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Paris attacks undermine European Union refugee policy, says new Polish government

The continent is grappling with the around 800,000 immigrants who entered the bloc this year, mainly from the Middle East and Africa. Quite the opposite, after a century that saw two world wars fought on European soil, the E.U. showed how peace could be achieved not by building walls but destroying them.

“The [Paris] attacks mean the necessity of an even deeper revision of the European policy toward the migrant crisis”, he said. “Hopefully, a few people will open their eyes now”.

“Poland must retain full control over its borders, asylum and immigration”, said the new minister for European affairs, Konrad Szymanski. Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Romania voted against the quota system, but were overruled by their fellow member states. It is part of the risk of welcoming strangers, just as we all take calculated risks when we allow people we don’t know well into our homes.

“I would invite those in Europe who try to change the migration agenda we adopted”.

Even before Friday’s attacks in Paris, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, a Merkel ally, likened themore than 750,000 migrants who have come to Germany this year to an avalanche.

Warda Abdi, an asylum-seeker from Somalia chats with another asylum seeker from Syria [Photo by Sean Gallup / Getty Images]That said, the recent attacks in Paris have had a profound effect on Parisians and civilized people across the world and have been viewed by many, especially in the western world as a wake-up call.

A key ally of Ms. Merkel in Brussels, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, also spoke on Sunday of the urgent need to protect Europe’s external frontier.

The migrants streaming through Slovenia toward Austria, Germany and other wealthy European Union nations said Saturday the terror attacks resemble the wars that they are fleeing.

“The Paris attacks will seriously challenge the continuity of the Schengen Agreement, which eliminated border controls in Europe”. Though investigators could take a while to establish that figure, the initial reports don’t look good for one of the bedrock principles of the European Union. If confirmed, the Greek government statement that one of the terrorists reached Paris by entering the European Union as an alleged Syrian refugee will play mayhem with Germany’s open-door policies on immigration. Slovenia began building its own barrier with Croatia last week. Finland has run out of room in its refugee centers, and Sweden has imposed temporary border controls so authorities could keep up with new arrivals. “The one responsible for the attacks in Paris… he is a criminal and not a refugee and not an asylum seeker”, Mr Juncker said on the sidelines of the G20 summit in Turkey.

“The Administration’s policies and practices do not inspire confidence that they could or would implement proper vetting procedures for Syrian refugees that ensure the safety of the American people”.

But that same survey, which was conducted before the summer’s tide of refugees, also found a spike in public fears over security.

On his Facebook page, Salvini said “all Islamic communities” in Italy should be placed under close surveillance, adding: “The throat cutters and Islamic terrorists should be ELIMINATED with force!”

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