Editorial – can none of the political commentators make the connection?

The EU has presided over mass immigration from the Levant and Africa for more than two years.  Under the claim of ‘humanitarianism, they have systematically colluded to bring the migrants to Europe without any attempt to stop them, indeed they were deliberately picking them up from the boats and bringing them to Europe in Naval ships.  The situation became so ridiculous that the People Traffickers were actually telephoning the European Coast Guards and telling them the time and route of the migrant boats in order that they would be picked up immediately.

Now that the traffickers have found shorter and safer routes between Turkey and the Greek islands we find that the migrants are leaving Greece and travelling up through Macedonia and Hungary en masse.  The protestations from Hungary are falling on deaf ears and the attempts by Hungary to stop them and uphold the rule of Law  has met with disapprobation and threats from the EU.  The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in her alter-ego as the head of the European Union announced that Germany would be taking 800,000 Syrians and that the rest of the EU members must make similar commitments to take in ‘their fair share’ of immigrants.

Merkel somehow managed to persuade the German population that such immigration would be good for Germany.  The German people responded initially in welcoming the first group of until it became obvious that German bureaucracy was being swamped and that there was just not enough places to house such a massive influx.  Then the attitude of the German people swiftly changed.  It was time for the EU to rethink the situation in face of such dissatisfaction from the normally well behaved and compliant Germans.

In the last two weeks or so, the EU trumpeted that the had reached an agreement with President Erdogan of Turkey in which they would restrict the flow of migrants between Turkey and the Greek Islands.  The price of this accord was that Turkish People would have better conditions for visas to the EU.  Germany also announced that it was repatriating 400,000 ‘asylum seekers’ that did not qualify for asylum.

At last, the EU appeared to be doing something about the disaster of what amounts to an ‘invasion’ by migrants, but not so.

Turkey's President Tayyip Erdoğan (L) poses with European Parliament President Martin Schulz ahead of a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium October 5, 2015. Reuters Photo

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdoğan (L) poses with European Parliament President Martin Schulz ahead of a meeting at the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium October 5, 2015. Reuters Photo

In the last couple of days, we hear that Martin Schulz has been in discussion with Erdogan with a view to allow the long awaited (By Turkey) accession to the EU.  Turkey applied for membership back in 2004 on the same day as Croatia.  Croatia joined the EU in 2014 but not Turkey as it was announced last year that Turkey had still not done enough to comply with the EU’s version of ‘Human Rights’ and would have to do more before they became members.  It was reported earlier this year that Turkey was becoming less than enamoured with the EU and that it was no longer so keen to join.

Now we find, that despite the agreement for Turkey to limit the amount of migrants to Greece, Schultz is actually encouraging the accession of Turkey to the EU which will give 77 Million Turkish Muslims the automatic right to enter and travel across the EU but also, apparently, the 2 -3 Million Syrian refugees (they actually are still classed as refugees until they attempt to leave Turkey) will also be able to take advantage of the free movement as they will automatically be within the EU if Turkey accedes.  This is not to even mention all of the Middle Eastern would be migrants from the countries surrounding Turkey’s porous borders.
Not only will Turkeys accession to the EU completely negate any agreement with the EU to limit refugee movement into Europe, it will actually exacerbate the problem.
Nobody ever accused the EU of not being devious but it seems they are making new bounds to flood the EU with immigrants in order to break down Nationalism in the EU States in preparation for a Federalized Europe before the EU itself loses its own impetus and becomes unable to persuade the populations.
What I cannot understand is:  If I have noticed the ‘anomoly’, why have the press across Europe not picked up on it?  Are they really so blind?

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