Hungary ‘will not accept’ refugees from other European Union states

His office also issued a statement on Sunday calling for “an immediate operational response from the EU” that should “ease the burden on the most exposed countries”.

The bulk of the refugees came from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq.

To the north, an AFP correspondent witnessed another boat foundering off the island of Lesbos, with a group of desperate people perched on the roof screaming for help.

The second boat sank off the coast of Didim, a few 450 kilometers (280 miles) south of Canakkale, on route to the island of Samos.

Several hundred spent a night out in the cold on the Austrian side of the border before reaching Germany, as the Austrian authorities said they had run out of beds for them.

Germany has announced it is to restrict the number of entry points for refugees and migrants arriving from Austria.

Slovenia and Austria are also considering measures to tighten their borders and put more control on the influx of migrants.

Over 60,000 migrants and refugees heading to Germany and Austria arrived in Slovenia over the past week, having changed route after Hungary sealed its borders.

Although rescue officials in Greece and Turkey managed to pull another 157 people from the water, such drownings have become a nearly daily occurrence as thousands of people courageous high seas to make the crossing on flimsy, overloaded vessels.

African migrants seeking a better life in Europe often try to reach Spain by crossing the Mediterranean Sea from Morocco.

At least 21 people, including nine children, drowned in the Aegean Sea on Friday, as refugees desperately try to reach Europe before winter sets in.

Thousands of refugees, mainly from the Middle East, are trying to reach Europe in overcrowded boats and rubber dinghies even temperatures drop.

Germany’s vice chancellor is blasting what he describes as irresponsible bickering in Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc over the migrant crisis.

Slovenia’s PM Miro Cerar warned the other EU leaders gathered in Brussels on Sunday that the Union will “start falling apart” if members do not develop a sound and effective strategy to deal with the mass influx of refugees and migrants via the Balkans.

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic blamed Greece for failing to control its maritime border with Turkey, while Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras pointed to a lack of solidarity within the EU.

“The migrants did not enter the European Union zone from Hungary; they entered from Greece, [to] where they should be sent”, Lazar added.

Speaking in parliament Friday, Tsipras said that the Aegean is washing up “not just dead children, but the very civilization of Europe”.

Some 6,000 people arrived in the Passau area alone on Thursday police said

Some 6,000 people arrived in the Passau area alone on Thursday police said

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