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Denmark holds the answer for Britain on European Union, says Boris Johnson

BRITAIN should be granted an opt-out from European Union laws to allow the Government to control migration, Boris Johnson has said.

Boris Johnson
Britain needs an EU opt-out to control migration, according to Boris Johnson   GETTY

The London mayor said Britain should be given a a Danish-style settlement by Brussels bureaucrats in order to “regain some control of borders”.

Denmark is exempted from several EU rules on justice and home affairs under the landmark Treaty of Amsterdam of 1997.

 After the ruling Denmark banned foreigners from buying houses in the country unless they had lived there legally for five years.

Boris Johnson

Mr Johnson said: “As I have said many times… I am a passionate believer in the benefits of migration.

Waves of talent from overseas have helped to make our capital the most dynamic urban economy in Europe.

“But it should be up to us in this country to decide – as they do in America and Australia – whom to admit and when to admit them.”

Boris Johnson boxing

He backed David Cameron’s plans to tackle benefit tourism   AFP

David Cameron hopes to emulate the Scandanivan country’s deal with the EU as he pushes to crack down on migrants’ access to benefits.

But Brussels bureaucrats have yet agree to his demand, with some leaders claiming it “breaches” key principles of the bloc.

And critics of the Prime Minister have claimed he is not prepared to lead Britain out of the EU even if the results of his negotiation are minimal.

David Cameron

The Prime Minister will travel to Brussels on Thursday    AFP

Mr Johnson said other leaders had given Britain the “bum’s rush” by failing to agree to Mr Cameron’s “four-year cooling-off period”.

He told the Telegraph: “The PM’s suggestion was modest, and sensible. It has been recklessly disregarded.

“This country could have a viable and exciting future outside the present EU arrangements.

If we are going to stay, we need reform; and if the Danes can have their special circumstances recognised, so can Britain.”

Mr Cameron is heading to the European Council summit in Brussels on Thursday to discuss his proposed reforms.

He is expected to emphasise that “levels of migration from the EU to the UK are a major concern for the British people”.

The Prime Minister has previously conceded no deal will be reached at the summit – and instead hopes to seal a package of reforms in February.

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