YIPPEE, We’re back with a new website. Click on this link

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After much sweat and personal expense in both time and money, I have managed to build a new website to replace the temporary one.

It has been a large learning curve for me as I have absolutely no experience of web design but, by sheer doggedness, I believe that I have come up with a new design that is much easier on the eye.

They new website has a similar 3 column layout to the Classic Google+ page where you can scroll down and see all of the latest articles with their accompanying thumbnail pirctures

There is still a little more work to do and I am sure that there must be one or two small bugs but I will try to sort them as they become obvious.  If you should come across any, please leave a comment under this posting or in Google+

Talking of comments, I am working on a facility for comments to each article on the website.  You will have to register to comment but hopefully, just the once.

I hope that you all enjoy the new site format and will visit it often to keep up with the news.

Peter Brown.

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