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UKIP pressure leads to Tory splits on EU membership for Turkey

After questioning from UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge Syed Kamall, Conservative group leader in the European Parliament, today admitted that “Turkey will never join the European Union.”

This is in direct conflict with the Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, who has said on several occasions that Turkey should join the EU, going as far to say, “I will remain your strongest possible advocate for EU membership and greater influence at the top table of European diplomacy.”

The exchange can be seen here:

Bill Etheridge UKIP MEP for the West Midlands commented: “I ask our Prime Minister a simple question; Mr Cameron, yes or no, are you in favour of EU membership for Turkey?

“The leader of the Conservative MEPs made it perfectly clear his position on Turkey today and I commend him for his honesty. I am however interested in whether the Prime Minister shares his opinion. Mr Cameron has been adamant in the past that Turkey should join and I suspect his position is unchanged. I speak for the whole of UKIP when I unequivocally say Turkey should not join the EU.”

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