Parliament is highly questionable”.


Mr Schulz is head of the EU Parliament

The 59-year-old has been an MEP for 21 years.

His excessive staff team boasts of five press officers, a spokesman, two diary assistants and even two ushers dressed in black tails to greet guests – which is believed to cost the taxpayer more than £1million.

The report said: “This sets a bad example for cost reduction and fiscal responsibility within Parliament.”

Eurosceptics were outraged by the revelation – with Ukip leader Nigel Farage blasting Mr Schulz over the revelation.

Mr Farage said: “The Queen of Sheba probably had less staff, certainly less chauffeurs.

“I can’t decide if Martin Schulz is a Bollinger Bolshevik or a Foie Gras Federalist.

“What this report shows is that the president of the European Parliament is greedy for EU gravy. He loves the EU because it’s good for him personally.”


Mr Farage blasted Mr Schulz over his bloated team

But one of Mr Schulz defended the serial spending, blaming EU driving laws for the leader’s need for two chauffeurs.

He said: “Two drivers are needed to meet the high mobility requirements of the president which would not be possible with one driver while at the same time following legislation on rest time.

“Two cars are needed because there are many times when the president travels one part of a journey by car, then takes a plane or train, and then still needs a car when he arrives at his destination.

“If we had only one car, then Parliament would need to hire a car for the second part of this mission.”

The press officer claimed the politician employed fewer staff than his two predecessors.


Schulz has two limousines

It comes just a month after it was revealed that EU bureaucrats put a staggering £85million on credit cards issued to pay for meals and hotels in just one year.

Around 13,000 EU employees were given the credit cards – meaning they spent an average of £6,000 each in 2013.

The majority of cardholders were based in Belgium but 143 UK-based officials spent £36,000 – or £250 each.

The cards are linked to the bureaucrats’ own bank accounts, meaning they can make personal purchases as well.
They then apply to the European Commission for money to pay off the credit card bill.

But EU sources refused to disclose how much of the £85.9million was claimed back in expenses – because it would involve “lengthy and costly” research.

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