UKIP leader Nigel Farage to speak in Gloucester on Monday

ON Monday, Nigel Farage will visit Gloucestershire as part of his ‘Say No to EU’ national tour to advocate Britain voting to leave the European Union in the upcoming referendum.

Ahead of the UKIP leader’s speech, the party’s Stroud chairman explained why he believes Britain should leave the EU, while Stroud’s MP argued in favour of staying in.

Stuart Love, chairman of UKIP in Stroud

“The coming year is going to be vital in shaping the future both in Stroud, with the local elections next May, and with the EU Referendum, when the Conservatives finally muster the courage to set a date.

“Locally, we face huge problems, whether from the poverty demonstrated by so many families in Stroud being dependent on the food bank, or by the Conservative government withdrawing tax credits, which will affect over 5,000 of our hardworking families in the Stroud district.

“Our NHS has been under massive pressure in the county at Gloucestershire Royal and elsewhere, and for the very first time ever Gloucestershire Constabulary will be forced to have less than 1,000 officers due to budget cuts, thereby compromising the safety and security of all Stroud residents.

“Add to this Stroud’s oversubscribed doctors’ surgeries and school places, and a deepening housing crisis with rents and property prices spiralling out of control.

“Next May will give us that opportunity and that voice.

“But there’s a bigger decision on the horizon.

“Come the EU referendum we need to vote to break free from the EU, to define our country’s future, to secure our borders, and make our own laws.

“We believe our membership of the EU should come to an end.

“We spend £55million a day for membership of this failing club of big bureaucrats, big money and big politics.

Neil Carmichael, Conservative MP for Stroud

“At the heart of the debate about Europe is the tension between those who want to reform Europe and those who want to leave at any price.

“The result of the referendum will help to define the nature of our nation for many decades to come. It is not just about the details of reform but, crucially, where we expect or want to be in relation to global developments and international challenges.

“Reforms are necessary.

“Migration, decision making processes, trade, internal markets and common policy areas are all in need of an overhaul through negotiation with our partners.

“However, for people ambitious about Britain’s future, confident of our capacity to shape events and determined to enable people to fulfil lives, the real question is how we develop to the UK’s benefit our membership of the European Union.

The question of the referendum, which will be held by the end of 2017, is: Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?

Nigel Farage will speak at the Glevum Hall, GL1 Leisure Centre, Gloucester, at 7pm on Monday (November 9). For tickets, visit

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