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EU doubts of Turkey as a reliable partner on diversification of energy supplies to Europe

Baku, Fineko/ The EU is skeptical about Turkey as a reliable partner for diversification of energy supplies to Europe.

Marco Giul, an energy expert at the European Policy Centre (EPC), stated to Daily Express that the “dismal state of political relations” could morph into a situation which would “turn Turkey-EU energy relations from cooperative to confrontational for access to these resources”.

“It is evident that the energy security situation in Turkey is going from bad to worse, making the country less and less reliable as a potential linchpin for the diversification of EU supplies,” Giul said.

In is view, the question now seems to involve the overall future of energy cooperation between Russia and Turkey, with consequences for the EU as well.

Today, Turkey is a key element in the Southern Gas Corridor, which includes pipelines SCPX, TANAP and TAP receiving gas from Azerbaijan. In this context, emerging adverse energy solitaire for Turkey is no less negative for the energy policy of Azerbaijan.

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