Swiss Lawmaker Skeptical of EU-US Signing Trade Deal


Switzerland is not a European Union member and is not included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty. However, EU countries including Germany and France, as well as the United States, are among Switzerland’s largest trade partners.

MOSCOW (Sputnik), Daria Chernyshova – Ongoing disputes over the protracted and secretive talks on a wide-ranging trade agreement between the United States and the European Union spell doom for a successful conclusion to the pact, a lawmaker of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP) told Sputnik.

“I am not sure they can really get together in a free trade agreement, the European Union and the United States, because we still see fights going on,” Alfred Heer said.

Switzerland is not a European Union member and is not included in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) treaty. However, EU countries including Germany and France, as well as the United States, are among Switzerland’s largest trade partners.

Heer underlined that the United States is not a reliable partner as it seeks to “impose sanctions and impose duties, penalties on foreign companies, like Swiss banks.”

“They want always to have it all, and the others to have nothing. They want to rule the world,” Heer said.

TTIP has been strongly criticized in part for the unusual secrecy in which it has been negotiated. Leaked texts of the treaty detail undue benefits for multinational corporations.

TTIP’s proponents claim it will spur economic growth among large companies, while opponents observe that the pact undermines environmental, health, safety and labor standards, as well as the sovereign rights of nations to create and manage their own regulatory trade structure.

The strength of Switzerland’s national currency improves long-term economic prospects and demonstrates a public trust, the lawmaker told Sputnik.A strong Swiss franc has become a contentious issue as the country heads for parliamentary elections on October 18, behind fears of it’s negative effect on the country’s export-oriented economy.

“After all normally it is a good thing that you have a strong currency because it shows that the people trust the country, the currency. In the long run, strong currency is an advantage,” Alfred Heer said.

Heer argued that, in addition to making goods more expensive for buyers outside Switzerland, a strong franc reduced the costs of imports, including fuels, oil and manufacturing goods.

“So some people lose, some people win,” he stressed.

The Swiss franc soared after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) said in January it would no longer hold the franc at a fixed exchange rate with the euro. A minimum exchange rate for the franc against the euro (1.20 franc per euro) was introduced in 2011 amid the eurozone crisis.

Switzerland Must Establish Friendly Ties With Russia 

“I think sanctions are never a good idea, and Russia is part of Europe and we should seek to have a good understanding with Russia. This is now in danger,” Alfred Heer said, stating that it is his belief that the United States is trying to split Russia and Western Europe.

The lawmaker observed that European Union relations with Moscow deteriorated after Brussels followed the United States in imposing anti-Russia sanctions over a year ago. The Swiss lawmaker suggested several reasons to improve ties with Russia.”I think Europe should really work better together with Russia, because we will have a big power with Russia, with the energy they have, also with the know-how, and we should seek to have peace and understanding rather than what we have now,” Heer said.

Switzerland Must Remain Independent From Malfunctioning EU

Switzerland must preserve its independence from the European Union due to the bloc’s failures:

Switzerland’s ties with the European Union will be tested in an October 18 parliamentary election, following last year’s referendum introducing 2017 EU migrant quotas.

“We should remain independent because you see that the EU is not working,” SVP’s Alfred Heer said.

Heer argued in favor of maintaining trade and economic ties with Brussels, but maintains that political cooperation must be avoided as it “is dominated probably by Germany and maybe backed by the United States.”

“For us the European Union is not a light of democracy because we have direct democracy in Switzerland and we do not want to be part of the European Union,” he underscored.

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