EU in crisis as Slovakia threatens to leave over controversial refugee quota

SLOVAKIA’S prime minister has threatened to leave the European Union over quotas to accept refugees fleeing war-torn countries.

The EU has proposed quotas for every member state to evenly house 120,000 refugees

Robert Fico warned that his country will head for the exit if the EU fails to impose a policy to deal with the influx of refugees entering Europe.

The EU is currently confused on how to deal with the record numbers of refugees, with policy makers left undecided on how to best tackle the situation.

 The fed-up prime minister claimed he is ready to propose “a discharge of his country from the European Union” if they are forced to keep taking refugees from the Middle east.


Mr Fico has blasted the quotas in the past

Mr Fico – who has grown weary of being forced to accept refugees as an EU member state – said he “could not accept compulsory admission quotas, since it is completely uncertain what they mean in practice”.

Last week Slovakia opened legal action against the EU’s plan to force member states to accept a number of refugees.


Thousands of refugees have fled to Europe to escape war-ravaged countries

Slovakia – along with the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania – opposed the mandatory quotas put forward by the EU to redistribute 120,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece.

But the member states were outvoted by EU interior ministers.


Many are fleeing Syria where ISIS currently controls vast swathes of land

We have been refusing this nonsense from the beginning, and as a sovereign country we have the right to sue

Robert Fico

After the vote Mr Fico said Slovakia will “go in two directions” by either filing a charge against the EU or refusing to accept the quota.

But now the bullish prime minister has threatened to pull the country out of the EU altogether.

According to Britbart, he said: “We have been refusing this nonsense from the beginning, and as a sovereign country we have the right to sue.”

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