Britain’s steel industry at risk thanks to meddling EU laws

THE European Union is putting Britain’s steel industry at risk due to its ban on subsidising industries, officials have claimed.

EU laws do not allow governments to subsidies industries  GETTY

North Lincolnshire Council refused to give a tax break to Tata Steel’s struggling Scunthorpeplant because it would be illegal under EU law.Labour councillors wanted to grant a reprieve on business rates to preserve jobs after hearing there would be 900 job losses at the plant.

But the Conservative-led council insisted that it cannot because EU laws prevent countries from subsidising industries.


Tata announced 900 job losses at its Scunthorpe steelworks  GETTY


Council leader Liz Redfern said the council is doing everything it can – but EU laws are preventing it from providing assistance to the plant.She said: “In terms of business rates, the Council has been looking very carefully at this, however the barrier we face is that of EU state aid laws which prevent countries from unfairly subsidising one industry over another.

“The legal advice we received is clear in that the Council would be acting illegally if it simply stopped collecting business rates from Tata.

Ms Redfern said the council is asking the government to enquire whether the council will be able to offer any support. 
She said: “We have, however, asked ministers to look at what they can do at a national and EU level to see if there is a legal mechanism that would allow assistance to be provided.But she added: “It is a fact that EU law and international trade agreements do not allow Governments to provide subsidies to their industries.”


Ms Redfern said the council cannot give the company a tax break because of EU laws  HUMBER

Ukip’s Jane Collins warned of Brussels’ powers over British industries.She told Breitbart: “People think the EU is all immigration and bendy bananas, but there’s virtually no part of our lives to doesn’t stick its nose into.”

Jane Collins

Ms Collins said the general public has misconceptions of EU powers  GETTY

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